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"A rose in a desert can only survive
on its strength, not its beauty."
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CanyonClan has been opened for
» FOUNDED « 02.11.22 » FOUNDER « Ames
» SPECIES « Domestic Cats » ROLEPLAY « Traditional
» PLATFORM « Discord » STATUS « Open
» OC LIMIT « 2 » ALIGNMENT « Light
» LORE «
» FAQ «

In the wake of a earthquake, ShallowedClan—the predecessor to CanyonClan—is steadily recovering. However, it's not as unified as it appears. During the lifetime of Canyonblaze, growing from a lanky kitten to a respected deputy, he witnesses the effects of Isopodstar's rule. Isopodstar was a tyrant, supported by only his deathwatch group known as the Crowtellers. The majority of the clan was miserable and Canyonblaze realized a change had to be made. A collation is formed, set out to leave the dreaded clan for good; the plan being to make a break for it under the cover of night in an attempt to avoid the Crowtellers, who's prey would be tainted with poppy seeds. Anyone who managed to flee, was easily accepted into Canyonblaze’s band of cats. Each one searching for a form of prosperity, for themselves or their kin. And when they reached their destination, their paradise, they would settle and begin to truly recover. In that moment, CanyonClan is established and the former ShallowedClan's cats' story would finally began—this time with a brighter tomorrow ahead of them.

CanyonClan is a traditional clan, based on Erin Hunters Warriors series, created by Ames on June 27, 2021, but was later founded on February 11, 2022. The cats of CanyonClan dwell in the canyons and ravines of the Sonoran Desert, which covers most of the southern half of Arizona. The rocky terrain they call home is familiar and ancient, and they have a connection to their ancestors the other clans can’t claim to match. The cats have somewhat to the harsh environment into which they were born, CanyonClan has semi-adapted to carry common characteristics. However, those who live within their ranks claim pride in their heritage and their culture and feel a strong sense of history for their clan. Now, with so many changes taking place within CanyonClan, the light of their culture has been burned in the throes of war. What will happen to the felines of clan, and how will the leadership changes impact them? Find out by visiting or joining!



》Be respectful and kind towards all members, visitors and staff members. We want this server to be warm and friendly, and toxicity will be removed. CanyonClan is an inclusive clan, so do not be afraid to befriend new people! If you have any issues, please message a staff member directly.

》Swearing is permitted both in and out of roleplay, but homophobic and racial slurs are strictly prohibited. Please be mindful of swearing to offend someone, as well as over-usage of curse words. Use in moderation!

》Your server nickname must contain your OORP nickname and your OC name. Please no fancy fonts! It makes it very hard to tag you if there is something important going on. You will have a symbol assigned to your name upon arrival to the server– please do not change this!

》Please respect the staff members. They help to keep the server running smoothly, and if they warn you, please do not argue with them! Your messages will be deleted and you will be warned for unnecessary arguments. Depending on the severity, you run the risk of being temporarily kicked.

》Please do not mini-mod or act with more authority than you have! If there is a question meant for staff members, please let the proper authority handle it. Excessive mini-modding may result in a warning towards you.

》Please do not use @/here or @/everyone - This is ONLY to be used by Ames and Morgan. It will be used in heavy moderation, if it is ever used at all.

》If another user expresses their discomfort towards a specific topic, please redirect your conversation into a direct message or simply end conversation. We do not want to make any user uncomfortable at any given time.

》No NSFW content in any channel other than our NSFW channel. Even then, overly pornographic or images will be deleted, and you will receive a warning or possibly a kick. It is illegal to show those types of images to minors in many countries, and 90% of CanyonClan are minors. Just.. don't do it please.

》Please do not bug the staff members about things like try-outs or forms on the page. We have a lot on our plate, and we will get to it when we have time. You will be warned for bugging!

》Spamming of any kind should only go in the designated spamming channel. Excessively pinging any person is considered spam and is not allowed. Additionally, please only ping another person if you have a reason.

》If you ever want to host a plot, please let a staff member know! We will happily listen to your idea, and we will bring it into staff discussion for further judgement! One will get back to you as soon as a decision is made.

