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I can't believe I found my way back...

Status Active/alive
Creator Symphonic Rose
Username Symphonic Rose
Gender Female
Breed Somali
Nickname(s) tbd
Age 38 moons
Alignment Lawful Light
Residence TawnyClan
Rank Leader

Diving Deeper

Cardinalcrown is a slightly plump, reddish-brown Somali. She is currently the new Leader of TawnyClan after BurningClan was devestated by a sickness. She is devoted, opinionated, and insecure. Cardinalcrown is one of four kits born to Waspstrike[Father] and Dandelionbelly[Mother] in her birthplace of SequoiaClan before later settling in BurningClan, but has since moved on and been deemed as TawnyClan's new leader..

  • Full Name: Cardinalstar
    • Former Name[s]: Cardinalkit, Cardinalpaw, Cardinalcrown
    • Future Name[s]: none
    • Disliked Name[s]: Unknown

  • Nickname[s]: Cardinal, Little Bird[By Smokethrash]
    • Disliked Nickname[s]: n/a
    • Former Nickname[s]: Red[By Dandelionbelly & Smokethrash]
  • Religion: StarClan
  • Gender: Female; she/her
  • Creation Date: 02/04/2024
  • Creator: Symphonic Rose
  • Roleplayer: Symphonic Rose


  • Age: 38 moons

Age cycle: +1 moon on Tuesday every two weeks

  • Date of Birth: April 23rd
  • Place of Birth: SequoiaClan
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Symbol: Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Birthstone: Emerald[others include: Diamond, Sapphire, Garnet, & Rose quartz]


  • Group: TawnyClan[Current home]; BurningClan[former home]; SequoiaClan[NPC; Birth clan]
  • Current Rank: Leader
  • Former Ranks: Loner, Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Medicine Cat
  • Current Apprentice: None
  • Former Apprentice[s]: None[status]
  • Taught by: Plovershade[Deceased]


  • Begin her new leadership chapter in TawnyClan [IN PROGRESS]
  • Find genuine love [IN PROGRESS]
  • Accept her traumas and heal [IN PROGRESS]
  • Make five friendships in TawnyClan (x2/5) [IN PROGRESS]


  • Catagelophobia - Fear of ridicule [obtained from Smokethrash's degrading words and public humiliations in front of SequoiaClan, and nightly punishments]


Physical Afflictions:

  • Crisscross scars across chest, legs, and both sides ribcage [obtained from Smokethrash during his sessions of public humiliation in front of all of SequoiaClan, his way to display dominance]

Mental Afflictions: None

  • Scent: Vanilla and Peony


Cardinalstar is a slightly plump, average-sized feline with a reddish-brown base pelt. Her fur is long and fluffy, containing streaks of auburn and black. She has a black dorsal stripe running from the front of her forehead to the tip of her tail. Her chin and upper throat are painted white, including the base of her tail. She has a thick, traditional black "M" marking on her forehead, paired with a few blended stripes across her cheeks. She has a dark pink nose and olive green eyes.


  • none


Basecoat [#6b3421]

Secondary color [#914329]

Paw pads and nose [#C27E79]

Eyes [#BAB86C]


Cardinalstar is a very devoted and nurturing she-cat, especially in her work as a newly proclaimed leader. She is vocal and won't stand down so easily - able to take on challenges with no fear. She has a soft spot for kits and the elderly, presenting a motherly aura when around them. She is a naturally kind clanmate who sees the best in others and can pick her own battles. She is very blunt and will say things how they are, whether good or bad. Her need to help clanmates is strong, and she will do anything in her power to make one healthy again. She struggles to accept that some things won't go her way, especially deaths of those close to her. Cardinal is seen as composed and hardworking in her duties, but around family or friends she's much more relaxed free-spirited, always up for a silly adventure or chitchat. She loves meeting new clanmates and making connections all around, but stab her in the back, and she will become a force to reckon with. She is currently adjusting to a fresh chapter of her life since becoming TawnyClan's leader.

  • Positives: Caring, devoted, hardworking
  • Neutrals: Blunt, free-spirited, insecure
  • Negatives: Opinionated, protective, set in ways

Additional Updates:

  • date - date: brief description of event(s)
  • date - date: brief description of event(s)


  • Stargazing
  • Herbs
  • Offering advice


  • Arrogance
  • Manipulation
  • Beetles

Group Standings

  • Group(s): TawnyClan[Current clan]; BurningClan[Former clan]; SequoiaClan[NPC; Birth clan]
  • Current Rank: Leader
  • Former Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Medicine Cat
  • Reputation: pending...


