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FOUNDING Feb 13 2021
OC LIMIT 3 [+3]
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OOR Name: Bone/Zombie/Reggie
Wiki: ZOMBIEz.xd
Rank: Admin
OOR Name: Juniper
Wiki: Homesvck
Rank: Admin
OOR Name: Sam
Wiki: Adimar- Co Alpha
Rank: Moderator
OOR Name: Ez
Wiki: Inkfinch
Rank: Moderator
OOR Name: Rosie
Wiki: Pastelfeathers
Rank: Moderator
OOR Name: Cody
Wiki: Rosesofvelvet
Rank: Moderator
OOR Name: Zero
Wiki: RyukXRem
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Basil/Jules
Wiki: Screechingkid1109
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Red
Wiki: Neon-lightss
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Eddie
Wiki: Wolfitingz
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Streety/Thornz
Wiki: Saintwren
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Sai
Wiki: Ciderbugs
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Hails
Wiki: Willowchiald
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Bea
Wiki: Dogmatizations
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Rem
Wiki: XxFictionalxX
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Remy
Wiki: Mooremy
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Vix
Wiki: Vixgarageband
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Azure
Wiki: Leafwoof
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Madden
Wiki: Kiddflea
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Fyodor/Emile
Wiki: ShatteredHxpe
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Sarah
Wiki: SaarBeaar
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Danny/Lizard
Wiki: Boisterouslyy
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Noah
Wiki: Duskyhuskyy
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Kat
Wiki: Pvg..innit
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Byleth
Wiki: Weas3l Chirp
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Kat
Wiki: Capacities
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Moon
Wiki: Moonkit60633
Rank: Member
OOR Name: Bugg
Wiki: Buggsa
Rank" Member
OOR Name: Robin
Wiki: InnovativeKoneko
Rank" Member
OOR Name: Tobi
Wiki: SkyFlo0f
Rank" Member
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OOR Name: Ri
Wiki: BaigePastel
Length: Permanent
OOR Name: Lex
Wiki: Viveral-Mistfur
Length: Permanent
OOR Name: Molly
Wiki: Amethystdream
Length: Permanent
OOR Name: Uki
Wiki: Ukiyø
Length: Permanent
OOR Name: Ymir
Wiki: Qtheroine
Length: Permanent
OOR Name: Fruit/Rayne
Wiki: Fruitishly
Length: Until September 3rd
OOR Name: Yuv
Wiki: Squashytaters
Length: Until August 25th
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RUNDOWN a little bit about us

CinderClan, founded on 13 Feb 2021 by Kiddflea, is a small, light-realmed clan currently being led by Zombie/Beetlestar, with their second-in-command being occupied by Juniper/Pygmyfrolic. The staff of CC works hard every day to make sure the environment of the server is friendly, welcoming, and warm. The "big thought", as some would call it, behind CinderClan is that it would be a safe-space for everyone to come and relax, find a roleplay buddy, and chat with their friends. The clan is very laid-back and possesses an easygoing nature, which was an intentional part on behalf of the staff as they want to provide an escape from real life + stress.

The server itself contains many fun activities, such as bots you could play with for hours, channels to explore, roles to customize your profile with, and things like a confession channel & a CAH channel. There are many things to do there, and isn't just limited to what has been listed.

The members of CinderClan's server--CinderClanners AND observers alike--are expected to show respect to the others occupying the server & the server itself (meaning posting in the correct channels, not spamming, following channel rules, etc.) In return, staff is expected to treat everyone fairly, use their better judgement, & show nothing but respect as well.

If you're hesitant about joining, feel free to apply as a visitor in the comments! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to direct them to CinderClan's leader/owner, Zombie (ZOMBIEz.xd)!


CinderClanners live almost as recluses, although they are very friendly cats. The soft-spoken felines are usually found idling inside the Grotto, otherwise known as their "hobbit-hole". Their little Grotto actually isn't so little -- it's a rather large hole in a mountain, granted to the first generation of CinderClan by StarClan for their every need and want. CinderClanners sleep in the trees that have pushed their way up from the earth, holding up the top of the mountain to give them a luxurious amount of room and space. Kits & elders sleep in a small den dug out by the clan inside the wall of the mountain, with the same bushes that are sprinkled across the Grotto guarding the entrance.

There is a large, sweeping valley in the middle of the Grotto, which has a small river that curls around it. To get over the river, the felines of CC use the large stepping stones imbedded in the river, atop the water. It's safe enough for kits to cross, too, so when Beetlestar is on the Highledge to give announcements, promotes cats, or beginning a celebration, cats of all ages are able to get across the shallow river. The river also provides a source of cool water for those who can't leave camp.