》If you want to visit, you will be allowed to visit for 3 weeks max! ALL PERMANENT VISITOR SPOTS ARE TAKEN!!!

》No one except for the assigned page editors are allowed to react to messages sent in page edits. Any messages that do not have reactions help us to see what needs to be edited on CanyonClan's page.

FOLLOW DISCORD'S TOS. THIS IS A GIVEN. If any of the staff members believe that you are under 13, you will be kicked from the server. If you break any of Discord's TOS, you will be kicked from the server.


》 Hate the OC, not the person who owns the OC. Any and all concerns with someone's OC needs to first be brought up with that person. If the situation escalates, a staff member will get involved.

》Please do not push unwanted development on any member of the clan. If they do not want a certain type of development, please respect their wishes and do not continue. You will be warned for doing so.

》No injuring your OC or other's OC's without consulting the owner, the chief, and the healer. One of the healers will have to be involved. The same goes for a new litter and a character death. You'll have to post a plot if there's going to be injuries involved in roleplay or something very impactful. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be given a verbal warning. If you are found continuing to break this rule, then it is up to the staff members on what action will be taken.

》Powerplaying is not permitted within the clan. Please refrain from making your OC overpowered, etc. We ask that during roleplay you use grammatically correct sentences and phrases, and that you refrain from using any sort of language or references that a warrior cat would not have knowledge of.

》If you choose to have one of your OC's to have a limitation, please do your research to portray it correctly. It is extremely disrespectful for those that have your OC's limitation if you do not portray it correctly. Staff will remove the limitation from your OC if you continue to portray it incorrectly or if it's overly dramatic/unrealistic. Further disrespect/romanticism of limitations will result in a warning.

》CanyonClan resides in the SONORAN DESERT... keep that in mind and please keep it REALISTIC as you are choosing your prefixes and suffixes. If your desired prefix and suffix isn't on the list of canon names on the official warriors wiki fandom under Clan names or relevant to the Sonoran Desert, then its not accepted. Simple as that. Keep it realistic and we won't have any problems with accepting your OC name. Rouge names are not allowed either! Thank you.

» The prefixes Canyon, Bird, and Tawny are not for use, as they were the previous chiefs of CanyonClan!

» Here is the link for the list of names!

》Please include other people in plots, we don't want them to feel left out. Please also TRY to make it to the plots that CanyonClan hosts, we don't want you to miss out on the fun! Let one of the staff members know if you can't make it.

》Accessories CAN be worn by the CanyonClan felines. Accessories open to all CanyonClan members are flower-crowns and geode necklaces while the chief, advisor, healer and elites are allowed to wear bird talon necklaces, which symbolizes their status as the higher-ups within the clan.

》Please note that different consequences yield from different results. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, that OC may face temporary suspension into the territory, permanent banishment, den confinement, delay in promotion (for trainees), a physical and or verbal warning, etc.

》Under no circumstances is erp allowed here in CanyonClan. If any of the staff members see you attempting to roleplay like that, you will receive an automatic ban from the server and you will be banned from visiting or joining CanyonClan. The members of this clan are mostly minors, and we would like for everybody (18+ included) to feel safe without having to see those types of things being roleplayed out. Respect this rule.

》Codeword: Tucson Arizona


》QUESTION: How many OCs are we allowed to have?

ANSWER: You are allowed to have two OCs, one being your main OC, and then the other as your second OC. If you do wish to have a second OC, you MUST roleplay with your main OC for three weeks minimum BEFORE you add on your second OC, as well as spend 25 Sandstones for your purchase. The only exception to this rule is staff.

》QUESTION: What is the rule of limitations for our OCS?

ANSWER: A character can have either a maximum of one physical limitation and one mental disorder OR a maximum two physical limitations. Anything more is deemed unrealistic.

》QUESTION: How does the aging of our OC work?

ANSWER: OCs will be aged every TWO weeks! Staff will keep track of all aging cycles and will inform you a week prior to your OC aging up. You can also keep track of this information by keeping up with the frequently updated page. It is important that you attempt to follow this pattern as sometimes life gets in the way! Please do your best to work with us!