  • Taught by: Manukasizzle[Deceased]
  • Currently Teaching: None


Family Tree Key

Strikethrough = Deceased

﹖= Status and whereabouts unknown

  • Mate: tbd[Alive/Deceased]
  • Ex-Mate(s): Smokethrash[Deceased]; NAME DISCLOSED[Deceased]
  • Mother: Dandelionbelly[Deceased]
  • Father: Waspstrike[Deceased]
  • Biological Siblings: Wolfsedge [♂]; Doedust [♀]; Nectarkiss [♀]; Cardinalcrown [♀]
  • Adopted Siblings: n/a
  • Biological Offspring: tbd
  • Adopted Offspring: None
  • Brother-In-Laws: n/a
  • Sister-In-Laws: n/a


TW: mild descriptions of violence and torture

Prior to Birth [0 moons]:

  • Two warriors, Waspstrike and Dandelionbelly, become acquaintances at a young age
  • They quickly fall head over heels after discovering their romantic feelings for one another

Kithood [0-6 moons]:

  • Cardinalkit is born in the SequoiaClan nursery to Waspstrike and Dandelionbelly with her siblings Wolfkit, Doekit, and Nectarkit
  • Cardinalkit and her siblings are close-knit and spend the majority of their time in the nursery
  • not much else is known about her kithood

Apprenticehood [6-12 moons]:

  • Cardinalkit becomes Cardinalpaw, and her siblings become Wolfpaw, Doepaw, and Nectarpaw
  • Cardinalpaw is mentored by an older warrior named Manukasizzle
  • Manukasizzle trains her hard, but she excels in every aspect of her training
  • She finds herself occasionally going to the medicine cats to help out when she isn't training, and she discovers her love of herbs
  • During this time she meets another apprentice named Smokepaw, who is very charming and fickle
  • Cardinalpaw finds herself swooning over this tom and developing a crush on him real fast
  • Her siblings see her behavior change but she ignores them, desperate for her warrior ceremony as Smokepaw promised to ask her to be his mate
  • Cardinalpaw continues to help collect herbs for the medicine cats and train with Smokepaw

Warriorhood [12-27 moons]:

  • Cardinalpaw attends her warrior ceremony and becomes Cardinalcrown, the suffix given for her slender head, which was almost shaped like a crown
  • Almost immediately, Smokepaw, now Smokethrash, approaches Cardinalcrown and asks her to be his mate
  • Cardinalcrown immediately accepts his proposal and they become mates
  • She spends the first view moons of their mateship in a lovestruck bliss, unable to see what cruel intentions Smokethrash is hiding from her
  • Her siblings are upset that she chose Smokethrash, but she ignores their warnings
  • At around 21 moons, Cardinalcrown expresses interest in having kits, but Smokethrash kills any hopes of that becoming a reality - which upsets her
  • Cardinalcrown is out hunting one day and finds Smokethrash with her friend, Goldenstream, ultimately cheating on her
  • Smokethrash is caught off-guard when Cardinalcrown appears, angry that she saw them together
  • He tells Goldenstream to leave so he and Cardinalcrown can chat, which leads to him shoving her head underwater in the clan's creek, forcing her to almost drown
  • He says it is a warning for if she tells anyone what she saw, and from that point on, Cardinalcrown is afraid of him, but he won't let her leave his side
  • Cardinalcrown is glued to Smokethrash's hip for the next moon and a half, and his true colors start to show
  • Smokethrash ends up killing SequoiaClan's leader, Swanstar, with a bundle of death berries
  • Nobody suspects it was Smokethrash behind Swanstar's death until he publicly announces it to the clan, claiming StarClan has hand-chosen him as leader
  • At first, the clan doesn't believe him, but he uses Condorflight, their deputy, to prove his point by slashing his throat and killing him
  • Smokethrash uses multiple threats and soon, the clan is forced to obey without question and fear for their lives after promoting himself as Smokestar
  • He spends the next few moons courting other she-cats and continuing to brainwash Cardinalcrown
  • She begins confiding in her brother, Wolfsedge, who is caught by Smokestar. He kills her brother in cold blood and she is left devestated
  • He starts spending his nights punishing Cardinalcrown, giving her new scars for each time she's "disobeyed" him. He saw it as a form of discipline to keep her with him
  • He even goes as far as to use public humiliation, scarring Cardinalcrown's body and forcing the whole clan to watch
  • She endures a couple of moons of relentless torture and sickeningly twisted love from Smokestar, who continuously reminds her that kits aren't in the cards, as they would ruin her figure
  • Cardinalcrown's ribcage and stomach are covered in crisscross scarring, including the lower half of her chest
  • But, at 26 moons, Cardinalcrown becomes unexpectedly pregnant, and the kits are Smokestar's
  • She is terrified to tell Smokestar, and he quickly catches on that something's wrong when she develops a bigger appetite than normal
  • Smokestar orders the medicine cat, Weaselstripe, to give Cardinalcrown herbs that will kill the kits inside of her. Much to Cardinalcrown's dismay, he threatens her life if she doesn't do as he says
  • The kits are removed from the picture, leaving Cardinalcrown to spiral into a depressive state. She ignores everyone for the next moon
  • However, with the changing seasons, the melting snow brings on a sudden flash flood
  • The flood is extreme and engulfs the camp when Cardinalcrown is out patrolling, and she and her patrol flee the area. Almost the entire clan is swept away
  • Cardinalcrown and her sister, Nectarkiss, escape the flooding forest, but their sister Doedust had drowned as did Smokestar
  • The sisters spend the next few moons traveling, leaving their birth clan
  • Cardinalcrown ends up finding a new territory that's been burnt into ruins, seeing a new clan is developing there
  • She convinces Nectarkiss to come with her after the clan, BurningClan, accepts her as a warrior