To let in sunlight/moonlight, there is a large cavity at the top of the mountain--right over the valley--which allows some form of light to spill into the Grotto's valley. During the day, everything's illuminated by the sunlight, causing the bushes, flowers, trees, & anything else in the Grotto to have a soft orange glow. However, when it is night, it's moonlight that dips into their Grotto & lights everything inside of it up with a gentle luminescent glow.

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1. Cursing — Cursing is allowed in the server & will be used frequently. If that is a problem for you specifically, then this group might not be the right one for you.

2. Respect — Respect is dire in CinderClan if you have any intention of staying for any amount of time. Even if you believe respect is "earned", if you're going to be in our server, you must show respect to the other members occupying the server as well. Please be aware that what you say—even if you don't think it's mean/harsh/triggering/whatever—could potentially upset someone else.

3. Respect for staff — While everyone [yes, even despite rank!] deserves respect, staff also asks that you make sure you do not argue with them in the server. If you'd like to take your frustrations to a ticket and talk to them in a polite manner, then feel free. But if you are arguing with staff in any portion of the server, you could be kicked or suspended.

4. Aggression — Aggression, harassment, snide comments, or rude remarks in general can easily land you in a ban/kick from the server, even if it is in DMs. Here in CC, we value each member's comfort, & if you are making someone uncomfortable to the point it involves their activity in CinderClan, action will be taken.

5. OOR drama — Drama, or “beef”, is heavily frowned upon in CC. If you & another person(s) cannot stay civil & polite in the server, warnings (or worse) will be handed out.

6. @/everyone + @/here — @/everyone and @/here are for staff members only, so please, do not use them!

7. Channel usage — Channels should be used for exactly what the channel description says they should be used for. Examples of incorrect usage is asking for roleplay in #»-chatroom#1, having OOC discussions in roleplay channels, etc. Please be mindful of this!

8. Nicknames — Any nicknames are allowed, as long as they are respectful & do not target anyone.

9. Slurs — Even if you’re "only joking", slurs should never be used anywhere in CC's server.

10. Sensitive topics — Sensitive topics shouldn’t even make their way into any channel in the server unless it’s in #»-venting. Yes, this includes roleplay.

11. Departing form — Leaving w/o submitting a departing form can result in not being welcomed back for a second time. The only exceptions to this are if you are an observer or told someone, even if they weren’t a high rank, that you were leaving.

12. Art & identity theft — Due to past circumstances in previous groups, it has come to staff’s attention that this rule is very much necessary. Artwork/identity theft [i.e., stealing someone’s piece of art & claiming that it’s your’s, stealing someone’s selfie and claiming that it’s your’s, to pose as someone else whether it be from DA, the AGRW, etc.], or really ANY kind of theft is not allowed whatsoever. If you’re caught stealing anything from anyone—yes, even outside the server—action will be taken.

13. Reaction roles — CinderClan's server does not have a color scheme. Instead, members get to choose their own custom color from the reaction roles category. Staff asks that you do not spam the roles—if you don't think they're working, ask someone to click on your profile to see if you have the roles, or click on it yourself. Either way, please don't continually click on the reactions. For server members who are choosing their role color, please only pick out one, & change it when you need to! Just make sure you don't have multiple color roles at one time!

14. Minimodding — Staff asks that you do not minimod... well, really anything or anyone in the server. If it's staff's job, then please leave it to them! For example, if someone's breaking a rule, you can always gently remind them, but threatening punishments or anything similar to that is heavily forbidden.
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1. Accessories/outfits — Outfits, accessories, or clothing for your character is perfectly welcomed--encouraged, even! We want to promote creativity here, whether it's through your OC's personality, design, or clothing, we want you to be able to have a place where you can develop your own unique ideas through roleplay & character relationships.

2. LGBTQ+ OCs — LGBT+ OCs are entirely welcome, so long as they're roleplayed knowledgeably & respectfully! The community should NEVER be used as a joke in or out of roleplay, so again, make sure you know what you're roleplaying before you do so!

3. Activity — While we do not identify as a main-group or side-group, we still require activity! As long as you’re online & roleplaying at least twice a week, we won’t count you as inactive! [NOTE: CC staff might be hosting non-pinging roll calls, meaning when we submit a roll call, you will not be pinged. Make sure to keep up with the 'announcements & other' category in the server! Yes, this also applies to observers!]

4. OC creation — Before beginning to use your new OC, please wait for a ✅ reaction on your message in the server. If you receive a ❌, you'll be getting a DM shortly about why your OC wasn't accepted.

5. Limited rank numbers — Only one high rank, apprentice & kitten for each member. This keeps from overpopulating the smaller ranks. Your first 3 OCs are free - the next 3 (6 in total) are to be paid for with bead points!

6. Observers — Since it would give observers access to almost everything in the server without having to join, roleplay will not be open to observers & they will not have the permissions to send messages in the advertising channel. They may observe how/when we roleplay, though, & can browse through the advertisements our members have posted!

