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burningclan is a discord-based neutral-realmed group consisting of feral felines. it is loosely based off of the erin hunter’s series warrior cats. the clan was founded january 19th in 2024 by phrog. burningclan offers a unique storyline dating back to 960 moons ago. unlike other clans burningclan is considered a newly established clan, in the process of building dens and exploring the territory. the cats that reside there know that their main territory is forest and in the west lays a mountain range. burningclan is a story based group focused on developing both character and clan progression. we strive to be an extremely warm and welcoming community with amazing members!

traditional desc
felis catus

CURRENT PLOT: burningclan's excavation

it has been one week since slimblaze’s hunting patrol discovered sickly prey. as a whole, the clan is terrified to eat anything, as it might have contracted this unknown disease. on a starless, foggy night, cardinalcrown is awoken in a fright from a dream she had... a dream in which she witnessed a sickly fox bounded with an orange collar wreaking havoc on burningclan, destroying everything in its path with a snap of its jaws... taking this dream as a sign from starclan, she reports it to owlplume and slimblaze and the two decide it is best to further expand territory for the safety of the clan, and in hopes to find prey untouched by this mysterious illness to feed the clan.


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1. phrog - owlplume
2. flynn - jasperpaw
3. lexie - cardinalcrown
4. tobi - slimblaze
5. august -mantisyawn
6. val - wolfscreech
7. quinn - zinniafloret
8. brandon - nectarkiss
9. jolee - buzzpaw
10. holly - sepiafrond
11. ursa - grizzlymoon
12. ames - aspendusk
13. bear - smidgekit
14. jay - rainwhisper
15. debby - whitetusk
16. jake - etherfall
17. TBA
18. TBA
19. TBA
20. TBA
21. TBA
22. TBA
23. TBA
24. TBA


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1. cat
2. zephyr
3. rue
4. leah
5. foster
6. mack
7. TBA
8. TBA
9. TBA
10. TBA
11. TBA
12. TBA
13. TBA
14. TBA
15. TBA


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1. TBA
2. TBA
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA

BurningClan Disc
Once your form has been accepted please click on the icon above and you will be accepted into the discord server. From there you will have to go through a verification process, which shouldn't take long. Please remember to check over the rules once again and be respectful to others on the server. Enjoy loves.

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Bulletyellow 02.04.24 一 burningclan is officially open to recruitment! roleplay will begin after we have our deputy, medicine cat and 5 other members.
Bulletpurple 02.04.24flynn, lexie, tobi, august, val & quinn have joined our ranks and we welcome cat as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 02.08.24 一 we welcome zephyr as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 02.10.24 一 we welcome rue as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 02.15.24 一 we welcome brandon as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 02.16.24brandon has joined our ranks.
Bulletyellow 02.18.24 一 roleplay is now able to start and we have started our first plot called burning embers!
Bulletpurple 02.23.24morgan has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.03.24jolee has joined our ranks.
Bulletyellow 03.03.24 一 our first newsletter was released in the server every cat ages up +1 moon (kits and apprentices age up a half moon)!
Bulletpurple 03.09.24bre has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.10.24 一 we welcome ames as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 03.12.24holly has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.14.24 一 we welcome onis as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 03.18.24 一 we welcome ursa as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 03.18.24ursa has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.20.24ames has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.28.24 一 we welcome bear as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 03.31.24bear has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 03.31.24 一 we welcome rue as our visitor.
Bulletyellow 04.01.24 一 we have started our second plot called an expanding nation!
Bulletpurple 04.03.24 一 we welcome dom as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 04.04.24jay has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 04.05.24dom has joined our ranks.
Bulletyellow 04.07.24 一 every cat ages up +1 moon!
Bulletpurple 04.07.24 一 we welcome clover as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 04.10.24 一 we welcome jake as our visitor.
Bulletpurple 04.12.24 一 we welcome mars as our visitor.
Bulletyellow 04.14.24 一 we have started our third plot called underneath the ashes!
Bulletyellow 04.16.24 一 we welcome leah as our visitor.
Bulletblack 04.18.24 一 we bid farewell to morgan.
Bulletblack 04.20.24 一 we bid farewell to bre.
Bulletyellow 04.20.24 一 we welcome claire as our visitor.
Bulletyellow 04.22.24 一 we welcome lunar as our visitor.
Bulletblack 04.27.24 一 we bid farewell to our visitors claire and lunar.
Bulletblack 04.27.24 一 we bid farewell to dom
Bulletpurple 04.27.24debby has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 04.27.24 一 we welcome foster as our visitor.
Bulletblack 04.27.24 一 we bid farewell to our visitor mars.
Bulletyellow 04.28.24 一 every cat ages up +1 moon (kits and apprentices age up a half moon)!
Bulletyellow 04.30.24 一 we have completed our third plot beneath the ashes!
Bulletblack 05.08.24 一 we bid farewell to our visitors clover.
Bulletpurple 05.09.24jake has joined our ranks.
Bulletpurple 05.12.24 一 our high rank tryouts are closed! we welcome jake and holly as senior warriors and ursa as our medicine cat apprentice!
Bulletyellow 05.13.24 一 every cat ages up +1 moon (kits and apprentices age up a half moon)!
Bulletpurple 05.14.24 一 we welcome mack as our visitor.
Bulletyellow 05.20.24 一 our fourth plot burningclan excavation started today! it will last for two weeks.