Medicine Cat [28-32 moons]:

  • Cardinalcrown has joined BurningClan as a warrior alongside her sister
  • She is apprehensive to start over, but she knows this will be good for her
  • She has met Slimblaze, BurningClan's deputy, and finds herself feeling some strange emotions when around him. Something about him has her returning like a moth to a flame
  • Cardinalcrown knows her duties as a warrior, but lately, she has been receiving strange dreams...
  • She soon recognized her calling to become a medicine cat and traveled to the Star's Mirror, receiving her blessing from StarClan
  • She returned to camp as BurningClan's new medicine cat at 32 moons
  • The clan was currently rebuilding and things were looking promising, but eventually, some drastic events occurred
  • Cardinalcrown received a strange dream of a fox tearing through the camp with wild eyes and this concerned her. She found Slimblaze and discussed this dream with him
  • The next few days, things became abnormal as cats were becoming sick and acting strangely
  • Cardinalcrown quickly realized a virus was spreading through the camp, infecting cats and turning them into "zombies"
  • The healthy cats were forced to flee or become infected, leaving the camp desolate and destroyed as the zombified cats were creating havoc to find food - which included their own clanmates
  • Cardinal fled from the camp as much as it hurt to leave, not knowing if anyone else escaped
  • She was heartbroken over the loss of Slimblaze, only naturally assuming his death back at the camp
  • Traveler [33-35 moons]:
  • She traveled for the next few moons, residing in some random clans and tribes that would welcome her in. She continued practicing medicine during this time.
  • Cardinalcrown came across a clan called TawnyClan, who was desperate for a second medicine cat. She was welcomed in immediately and brought to Hawkstar
  • Hawkstar took an immediate liking to Cardinalcrown, inviting her in and letting her get adjusted to TawnyClan
  • She explained how she wouldn't stay long and she was only passing through
  • Cardinalcrown continued her practice as a medicine cat, lingering outside of TawnyClan's territory. She feared becoming tied down again after Smokethrash's brainwashing and BurningClan's disbandment.
  • She spent only half of a moon in TawnyClan, becoming closer with Hawkstar. The tom invited her into his den some nights, thus strengthening their bond.
  • He nicknamed her "his traveling Red" because she didn't always stay in one spot within TawnyClan's territory.
  • Hawkstar confessed his feelings toward her, to which she eventually accepted. He persuaded her to share his nest with him, for behind his leader facade, he had a whole different side to him.
  • She agreed to become his mate, but only if he would announce it to his clan. He hadn't found love until Cardinalcrown and she felt it was wrong that he was keeping her a secret for the past few weeks.
  • By the time Hawkstar was working up the courage to make his announcement, a plague befell the clan.
  • Cardinalcrown wanted to stay and help, but Hawkstar sent her away, fearing the clan's retaliation that he had a "mate" who he didn't speak about.
  • She left TawnyClan's territory altogether, heartbroken by Hawkstar's rejection
  • She stumbled upon RidgeClan at 34 moons where she was welcomed with open arms
  • She worked as their medicine cat for awhile, befriending a fellow medicine cat named Wolfwrath
  • The two formed a tight-knit friendship right off the bat, as they had natural chemistry together
  • Wolfwrath quickly confessed his feelings toward Cardinal, to which she reciprocated them
  • Wolf was ecstatic, soon convincing Cardinal that they should leave RidgeClan and travel together as he's never been outside of the clan before
  • The pair leaves RidgeClan and continues on their way, passing through uncharted territories. This allows them to bond more and grow even closer, their romantic attraction toward each other in full swing
  • At around 35 moons, they encounter a badger, and Wolfwrath fights it off so Cardinalcrown can escape. She follows his instructions and runs away, not looking back. She is heartbroken when she doesn't hear or see him immediately
  • Cardinalcrown continues traveling, heartbroken by her broken relationship with Wolfwrath, but she presses on and comes upon a lake to fish
  • She has no luck fishing, but she soon discovers a wounded feline within a shrouded rainforest
  • She quickly realizes it was her former lover, Hawkstar.
  • He explains to her, whilst dying, that she must lead his clan. He views her as a savior in his dying eyes, claiming their clan is now dwindling in numbers and need guidance, as his wingman was killed after slipping on rocks
  • He gives Cardinal vital information and she has no choice but to find this clan, reciting to them what Hawkstar told her. They are devestated by the leader's death, but quickly see hope in Cardinalcrown. They view her as their savior and only hope to thrive
  • Violetleaf, a scrawny Queen then approaches Cardinalcrown, explaining that she was sent by StarClan, therefore she must become their new leader
  • Cardinalcrown is baffled by this declaration, but she accepts, traveling to TawnyClan's starclan place, known as The Starcliff. She is approached by StarClan in her dreams, who declare she must be granted nine lives, allowing her to save the clan from starvation and loss of hope
  • She returns to the rainforest as Cardinalstar, and addresses the clan of this new era. The surviving cats - which are slim - are all ecstatic to have new leadership, believing this is the sign they needed to keep thriving
  • Leader [35-PRESENT]
  • TawnyClan is steadily growing in numbers, and Cardinalstar is viewed as a respectful leader who shouldn't be trifled with
  • note pending...
  • note pending...
  • note pending...