7. Temp. queen rank — The temporary queen rank is not applicable when you first apply to CinderClan--however, it can be purchased for a small amount of bead points!

8. Kits leaving the Grotto — Kits may not leave the Grotto without permission of either the leader or the deputy, and even with permission from one of them they must have a warrior escort.

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While CinderClan mainly runs on the activity & devotion of its members, staff has also implemented a points system for CinderClanners to use. The "big idea" behind the system is that it will encourage, inspire & motivate members of the group to jump into roleplay, develop their characters, and just overall get involved with CinderClan!

There is a category within Cinder's server that gives the members everything they need to know, from prices and how to earn points to channels dedicated to keeping the receipts organized. Additionally, our Mee6 bot rewards points for every level you move up to, which you can cash in at the specified channel within the category.

Staff of CC is constantly looking for ways to improve Cinder itself, but they especially want to improve the points aspect. If you have any concerns, suggestions, and/or improvements you'd like to see added, feel free to contact one of our staff members!
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CinderClan's server is invite-only, since we want to limit the amount of trolls that enter. Anyone who is not a moderator or admin may not send out invites, ESPECIALLY to people who haven't submitted a form first. It is required that you apply in our comments [or in a high rank's dms] before joining our server; if you have any troubles or issues submitting an application, please dm a high ranking member of CC.

Upon joining our server, you may notice you can see 3 channels & only talk in one. This is another precaution against trolls. You are allowed one message every 6h, which we ask you to use on your verification process. A form will be provided for you in the channel labeled "✿⎪verification" & you are required to send the same form, completed, in that channel. If you come across any problems or need to add extra information later on to your verification form for any reason, feel free to edit your message! Otherwise, we ask that you dm a mod or admin.

Once you are verified, we expect you to have basic discord etiquette & politeness. We also expect you to follow CinderClan's rules, as failing to do so can result in an admin placing a ban from the server on your account. We respect you; please respect us!

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27 Aug 2021 — It has been a while since we've posted any updates, and we're very sorry! Below are any recent updates that we have missed in the past couple of weeks.

  • Danny and Kat have been promoted to senior warrior, with their OCs Stormytuft and Ladybird occupying the spaces. Congratulations to those two!
  • Sai has been promoted to head medicine cat, with their OC Cyrospirit. Congratulations!
  • CinderClan's staff has released two google forms, one for weekly check-ins to see how everyone feels in the clan, and one for making anonymous reports.

7 Aug 2021 — All of the new staff team members have been chosen and staff applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied!

  • CinderClan's policies have received some changes, including the removal of any NSFW channel in the server.
  • Rosie and Cody have been chosen as CinderClan's new moderators. Congratulations!
  • CinderClan is preparing for an upcoming activity sweep!

5 Aug 2021 — CinderClan's newspaper hasn't had an update in a while, but this section of our page will be kept up with more often now! Below is some recent news from the past couple of weeks.