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Bulletyellow﹥this means important!
Bulletgreen﹥this means that when undergoing the patrol there was low risks of danger and threat
Yellowgreenbullet﹥this means that there is a herb shortage and that warriors are needed to help increase the herb stock
Bulletorange﹥this means that felines should be alert and cautious. keep an eye out for dangers!
Bulletred﹥this means that we should begin guarding camp and go under full security.
Bulletpink﹥this means that two felines have become mates or have had kits.
Bulletpurple﹥this means that someone has been promoted/joined.
Bulletblack﹥this means that someone has been demoted/left or has died.


respect please respect everyone equally regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, ect. if you are found disrespecting another member there will be consequences. we will not tolerate any disrespect to our members or staff, this is your only warning.
activity while burningclan is classified as a side group and there are no set roleplay schedules we ask that you are active 2-3 days out of the week. if you are inactive in the server for more than 2 weeks you will receive a dm from the staff. we also have monthly activity sweeps that occur on the first of every month.
advertisements any sort of advertising is to be put in ⁠advertisements. please do not spam the advertisement chat and be mindful that you may only advertise something once a week.
NSFW there will be no sort of nsfw. we are a server that welcomes minors so any sort of nsfw talk is strictly prohibited. if found breaking this rule there will be consequences.
departure you may leave burningclan up to 3 times. after your third and final time you will be blacklisted and not able to join our ranks.
drama please keep drama out of our server. any drama is to be taken to the dms and if it cannot be resolved there contact a staff member to help.
roleplay please be mindful of where you are sending things and keep roleplay chats and oorp chats in their respective channels.


character creation please remember that burningclan is in the process of being built. that means that no cat is permitted to have any sort of backstory growing up in the clan at this time. all ocs are either wandering cats, kittypets or something of the sort and have chosen to settle down in burningclan.
oc limit for the time being burningclan has a limit of 3 ocs with a week cooldown period between each creation. the oc limit may be raised within the future.
accessories your ocs are permitted to have accessories as long as it's realistic. a cat wouldn't wear a cowboy hat or posses any sort of human weaponry.
drama while drama is an essential part of roleplay please try and keep it to a minimum. any plots will have to be submitted in the ⁠plots channel and accepted by an admin. oc cooldown in burningclan, if you plan to create a new character, you will be unable to remove them for two weeks after creation. After removal, you must wait another two weeks before creating another one. this rule is to ensure that characters aren't created willy-nilly and replaced within days' of bringing them into the clan or barely using them.


★ = leader

Character Username Gender Age Mate Apprentice Lives
★ owlplume phrogbabe Female 30 moons x buzzpaw unreceived
Character Username Gender Age Mate Apprentice
slimblaze phoqnixx. male 34 moons x jasperpaw

❁ = medicine cat

Character Username Gender Age Mate Apprentice/Mentor
❁ cardinalcrown sunkissed_rose female 32 moons x yarrowpaw
yarrowpaw Milffood female 10 moons n/a cardinalcrown

✦ = senior warrior

Character Username Gender Age Mate Apprentice
✦ etherfall cacodemonic female 29 moons x x
✦ gingersnap hollysoblue427 female 31 moons x x
grizzlymoon milffood female 90 moons x foxtrot
wolfscreech kingoflambs male 54 moons x x
monsoonweaver gay.knight male 45 moons x x
aspendusk homewrecked female 43 moons x x
windrosesong sheep4409 female 41 moons x x
beetlespore powrup male 40 moons x x
rainwhisper chaoticworld male 39 moons x x
vulturegrin sunkissed_rose male 36 moons x x
nectarkiss gay.knight female 33 moons x x
orchidfrost random_nerd745 trans female 33 moons x goosepaw
whitetusk celestialx male 32 moons x x
houndrye gay.knight male 31 moons x x
mantisyawn powrup female 27 moons x x
mudflower chaoticworld female 27 moons x x
lapisgleam phoqnixx. female 16 moons x x

✧ = apprentice

Character Username Gender Age Mentor
✧ foxtrot random_nerd745 male 24 moons grizzlymoon
✧ buzzpaw sheep4409 male 10 moons owlplume
✧ jasperpaw deathofbeauty male (trans ftm) 9 moons slimblaze
✧ goosepaw staggeredcrowns male 8 moons orchidfrost
Character Username Gender Age Caretaker
smidgekit insanegiraffe genderfluid 5 moons zinniafloret & beefreckle
rosekit milffood female 5 moons zinniafloret & beefreckle

❥ = queen

Character Username Gender Age Mate Kits/Retirement
❥ zinniafloret staggeredcrowns male 30 moons x smidgekit, rosekit
❥ beefreckle sunkissed_rose female 40 moons x smidgekit, rosekit
cranewing random_nerd745 female 75 moons x x

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• age
• gender
• rank
• appearance
• personality
• roleplay example
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• ooc name
• discord user
• characters
• reason for leaving
• what happens to your ocs
• extra


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• ooc name
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• discord user
• joining or visiting?
• duration
• extra


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• group name
• leaders name
• member count
• orientation
• reason for alliance
• how will you benefit?
• how will we benefit?
• extra


BurningClans entire page was coded by phrog please do not steal and/or heavily reference this page. If caught stealing/heavily referencing it you will be given and 24 hour warning before an Admin is contacted.
The banner art was made by Disney, the specific movie being Bambi.