  • Current romantic thoughts: "I want someone new to love... someone that will love me for me."
  • Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual [Attracted to the opposite gender.]
  • Relationship Status: Heartbroken but searching
  • Mate: tbd
  • Ex-Mate(s): Smokethrash; NAME DISCLOSED
  • Offspring: n/a
  • Current Fling: n/a
  • Former Fling(s): NAME DISCLOSED[Deceased]
  • Relationship Interest: 85% [Although Cardinalcrown suffered at the hands of a manipulative, obsessive tom, she is free from him. She is hesitant to jump into love again, but she follows the motto that "whatever happens will happen" and will accept love if it comes back around - but it will take her sometime to open up. She isn't against love now, but she is extremely guarded and refuses to share her past with just anyone. So far, Slimblaze is the only one who knows what her mate has done to her. Cardinalcrown would love to have a litter of kits and start her own family, which has been a dream of hers since forever.]
  • Fertility: 88%
  • Physical Eye Candy: Lighter pelts, whether white, black, or cream colors. Green or brown eyes, but she isn't picky. Shorter, clean pelts catch Cardinal's eye
  • Mental Eye Candy: Compassion, good listener, comforting, and patient
  • Cats attracted to Cardinalstar: Slimblaze(40%), Wolfwrath(80%) [Let me know in the comments!]
  • Cats formerly attracted to Cardinalstar: Smokethrash(99%); DISCLOSED(85%)
  • Cats that Cardinalstar is attracted to: Slimblaze(40%), Wolfwrath(80%); NAME DISCLOSED(85%)
  • Cats that Cardinalstar was formerly attracted to: Smokethrash(85%); NAME DISCLOSED(99%)
  • Love Language(s): Gift Giving
  • Ship(s): Cardinalstar + Name = ship name

Cardinalstar in Love

When in love, Cardinalstar is very attentive to her mate's needs and what he's lacking. She strives to make him smile and be good company for him - always seeming to know what to say. She can become formal and authoritative in a flip of a switch, especially for work-related or dire predicaments. Cardinalstar keeps a clean composure, but any harm to loved ones or threats will surely break her resolve, and her need to help others will surge into the spotlight.



"I wish you never met Smokethrash."


"I know he wasn't good for me, momma, and I tried..."


"It's my fault you died. I'm so sorry, Wolfy."


"I wish the flood hadn't taken you."


"I'm happy you're here with me, Nectar. We're gonna be alright."

"This clan was my home... but also my downfall."



"If I had known Smokethrash would've murdered you, I would've helped you... I'm sorry."


"I hope you're at peace, Condorflight. You didn't deserve that death, but I'm happy knowing you didn't suffer."


"I'm thankful for your training, Manuka. I do miss your jokes and your sarcasm."


"I will never forgive you for betraying me like that."

"Maybe this is where I'm meant to be."


"Insert thoughts here."

Slimblaze/Deputy/Blossoming Crush/Alive

"You've given me confidence I didn't know I needed; you make me feel safe. You're just so... dashing and lively."


"Insert thoughts here."

"I know I can be a good leader for TawnyClan."


"Insert thoughts here."


"Insert thoughts here."


"Insert thoughts here."


"Insert thoughts here."



  • Cardinalcrown was almost named Rosemarybrittle
  • She can become easily flustered when flirting
  • She shuffles her paws as a nervous habit
  • She loves to collect feathers and decorate her nest with them
  • Physical touch is her most despised love language due to the memories associated with it from Smokethrash


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