  • Moderator applications were opened but have since closed.
  • Deputy applications were opened but have since closed, and Juniper was chosen as CinderClan's new deputy as Pygmyfrolic. Congratulations, and welcome to the staff team!
  • The Bead Points system has been officially polished and launched for the clan to enjoy!
  • CinderClan's Madden retired from their position as the group's leader, and Zombie stepped up in their place as Beetlestar. Thank you for everything Mads, and best of luck to CinderClan's new leader!
  • CinderClan officially joined the Alliance of the Light system, alongside ZephyrHollow, WispClan, AeliaClan, and BloomClan.
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[1/1] CLOSED
Beetlestar ZOMBIEz.xd #1111 Male X
[1/1] CLOSED
Pygmyfrolic Homesvck #2073 Male Cranespecter [NPC]
Cryospirit Ciderbugs #7021 Male X
Stormytuft Boisterouslyy #1906 Female X
Ladybird Capacities #0280 Female X
Littlespark Inkfinch #5893 Male X
Mothbark Screechingkid1109 #8008 Nonbinary X
Gentlebull Adimar- Co Alpha #3935 Male Sootfreckle
[2/2] CLOSED
Sorrelcrown Pastelfeathers #4302 Female X
Wormwood Willowchiald #6801 Male X
[36/∞] OPEN
Aspenthroat Willowchiald #6801 Female X
Ibismask Dogmatizations #1269 Female X
Cereusmask XxFictionalxX #3876 Female X
Jaymist Screechingkid1109 #8008 Female X
Scatteredtail RyukXRem #9337 Male X
Marigoldspine Neon-lightss #9123 Male X
Salmondiver vixsgarageband #7667 Male X
Scavenger vixsgarageband #7667 Nonbinary X
Peddler Adimar- Co Alpha #3935 Agender X
Sunstreak Dogmatizations #3449 Female X
Marmoset Vixsgarageband #7667 Male X
Heavyheart Willowchiald #6801 Male X
Velvetsnail ZOMBIEz.xd #1111 Agender X
Royalkoi Adimar- Co Alpha #3935 Agender X
Sootfreckle Kiddflea #9513 Female Gentlebull
Wolfskull rosesofvelvet #1101 Male X
Ferretpurr Wolfitingz #4135 Male X
Crow's Crown Screechingkid1109 #8008 Gender apathetic X
Pollendaze leafwoof #9884 Male X
Milkyfang Boisterouslyy #1906 Male X
Grizzlystomp Mooremy #5268 Male X
Alaskanwolf RyukXRem #9337 Female X
Velvetvenom Ciderbugs #7021 Female X
Coldstare Duskyhuskyy #6969 Male X
Alliumspark Pvg..innit #9246 Male X
Vilepurr SaarBeaar #6402 Female X
Swandance Neon-lightss #9123 Female X
Bonechime ZOMBIEz.xd #1111 Nonbinary X
Ghastlycurl Boisterouslyy #1906 Demi-girl X
Daisywiggle Homesvck #2073 Agender X
Anteye Weas3l Chirp #2791 Male X
Appleflower Moonkit60633 #4842 Female X
Foxwhisker InnovativeKoneko #8008 Male X
Frogleap SkyFlo0f #0320 Male X
Hickorybelly Buggsa #1682 Male X
Spectreveil Saintwren #0947 Male X
[1/3] OPEN
Brickpaw Moonkit60633 #4842 Male Cryospirit
[5/∞] OPEN
Oasispaw RyukXRem #9337 Male Jaymist
Voidpaw Deadly Høpe #9123 Male Velvetsnail
Tigerpaw Mooremy #5268 Female Scatteredtail
Robinpaw ShatteredHxpe #7161 Female Beetlestar
Erland Screechingkid1109 #8008 Genderfluid Ladybird
[4/4] CLOSED
Fallencrown RyukXRem #9337 Female X
Wraithholly Homesvck #2073 Male X
Batcall Leafwoof #9884 Demi-boy X
Hyacinthcrown Capacities #0280 Female X
X User #0000 X X
[8/24] OPEN
Knucklehead XxFictionalxX #3876 Female X
Bluekit SaarBeaar #6402 Male Fallencrown
Runningkit neon-lightss #9123 Male X
Yewkit ZOMBIEz.xd #1111 Male Batcall
Barkkit Willowchiald #6801 Female Batcall
Bramblekit RyukXRem #9337 Male Batcall
Wolverinekit Adimar- Co Alpha #3935 Male X
Mambakit Duskyhuskyy #6969 Male X
[3/10] OPEN
Turtledoverose Capacities #0280 Female X
Mistletoekiss RyukXRem #9337 Female X
Bugcloud Neon-lightss #9123 Male X
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By jeffrey thompson-gravity falls HE HE HE edite d
JOINING also in the server!
  • OORP name:
    • OORP pronouns:
  • Wiki username:
  • Discord tag: both the user & the numbers.
  • OC name:
  • OC gender:
  • Desired rank:
  • Brief description: a small overview of their personality & physical appearance. Can be between 2-3+ sentences.
  • Extra:
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  • OORP name:
    • OORP pronouns:
  • Wiki username:
  • Discord tag: both the user & the numbers.
  • Chance of joining: [?/10]
  • How you found us:
  • Duration: [00/00-00/00] Please fill in the specified date. If you'd like to be a permanent visitor, please include why in the 'extra' portion of the form.
  • Extra:
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LEAVING also in the server!
  • OORP name:
    • OORP pronouns:
  • Wiki username:
  • Discord tag: both the user & the numbers.
  • OC name(s):
  • OC rank(s):
  • Reason(s) for leave: keep it civil & polite.
  • Suggestions: keep it civil & polite.
  • Goodbyes: keep it civil & polite.
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NEW OC also in the server!
  • OORP name:
    • OORP pronouns:
  • Wiki username:
  • Discord tag:
  • OC name:
  • OC gender:
  • Moons:
  • Desired rank:
  • Brief physical appearance desc.: [OPT W/ IMAGE]
  • Brief personality desc.:
  • Image: [OPT W/ PHYS. DESC.]
  • Extra:
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DEPARTING OC also in server!
  • OORP name:
    • OORP pronouns:
  • OC name:
  • Reason for leave/death:
  • Any achievements that should be remembered?: [Y/N] - if needed, go into more detail.
  • How they die/leave:
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PLOT also in the server!
  • Plot name:
  • Plot desc.:
  • Those involved:
  • Preferred time & date:
  • Injuries?: [Y/N] - if yes, let us know who & what injuries!
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By jeffrey thompson-gravity falls HE HE
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