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"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past"-The Great Gatsby


Enter The Clan!

Your paws whirl beneath you as you run in between two large pines. You are hoping to find shelter for the night. Rain falls down softly at first, but seems to get heavier with every step you take. You think you might just have to sleep right there, in the middle of the forest floor with rain pouring down on you, but then you spot something. A pair of purple eyes stares at you from inside a bush. A second pair of eyes, amber brown, blink in the shadows. You turn to run, crash right into the first cat. The cat you've run into is a brown she-cat with purple eyes. She stands in front of you, and one other cat steps up beside her, a agile she cat with a grey over coat, a white undercoat with white spots and amber brown eyes. These two must be the two who were looking at me from the shadows, you think. "What are you doing here?! This is BrookClan territory!" The second she-cat hissed. You look for a way to escape, but the first she-cat is ready, knowing you might try to run. You meow worriedly, "I was looking for somewhere safe to stay for the night." The first she-cat steps back. "Did you not scent our markers?" She asked, sounding more curious then aggressive. This puzzled you.

You were so lost in your own thought that the gray and white she-cat had to repeat what the other said but more aggressive. "Oh, I'm sorry the rain must of washed them away." Just as the second she-cat was about to scold you, the other jumped in. "Thats okay, I'm Rosestar Leader of Brookclan." The gray and white she-cat sighed in agreement "And I'm Willowheart, deputy of Brookclan." Rosestar seemed to see something in you. 'Perhaps you could come back to my camp for a while, and rest. "

Do you agree and join Brookclan? Or go to find another place to stay.

The choice is yours.

Founding Information
Welcome to BrookClan! Our leader, Rosestar (count05308) decided to rebuild and rename her old clan after many members went inactive. Rosestar noticed that clans these days tend to be too regimented, and decided to base her clan on being something casual and fun, like the good old days!! We're currently still in the rebuilding process, so please pardon our mess while this page goes through many edits and iterations!! If you see anything that needs edited, either comment on Rosestar's message wall here (Rosestar.jpg), Jamagram her (count05308), or simply comment on this page!!

FOUNDER|Count05308 ★ LEADER|Rosestar (Count05308)

FOUNDED|11/19/2019★ DEPUTY|Iceclaw (PigCat45)

REALM|Neutral RELIGION|Starclan and Darkforest

STATUS|Active and Recruiting MEMBER COUNT|TBA

LOCATION|Bremer CAMP|Count05308's den

Tag Badge Table
Rank Badge
Kit Clover
Warrior Apprentice Paw
Medicine Apprentice Leaf
Warrior Lightning Bolt
Senior Warrior Globe
Medicine Cat Flower
Queen Mira
Elder Zios
Deputy Wolf Howl
Leader Star


Leader (1/1 CLOSED)

Deputy (1/1 CLOSED)
Brook art
Brook art

The leader makes the most choices for the clan and preforms ceremonies. They must have trained one apprentice and have visited the Moon Pool to get their nine lives.

The Deputy helps the leader with choices for the clan, and organizes patrols. If the deputy retires, a new one must be picked before Moon-High.

Rosestar count05308 Daughters: Midnightfern and Nightmarepaw (deceased); Fawnpaw

Apprentices: Bluepaw and Berrypaw

A medium brown soft furred medium/long-haired tabby of slender, yet muscular physique with slightly violet eyes. Leader
Iceclaw Pigcat45 Apprectice: Birdpaw A white and silver she-cat with blue eyes. Deputy

Medicine Cat (2/3 CLOSED)

Medicine Cat Apprentice (4/3) CLOSED
Brook art
Brook art
The medicine cat (also known as the "medic" or "med") is the healer. They can cure just about anything. They receive signs from StarClan . They train medicine cat apprentices so they can become a full medicine cat.
The Medicine cat apprentice is the healer in training. They can heal basic wounds but are still learning. They can't receive signs or omens but may take part in translating them. They are trained by a medicine cat and are taken to the moonpool to become a full medicine cat. If the medicine cat rank is full, medicine cat apprentices will stay apprentices until a spot opens up.
Willowgaze Wildmew Apprentice: Glidingpaw and Riverpaw A black and white she-cat with grey-ish eyes. Medicine Cat
Frostpetal tigerstar4578 Apprentice: Crescentpaw, and Bramblepaw A white she cat of sizable stature with grey stripes and blue eyes. Medicine Cat
Crescentpaw Empressvicky Mentor: Frostpetal A white she-cat with a light grey underbelly and front paws, dark grey back paws and ear tips, a dark grey stripe down the back, and yellow-amber eyes. Medicine