》QUESTION: What are the allowed breeds of cats? Are wild cats or mixed wild with domestics allowed?

ANSWER: Due to CanyonClan being in the Sonoran Desert, shorthaired cats are allowed, as well as longhaired cats (If your OC is a longhaired cat, please be aware of the different tendencies that can happen to your OC and keep it in mind while roleplaying). Large wild cats and hybrids are NOT allowed.

》QUESTION: Is having a kittypet background allowed for an OC?

ANSWER: Because of where CanyonClan's camp and territories are, kittypets are not allowed nor possible in CanyonClan.


In CanyonClan, there is a point system used by the name of Sandstones in order to regulate clan-engagement. There are multiple ways to earn Sandstones, such as participation in a patrol or recruitment. Ranging from acquiring a second character to having a mentor or a trainee of your choosing, there are also various ways to spend Sandstones. Sometime during the month, there is a spontaneous event called “Sandstone Saturday!” where participants can earn double the amount of Sandstones for any activity below.

Sandstone Rules

》Being part of someone’s litter costs NO sandstones. Please make sure you speak to the person who has the character having kits and relay the information back to a staff member.

》A character can have either a maximum of one physical limitation and one mental disorder OR a maximum two physical limitations. Anything more is deemed unrealistic.

》In order to purchase or remove a character, there is a cool-down of three weeks in order to develop your previous characters.

》If you have any questions about any purchases, contact a staff member for an explanation.

How To Earn/Lose Sandstones


》Participating in a Patrol (+1)
》Advancing a Rank Without Delay (+1)
》Complete a training session (+1)
》Recruitment (+2)
》Participating in an Event/Tradition (+3)
》Creating an APPROVED Personal Plot with 3+ Participants (+3)
》Fully Training a Trainee on Time (+4)
》Promotion to a High Rank (+5)
》Participating in a Plot (+10)


》Breaking Server or AGRW Rules (Sandstones per rule broken) (-2)
》Repeated Disruptions (depending on number) (-2 to -3)
》Starting/Continuation of Drama (depending on severity) (-2 to -4)
》Other Fitting Reasons that Depend on the Situation (Sandstone loss assessed by the staff members)

Purchases of Sandstones


》Changing OC’s Warrior Name (-10)
》Changing OC’s Appearance (once per character) (-10)
》Changing OC’s Age (twice per character) (-10)
》Having an Trainee / Warrior of your Choosing (both parties must agree) (-15)
》Pregnancy Speed-Up (once per litter) (-15)
》Delivery of 4+ Kits (-20)
》Removing / Killing an OC (-25)


》Non-Detrimental Physical Limitations (-15)
》Detrimental Physical Limitations (-20)
》Mental Disorders (-25)

» MEMBERS « 26/35

Ames [#6683] [3/3]
Morgan [#1336] [3/3]
Bre [#9278] [1/3]
Alex [#1276] [2/3]
Sage [#8698] [1/3]
Payton [#6529] [2/3]
Rose [#1926] [2/3]
Ri [#4383] [1/2]
Sae [#3366] [1/2]
Jolee [#4409] [1/2]
Verana [#0690] [1/2]
Michelle [#2278] [1/2]
Izzy [#0832] [1/2]
Eddie [#4135] [1/2]
Miso [#1688] [1/2]
Kait [#0002] [1/2]
Zero [#4016] [1/2]
Soup [#3451] [1/2]
Liz [#0001] [1/2]
Envy [#4172] [1/2]
Lia [#1444] [1/2]
Castor [#3154] [1/2]
Lexie [#1666] [2/2]
Bryant [#9180] [1/2]
Nota [#8286] [1/2]
Gus [#3019] [1/2]

» VISITORS « 13/15

Bee [#0224] [Permanent]
Em [#7777] [Permanent]
Heisha [#9046] [Allies]
Toxic [#7692] [Allies]
Ana [#5522] [04.09-04.30]
Bri [#4919] [05.06-05.27]
Haley [#5227] [05.04-05.11]
Lenny [#1881] [05.05-05.19]
Jayce [#0981] [05.02-05.16]
Nat [#5602] [05.20-06.02]
Soph [#0127] [05.04-05.07]


》Aerolitee - [Staff discomfort]
》Bambi - [Staff discomfort]
》Fruit - [Staff discomfort and slurs]
》Roadkillgurl - [Staff discomfort]
》Wyatt - [Staff discomfort]

[01/01] Closed
The chief is the head of the clan. They are responsible for the whole clan, calling clan meetings, appointing cats to new ranks, and making the toughest decisions. They have their own den, and are assisted by an advisor in their tasks. The chief is allowed to have a mate, but if the chief is female and is expecting kits, they are REQUIRED to step down until their kits become trainees. Only then will they be allowed to return to their duties as chief.
Sorrelstar #6683 Female x 37 Moons 9/9
[01/01] Earned Role/Closed
The advisor is the second-paw to the chief, and must be readily available in case his or her chief needs to seek council. The advisor is to oversee the training of all trainees. If he or she sees a trainee or mentor that may be slacking, they may decide to train the apprentice themselves or seek counsel with the clan chief. If the chief CANNOT attend a warrior assessment, it is the advisor's job to take the place of the chief. If the chief is a female and expecting kits, the advisor is required to step up as chief in their place until the chief's kits are trainees.
Petalfrost #3116 Female x 36 Moons x
[02/02] Earned Role/Closed
The healer is only allowed to leave camp under the supervision of another warrior, and this can only be to collect herbs and other herbal necessities for their storage. They must not be gone for very long. The healer must be readily available to treat sick or wounded felines, regardless of the time of day. The healer is allowed to choose his or her trainee, only taking an trainee if they feel ready. The healer is able to have a mate, but cannot bear kits— even having a mate is frowned upon.
Brakenbelly #9278 Male x 37 Moons x
Cypressbreeze #1276 Male x 28 Moons x
[00/01] Closed
Healer trainees are taught about healing techniques, such as how to care for a sick cat, or what herbs and medicines do. They also learn how to interpret signs from StarClan. Notably, healer trainees still have the title of a trainee until the current healer either retires or joins StarClan; their name is given in a special ceremony located at the Sunken Grotto.
x #0000 x x x 0/6
[03/04] Earned Role/Closed
The elites are expected to help enforce the rules around the clan. If a rule is broken, they must seek council with the chief and advisor to discuss the situation. The elite may be permitted to take trainees who they are not officially training out and work with them on their skills, as part of their routine tasks— but it is not required.
Avensdawn #1926 Female x 46 Moons x
Briarpoppy #6529 Female x 32 Moons Thrushpaw
Sunvulture #8698 Female x 46 Moons x
[19/25] Open
Warriors are expected to put their clan first, and their own lives second, as a part of their vows. They may be expected to participate in patrols, whenever available, as well as their regular duties around camp. If applicable, warriors are expected to keep up with the training of their trainee, so that he or she may graduate in a timely manner. If they do not keep up with their trainee's progress, they may be eligible for punishment.
Blackmamba #4172 Female x 41 Moons x
Brambletalon #6529 Male x 35 Moons x
Cactusrose #0690 Female x 36 Moons x
Cricketcloud #4135 Male x 35 Moons x
Doveroses #1666 Female x 27 Moons x
Duskfeather #6683 Female x 31 Moons x
Freckletuft #0002 Male x 33 Moons Applepaw
Frogsnore #3154 Male x 25 Moons x
Gilasnare #1688 Male x 36 Moons x
Hemlockbite #2678 Male x 36 Moons x
Lizardcatcher #1926 Male x 57 Moons x
Minnowchaser #3116 Male x 40 Moons x
Moonstream #0832 Female x 37 Moons Irispaw
Mudshadow #4383 Male x 38 Moons x
Ryethroat #3451 Male x 30 Moons x
Smokeveil #3019 Female x 36 Moons x
Solacestep #9180 Male x 18 Moons x
Spiderweb #1444 Male x 33 Moons x
Thistlebriar #1276 Female x 32 Moons x
Torrenttwist #1666 Male x 34 Moons x
[04/07] Open
Trainees are expected to keep up with their chores AND their warrior training. Whining or slacking off during chores is grounds for punishment, or training delay, as every trainee is to perform the same tasks. Under no circumstance are trainees allowed to leave camp on their own. They are only allowed to leave camp with his or her mentor, or a trusted warrior. This is punishable by the delay of their warrior ceremony.
Applepaw #9337 Male Freckletuft 13 Moons 0/3
Fennecpaw #3116 Male TBA 9 Moons 0/3
Irispaw #0001 Female Moonstream 15 Moons 0/3
Thrushpaw #4409 Male Briarpoppy 14 Moons 0/3
[00/03] Open
Matriarchs are not allowed to leave camp for any reason while they have kits in the nursery. Their first job is to protect their young, regardless if they have an excuse of needing “fresh air” or to stretch— their kits come first. Matriarchs are required to return to their duties after their kits have graduated to become trainees.
x #0000 x x x x
[00/10] Closed
Kits are forbidden from leaving camp under any circumstance, as they are too young. While they may get reprimanded for attempting to leave camp, they may have their ceremony held back if they actually do.
x #0000 x x x
[02/05] Open
Veterans can leave camp, but only with the supervision of a healer or a younger warrior, in case any injury may happen. Veterans may not be cooped up in camp all the time, but it is preferred that they stay there. Veterans may not hunt or participate in any patrols, as they have since retired from their duties. They are to be given the upmost respect from their Clanmates.
Eagleburr #6683 Male x 115 Moons Old age
Streamskip #8286 Female x 110 Moons Old age

☆ = reserved
A: Apple, Avens
B: Black, Braken, Bramble, Briar
C: Cactus, Cotton (☆), Cricket, Cypress
D: Dew (☆), Dove, Dusk
E: Eagle
F: Fennec, Freckle, Frog
G: Gila
H: Hemlock, Honey (☆)
I: Iris
L: Lichen (☆), Lizard
M: Minnow, Moon, Mud
R: Rye
S: Sorrel, Smoke, Solace, Spider, Stream, Sun
T: Thistle, Thrush, Torrent
W: Willow (☆)


☆ = reserved
-b: -bee (☆), -belly, -bite, -breeze, -briar, -burr
-c: -catcher, -chaser, -cloud
-d: -dawn, -daisy (☆)
-f: -fall (☆), -fawn (☆), -feather, -frost
-l: -leap (☆)
-m: -mamba, -mist (☆)
-p: -patch (☆), -poppy
-r: -rose, -roses
-s: -shade (☆), -shadow, -shine (☆), -snare, -snore, -skip, -step, -stream
-t: -talon, -throat, -tuft, -twist
-v: -veil, -vulture
-w: -web


☆ = reserved
ADHD [0/3]
Albinism [0/5]
Anosmia [0/4]
Anxiety [0/4]
Chimerism [0/4]
Different Clan background (-25) [2/4] Avensdawn, Brambletalon
Depression [1/4] Willowmist (☆)
Eyeless (Can't be born, need to gain) (-20) [0/3]
Fully Blind (Can be born/gained) (-20) [0/3]
Fully Deaf (Born with) (-20) [0/3]
Heterochromia [0/4]


☆ = reserved
Male Tortie/Calico OC (STERILE) [0/2]
Maine Coon [1/3] Duskfeather
Missing Limb (-20) [0/4]
Mute [0/2]
OCD (-25) [0/3]
PTSD (-25) [0/3]
Paralysis (VETERAN LIMITATION) [0/2]
Partially Blind (-15) [0/3]
Partially Deaf (-15) [0/3]
Polydactyl [1/3] Willowmist (☆)
Selective Mute [0/2]


Wiki Username:
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Name: Ames
Title: Founder/Chief/Main Editor
Tag: #6683
Name: Morgan
Title: Advisor/Editor
Tag: #3116
Name: Bre
Title: Healer/Editor
Tag: #9278
Name: Sage
Title: Elite/Editor
Tag: #8698
Name: Payton
Title: Elite/Editor
Tag: #6529

If you have any questions about our page or our server, please contact one of our amazing staff members on the page, message walls or on discord! We will try to get to your question in a timely manner, but please be patient with us— we do have lives outside of roleplay. Thank you!


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