Riverpaw prettygirlmaddie Mentor: Willowgaze A petite brown tabby with green eyes. Medicine Cat Apprentice
  Glidingpaw summerblossom41           Mentor: Willowgaze     A brown  she cat with a lighter brown underbelly and brown eyes. Medicine



Bramblepaw Airportzz         Mentor: Frostpetal Brown tom with russet stripes on his back and bushy tail. Yellow-eyed, with a few scars on his face. Medicine



Warrior (10/∞)

Apprentice (10/∞)
Brook art
Brook art

The warriors hunt for the clan. They also patrol. If the need for a ew deputy arises, a warrior may only be named the new deputy if they have mentored at least 1 apprentice. Warriors are at least 12 moons. They have the choice to retire at 90-120. If something happens and they can no longer be a warrior they may retire early or become a medic. An asterisk (*) next to the name denotes an elite warrior.

Apprentices are training to be warriors. They are at least 6 moons. They become warriors around 12-15 unless something happens which stops them from becoming a warrior. They have one mentor unless there mentor retires, dies, or pairings are shuffled. They help hunt and patrol for the clan.

Midnightfern* SnuggleBubba34 Adopted Mother: Rosestar

Sisters: Nightmarepaw (deceased); Fawnpaw

Apprentices: Stormpaw and Luckypaw

Thin, agile, unnaturally small, sharp teeth, with deep blue eyes, black fur with grey zigzaggy stripes. Warrior
Sparrow ashbash40 N/A A fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Warrior
Flamewhisker* kaka303 Apprentice: Amberpaw A brown tabby tom with darker brown stripes and brown eyes. Warrior
Lightning Animalgirl0906 N/A A gold she cat with black spots, and a missing right ear. TBA
Acornbounce* acorn166 Apprentice: Skypaw A brown tabby she cat with lighter brown paws and light blue eyes. Warrior
Redtail sieraak191 Apprentice: Snowflakepaw A russet colored she-cat with brown paws and grey eyes. Warrior
Rosepool Lillypadgirl123 Brother: Paleskip A long haired, Siamese she-cat with a light brown muzzle, ear tips and a fluffy tail and jade green eyes. Warrior
Silverpelt swim103 Apprentice: Kestrelpaw A white-grey tabby tom with emerald eyes and a decently-sized scar across his snout. Warrior
Paleskip sløth Sister: Rosepool A pale beige siamese tom with a black face, ears, and paws, and green eyes. Warrior
Cypress dapple10 Apprentice: Sorrelpaw A brown she-cat with lighter brown spots on her back legs, a dark brown stripe down her back, scars on her back leg and across her face, and grey eyes. Warrior
Jaythroat Awestruckwolfchester N/A A stocky, pale gray tom with dark stripes, a flat face, and olive-green eyes. Warrior
Sorrelpaw Sagestaronline Mentor: Cypress A cream she-cat with light-brown and muddy patches and minty green eyes. She has one white paw and a long, fluffy tail. Apprentice
Kestrelpaw Kestrelswoop Mentor: Silverpelt A gray she-cat with beige patches of fur throughout her face and body with a fluffy tail and golden eyes. Apprentice
Fawnpaw timberwolfqt Mother: Rosestar

Adopted Sisters: Midnightfern and Nightmarepaw (deceased)

Mentor: Iceclaw

A brown and white she-cat of larger stature, with black spots and blue eyes. Apprentice
Amberpaw Jumpyfroggy Mentor: Flamewhisker An orange and yellow she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice
Berrypaw Artisticlittleberry1 Mentor: Rosestar A brown she-cat with darker brown paws and yellow eyes. Apprentice
Skypaw Wisteriawillow Mentor: Acornbounce A little pale grey she-cat with icy blue eyes. Apprentice
Stormpaw jamir411 Mentor: Midnightfern A grey and white tabby she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice
Bluepaw willowwing2010 Mentor: Rosestar A Blue-grey she cat with blue eyes Apprentice
            Snowflakepaw Mymissmadi Mentor: Redtail   A white she-cat, half blind with blue eyes.           Apprentice
Luckypaw cutiebuns10 Mentor: Midnightfern A small grey she-cat with grey eyes. Apprentice

Queen (2/4)

Kit (2/10)
Brook art
Brook art
These are she-cats who have had kits or adopted them. They stay in the nursery and will become their past rank when the kits become apprentices. A queen may also choose to stay a queen permanently, helping to care for all kits. This role may not be filled by kits, apprentices, or medicine cats. A Queen may only have a max of three litters and a max of four kits per litter.
Kits are the young cats in the clan. (6 moons or younger.) They are cared for by a Queen. If a kit is found then any of the she-cats may adopt it. No kit is allowed out of camp. The first ceremony they may attend to is there apprentice.
Tawnyleaf chiako N/A A calico she-cat with yellow eyes. Elder






A slim she-cat with black fur with white tips on her ears and at the end of her long tail, with silverish eyes.


Cinderkit Butteryquackson N/A A grey splotched she-kit with green eyes. Kit
Daisykit Quizmaster90 N/A

Black and white she-kat.



Brook art
Brook art
These cats are welcomed here and may join. They are here to get a feel of what our clan is like. They are to be respected.
These cats did something wrong and chose/were forced to leave. They are also cats that have left and joined many times. These cats should be chased of if seen.
Mossfeather Iucius N/A (none) - Guest/Visitor
- - - - -


Brook art
Brook art
These cats are welcomed here and help our clan in times of need. They provide food, water, herbs, and more. They are to be respected.

These clans did something wrong and choose to ignore it. They are to be chased out, attacked, or taken in as prisoners.

Clan Name
Leader's Username
Deputy's Username
Meeting Days
- - - - - N/A
- - - - - -


7/12/2022, 11:22 p.m.- We are on summer roleplay hours, meaning we are roleplaying late most nights of the week. We are also in search of someone to recode our page!

1/1/2021, 4:34 pm- Happy New Year!! We welcome MANY new members, including 5 new warriors: Jaythroat, Cypress, Silverpelt, Paleskip, and Rosepool, 2 Warrior Apprentices: Sorrelpaw and Kestrelpaw, 1 Medicine Cat, Willowgaze, 1 Medicine Cat apprentice, Riverpaw, and 1 Elder, Tawnyleaf!! Sorrelpaw's mentor will be Cypress, and Kestrelpaw's mentor will be Silverpelt. We also have a guest joining us for the next couple of weeks, Mossfeather! Mentor and apprentice pairings will be updated later today, and from there the next two large edits will be to the Training Guide and Forms.

12/24/2021- Member list is mostly updated. We will be asking members if they wish to stay in Brookclan in the coming weeks, and anyone wo does not wish to remain with us will be removed. We are glad to oficially announce that Iceclaw is our new deputy!

12/20/2021- Clan is officially out of hiatus. Stay tuned for more updates.

11/6/2021- Roleplay will be limited until the week of Thanksgiving. However, we will be doing some roleplay this weekend, mostly at night.


8/14/2021, 10:18 a.m.- Hey everyone! We are roleplaying off and on today until 5pm! We have some new recruits, and lots of apprentices to train!! :)

7/4/2021, 10:50 a.m.- We welcome Crescentpaw and Berrypaw! Minor page edits have begun! Minor page edits are going to be edits that tidy up sections, correct information, and any little details that can make the page better! They will come in small batches, with batch 2 coming soon.

7/3/2021, 10:05 p.m.- All ranks have been updated! We have also added our newest rule, which is as follows: "We are now a main group! Joining other groups on AJ is NOT allowed, unless they are side groups. Your main Animal Jam allegiance is to BrookClan. Other groups on other platforms are allowed, as long as they do not interfere with you participation in BrookClan roleplay. The only exception is for those who were in BrookClan as a side BEFORE this rule took effect." The training guide will be updated soon!

6/24/2021, 9:45 p.m.- Roleplay is on hiatus until next Monday, when Rosestar returns from vacation.

5/18/2021, 8:07 a.m.- We welcome many new members, whom we will detail in a big update coming tonight! We are also having a big roleplay this weekend, same times as normal (10 a.m.-2 p.m. Eastern)!

4/10/2021, 2:40 p.m.- It is roleplay day!! Log on when you can! Today's priorities are to complete as much apprentice training as possible, and help our new recruits get started!! We will also be brainstorming new rules for BrookClan! We welcome Runeclaw, Mysticleaf, and Lunarpaw! Fawnkit and Amberkit are now apprentices, named Fawnpaw and Amberpaw! Fawnpaw's mentor will be Runeclaw, and Amberpaw's mentor will be Flamewhisker. Unfortunately, Amberpaw fell from a tree while hunting, and currently has a broken leg. We have started voting on some new clan rules and whatnot, see Rosestar for more details. We have also decided to do the page update in sections. The medicine cat section has been updated, with inactive cats being removed. The warrior section is to be updated next, so warriors and warrior apprentices should make sure they are attending roleplays!!

4/7/2021, 11:54 a.m.- Unfortunately, our ally, CloverClan, has disbanded. We will continue to welcome any former cats of CloverClan into BrookClan. There will be a major page update later.

3/9/2021, 8:47 a.m.- We will be having a MANDATORY roleplay this Saturday, time TBD. We will be recruiting and training apprentices first and foremost, as well as potentially making new rules and taking care of other business. Check back here or on Discord for time updates.

1/6/2021, 1:53 p.m.- There has been a major edit to ranks! First, we welcome Iceclaw, Birdpaw, and Rosestar's kit, Fawnkit! Mapleberry and Midnightfern are now elite warriors! Flamepaw and Acornpaw are now warriors, named Flamewhisker and Acornbounce! Frostpaw is now a full Medicine Cat, named Frostpetal! Mentor and apprentice pairings have also changed, so take a look! A planned roleplay will occur soon, more details on that TBA!!

1/1/2021, 10:31 a.m.- Happy New Year!! We welcome Bluepaw, Snowflakepaw, and Redtail! Unfortunately, since Rosestar's phone is broken, she is unable to update any new member information other than adding names at this time. We sadly say goodbye to Moonfur, who was unable to continue on AJ Classic after the removal of Flash.

Rules/Dress Code

I.Don't start unnecessary drama.

II.Cooperate with those in higher ranks

III.Don't be unnecessarily rude

IV.Mentors should teach the same information to their apprentices that was taught to them.

V. Upon being accepted, PLEASE get in contact with Rosestar. Even better, maybe even reach out to her when you submit your joining form.

VI.Unless you have informed Rosestar of a hiatus ahead of time, you will need to attend at least 1 meeting per month. After one month, we will message you either here, on discord, and/or by jamaagram. After a second month of non-attendance, we will assume you quit.

VII. Keep it to one OC for now, except for certain circumstances (i.e. Joined under a different OC, but have been in a clan with Rosestar under a different OC).

VIII. We are now a main group! Joining other groups on AJ is NOT allowed, unless they are side groups. Your main Animal Jam allegiance is to BrookClan. Other groups on other platforms are allowed, as long as they do not interfere with you participation in BrookClan roleplay. The only exception is for those who were in BrookClan as a side BEFORE this rule took effect.

IX. Report all issues to Rosestar ASAP.

IX.Dress Code: Any clothing items that are somewhat nature-esque. Wolves, Foxes, and Bunnies are the preferred animals, but others can be allowed. For the pelt, any normal color is allowed, including some shades of blue, red, orange, and yellow. For the eyes, any normal color is allowed, including some shades of violet. White eyes should be used for blind cats only. While at roleplay, tag color should be blue, and tags should not have adventure level. Tag badges will depend on rank, please refer to the chart below. Rosestar has the right to change this dress code at any time, as well as make the decision to deem any clothing item, animal, pelt color, or eye color as unallowed for whatever reason. Please direct any questions to Rosestar.


Training Guide

Please disregard this section, as it is being changed!!

1.Start out as an "apprentice"

2. Prove skills/Pretest of knowledge

3. If Pretest is passed, you will be made into your full rank. If the pretest is failed, you will remain an apprentice, and follow the remaining steps.

4. Be given a mentor

5. Training in skills needed for desired rank

6. Go to the Moonpool with Rosestar

7. Final Testing

8. Become desired rank OR potential reteaching/retesting in failed skills

Warrior Apprentices Learn: Hunting, Patrol Signals, Battle Techniques, and the Warrior Code

Medcat Apprentices Learn: Herbs, Poisons, Greencough, Snake Bites, Broken Bones, Queen Care, Wounds, Eye Damage, The MedCat Code, and Herb Care.


Joining Form:

OC name:


Desired Rank:

Insert Photo of your cat made from link below, or put a physical description:

OC Personality (Optional):

Roleplay Example (Optional, but it helps!!):

Discord User (If Applicable):

Other/Anything Else We Should Know?:

  Leaving Form:





Alliance Form:

Clan Name:

Clan Link:

Leader Name:

Leader User:

Deputy Name:

Deputy User:

Benefits For Us?:

Benefits For You?:

Would You Be open To Gatherings With Us? With Our Other Allies?:

When Can Your Leader Meet With Rosestar to Discuss Terms of Allyship?:


  Plot Request Form:

Plot name:

Short discription:

Start Day (Also Partially Determined by Rosestar):

Time It Will Take (i.e. 1 day of roleplay, 1 week, unsure):

Cat(s) invovled:

Why should this happen:

Visiting form:




Visiting Time (2 Days, 2 weeks, 1 month, unsuure?):

Current group (If applicable):

How you found us: