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Wolfstar, Hostilestar, and Sunheart (New Boundclan Banner) by Sundad

"The Fall of the Riot, and the Rise of the Bound."

Founders insane0966, Echo#2887, & Crystalizedsky
Created & Opened July 1, 2018
Roleplay Style Descriptive Traditional
Type Discord Group
OC Limit 15

Number. Discord (Number OCs)

  1. insane0966 (5/15 OCs)
  2. Echo#2887 (1/15 OC)
  3. Crystalizedsky (15/15 OCs)
  4. barsoap303#6679 (6/15 OCs)
  5. legend0091 (14/15 OCs)
  6. Saltybaker (6/15 OCs)
  7. pimp_daddysam (6/15 OCs)
  8. ttatertott (13/15 OCs)
  9. Ferngully#0565 (2/15 OCs)
  10. anchor_party (5/15 OCs)
  11. Quen of salts#9819 (1/15 OC)
  12. winters_underfell (1/15 OC)
  13. dollscry (1/15 OC)
Number. Discord|OC|Time Visiting
Number. Discord|OCs|Reason|Time
  1. Potato1511 (AJ. No Discord)|Flowerpetal|Disrespectful & Dramatic|Forever
  2. ubiystvo#5272 (Deleted discord user)|Hazesoul|Tried to get with the Founders for a high rank, multiple lies|Forever
Naming Clan Names (Prefix-Suffix)
Status Active & Recruiting
Orientation Neutral
Leaders Hostilestar & Wolfstar
Deputy Speckledgaze
Leader/Founder/Editor Leader/Founder/Editor Deputy/Editor Founder/Editor







Rage Of Vengeance


Important Information

Overall Rules


- Follow discord ToS. If it is found out you are under the age of 13, you will be kicked. If you have broken any others, you will also be removed.


- Treat everyone with kindness and respect no matter their sexuality, gender, race, religion, age, rank, ect. Everyone in Boundclan must be treated as an equal. If there is drama in another server with a person, then that must be left out of Boundclan and whoever the drama is between must treat each other with respect while here. If someone finds that this rule is broken, bring it up to the Leaders. This rule has to be followed, and if continued to be broken, then there will be consequences.

Drama out of Roleplay:

- Drama is not tolerated in Boundclan. Despite this, it still happens. Boundclan is a family, and family tends to get in fights from time to time. However, they must be immediately resolved. If drama goes on for too long, then consequences will be given depending on what it is about. When drama happens out of roleplay, it is not allowed to change anything in roleplay. For example, if two people are currently having drama and heavily dislike each other, then their OCs are not allowed to hate each other just for that reason. Also, do not create a reason to make the OCs hate each other just because of the drama going on.


- Yes, swearing is allowed on the discord server!


- Members who join will be put on a 1 to 2 week trial. Your trial time will be decided by the high ranks and will be told to you as soon as you join. During this time period, the high ranks will be observing your roleplay, how you get along with us, ect. When the trial time is over, we will tell you if you were allowed into Boundclan as a full member or not.

Discord Invites:

- You may have noticed that you are unable to invite others to the discord server. This is to prevent raids. If you wish to invite a friend to spectate, then you may, but you must ask one of the Leaders or the Deputy before doing so. Once accepted, they will send you the link.

Roleplay Rules

Kits and Apprentices:

- Queens can only have a max of 4 kits per litter. The kits tend to get overpopulated very easily. You must also go to a Leader/Deputy in order to get approved to have kits. When kits are overpopulated, then an Apprentice OC cannot be added to the clan until the population goes down. This is to make sure Apprentices don't go over the limit. Also, if you add a kit OC, the minimum age is 3 moons since it would be difficult to figure out their caretakers if they are much younger.


- Kits and Apprentices are NOT allowed to have mates. They are only allowed to have crushes. Apprentices are also not allowed to have kits, despite the fact that they are old enough to have them. Medicine Cats are allowed to have mates and kits as long as there are other medicine cats. There will also be no flirting or suggestive behavior between one cat and another significantly younger then their own.


- When creating a plot, go to a Leader and discuss it with them. The Leaders will then accept or deny the plot. Big plots that include the entire clan must happen on weekends if it is during the school year.

OC Limit:

- The limit is currently 15. Do not abuse this and continue to add OCs. You may create an OC every 2 weeks, the only exception being if you have only one OC. Once you have two OCs, the cooldown is followed. Try to only have the amount of OCs you know you can handle.

- When it comes to members on trial, the limit is 2. This is to allow you to use multiple cats, but make it easier to remove from the page if you decide not to stay.

Effect of Hiatus:

- When someone is on hiatus, do not let it effect roleplay. Just because an OC has not been roleplayed for a long time, does not mean that, for example, an OC has gone missing. Personal life comes before the clan, and we respect that.

Drama in Roleplay:

- Drama is allowed in roleplay, but please do not make it a constant thing, as it tends to get very repetitive.


- Powerplaying is the act of controlling another character in active roleplay. Do not try and control other's OCs or be overly powerful. For example, a cat can obviously not kill a deer. Another example would be: "The cat padded over to another person's oc and killed them with one blow." Another use of powerplaying would be using "nn" "nd" or "nm", the meaning being "no nothing" "no dodge" and "no miss".

~ Founder's Day ~

July 1st. When Boundclan was Founded.

Founder's Day celebrates the day that Boundclan was created and mourns the day Riotclan burned. One of the cats, usually one who witnessed the burning, tells the story of the fall of Riotclan and the rise of Boundclan. The cats then have a moment of silence for Riotclan then continue on to the festivities. The cats feast, play games, and share tongues.

~ Day of Love ~

February 16th. Valentine's Day.

Day of Love, or Lovers’ Day, is a day where the clan comes together to celebrate friendships, families, and lovers. The event begins in the afternoon, when the cats are most active. There is a friendly competition between the Apprentices of who can hunt the most prey, and maybe even some sparring competitions. Select cats are chosen to judge, and the prey is also judged on the quality. The prize for the Apprentice that won has no Elder duties for a week. After the competitions are done, the clan heads back to camp and begin giving each other flowers that symbolize many things.

Rose: I love you.

Hydrangea: Thank you for being there.

Tulip or Daisy: I like you. (Crush confession)

Gladiolus: I’m sorry.

Carnation: Do you want to be friends?

Azalea: I’m longing for you.

​​~ Day of Gifts ~

December 25th. Christmas

Day of Gifts, or Gift Day, is a day where the clan comes together to celebrate each other. The event beings in the morning after the patrols returned, when the cats have just woken up. The entire clan gathers and exchanges gifts with each other. They may also play games. When the gift exchanges is done, the clan has a big feast.


EchoStar by EchoStar

By Echo#2887

Echostar was one of the first Leaders of Boundclan, leading alongside Hostilestar. She was once known as Echosong and was one of the cats that was apart of Riotclan before it's fall. Ashstar had given her Leadership before she died. Echostar is Wolfstar's half-sister and kin of many of Boundclan's members. She eventually retired into an Elder. She is a black and gray small tabby cat with a white tailtip. Her left ear has been shredded from a fight with rogues as an apprentice-aged loner, her left eye has scars running over it from the same fight. Her tail tip and muzzle is a light gray. Her right eye is an icy blue, while her blind, left eye is a pale icy blue. She also has a wolf skull that she often wore on her head and a black collar with fangs/claws attached to it. She was a fair Leader and is very similar in personality to Wolfstar due to sharing the same past clan. She is quiet and tended to stick to herself. She once fell for a rogue named Soul, but he attacked her while kitting and was eventually chased off. She had three kits, one being stillborn and the other dying a few minutes after birth. Only the runt, Meadowsong, survived. Echostar's roleplayer is Rage of Vengeance



Base by Panicbasket on DA

Hostilestar was one of the first Leaders of Boundclan, leading alongside Echostar and eventually alongside her mate, Wolfstar. She was once known of Hostilestep and was one of the cats that was apart of Riotclan before it's fall. Ashstar had given her Leadership before she died. Hostilestar is Wolfstar's mate and kin to many of the clan. Hostilestar has a thin long frame and is very elegant looking. She has a long thin tail as well, adding to her over all appearance. She has a dark brown base with a black underside and brownish-redish spots scattered around her pelt. She also has bright pale blue eyes that most of the time look white. She has a small scar under her left eye, but it is hardly noticeable to most. Hostile is a fair and calm Leader. She can be very moody, but always means well. Despite this, she is very friendly and protective of Boundclan. Hostilestar is currently leading Boundclan alongside Wolfstar. Her roleplayer is Kodi158572.


Wolfstar leads alongside his mate, Hostilestar, and their family takes up the majority of Boundclan. He was once known as Wolffang and was one of the cats that was apart of Riotclan before it's fall. He was Deputy of Boundclan for a long time and gained his lives as soon as Echostar, his half sister, retired and became an Elder. Wolfstar is a handsome Maine Coon tom cat with azure eyes. He has a dark grey pelt with a light grey underbelly. He has a slightly lighter black markings and white paws, white ear tips, and a white tail tip. His muzzle is light gray and his chin is white. He also has a black collar with fangs/claws attached to it. Wolfstar can come off as cold and rude, usually sticking to himself or Hostilestar. He also suffers from PTSD that causes him to snap at times, rarely attacking his own clanmates. Despite this, he is loyal and very overprotective of Boundclan and will sacrifice himself if he must for his clan. Wolfstar is currently leading Boundclan alongside Hostilestar. His roleplayer is Tiger80097.

Ask us questions and we will gladly answer them! The Leaders (Hostilestar & Wolfstar) or Deputy (Speckledgaze) will give the official answer.

What is Boundclan's platform?

Boundclan used to roleplay on Animal Jam, but currently roleplays on Discord. When you are accepted into Boundclan, one of our high ranks will send you a friend request and invite you to the server.

How did Boundclan come to be?

A few members of Boundclan (🐲🐉𝓒𝑟ყ𝚜𝘵𝛼𝑙𝜯ℏ𝑒𝓓𝑟𝛼𝓰σ𝑛🐉🐲#0008, legend#0091, insane#0966, barsoap303#6679, & Echo#2887) were once apart of a clan of Riotclan. They loved it there and made many memories, but sadly, the clan was growing inactive. Maskstar, who pops into Boundclan once in a while, and Ashstar were the Leaders of Riotclan, but even they were inactive. We decided to leave the clan, and so the Leaders decided to disband. We wrote the backstory as Riotclan catching fire and many cats dying, including Ashstar, while Maskstar disappeared into the twolegplace. Ashstar passed Leadership to Hostilestep and Echosong, becoming Hostilestar and Echostar, before passing due to a flaming tree collapsing on top of her. The clan scattered, few cats joining together and some managing to find them. Thus Boundclan was born. Currently, the cats who were once apart of Riotclan are Wolfstar, Hostilestar, Echostar, Sparrowflight, Snowygaze, and Nightfall. Other cats have passed on to Starclan or left Boundclan.

Is Boundclan right for me?

Well, we sure hope so! We are always welcoming new people. We are very friendly people who are close. We are family, and it might take some time to get to know us all and really join the family. We are all very protective of each other and we are always here for each other. We are very active in the Discord server, from roleplaying or just chatting. We are open to all sexualities, genders, religions, ethnicities, ect. Feel free to visit before deciding to join our family!

Is Boundclan safe for younger audiences?

It depends on how young. Swearing is allowed in roleplay and out of roleplay. There is also a NSFW chat, but the chat is locked unless you have the role needed to see it. If you wish to have this role, just ask a High Rank. Mature audiences may be needed since we may roleplay very detailed when it comes to gore and fighting. There may be suggestive comments from OCs, but ERP is not allowed in the server.

Is Boundclan a Main Group or Side Group?

Boundclan does not identify as either a main or side group. We allow anyone into Boundclan as long as they follow Discord ToS.

The news between 🌟 and ✨ are the most important ones and remains on the news permanently.

🌟March 15, 2019: Boundclan has a new page!✨

🌟December 28, 2019: We have officially removed AJ as one of our roleplay platforms.✨

🌟July 1, 2020: We have been alive for 2 years!✨

🌟July 1, 2021: YOOOO how did this happen!? Boundclan is 3 years old already. We've been through a lot and we're still going. We're a bit small again like the beginning, but that's alright. We can grow, but even if we don't, we still have each other.✨



Leaders Deputy

This rank is [Earned]

The Leader is the person in charge of the group. They are to be respected the most and are to be considered the most mature of the clan. They are the one that will make the important decisions for the clan and their word is law always. These two cats are supposed to communicate between each other before making any life changing decisions. You're also going to want to make sure that you consult the Leaders if you plan on making a huge plot or a sickness.


This rank is [Earned]

The Deputy is the second in command and also the second highest rank. As per usual of the Top Tier rank, they are supposed to be a role model for the kits, apprentices and even the warriors. They will make decisions when the leader is sick or offline, though, they should always check in with the leader through their message wall. If the leader happens to die, the deputy will step up within a few days and become the new leader, selecting a Deputy as well.
Hostilestar insane0966 Female Wolfstar N/A Leader 8/9
Wolfstar crystalizedsky Male Hostilestar N/A Leader 7/9
Speckledgaze saltybaker Female Stoneclaw N/A Deputy X


Medicine Cat Medicine Cat Apprentice

This rank is [Closed]

The Medicine Cats know pretty much everything about herbs. You must go to Medicine Cats before you go to their Apprentices since they don't know as much as Medicine Cats do. Starclan always give Medicine Cats signs and prophecies over other cats, unless they really have to. Medicine Cats must be respected no matter what.


This rank is [Closed]

Medicine Cat Apprentices are trained by the Medicine Cats. They are taught which herbs are which, how to use them, and some wasy to hunt and fight. They usually aren't given signs and prophecies since they tend to decipher them slower and don't realize that it's a sign until it's too late. Sometimes they can decipher them fast, though. Also because it may freak the apprentices out.
Meadowsong crystalizedsky Female N/A N/A Medicine Cat
Juniperpool ttatertott Male N/A N/A Medicine Cat
- - - X - Medicine Cat Apprentice
- - - X - Medicine Cat Apprentice


Nurse Nurse Apprentice

This rank is [Closed]

Nurses know the basics about herbs. If the Medicine Cats are busy, you can go to the Nurses unless the wound is too severe. Nurses care for smaller wounds while also doing regular Warrior duties.


This rank is [Closed]

Nurse Apprentices are trained by the Nurses. They are taught the basics about herbs, while doing regular Apprentice duties and learning Warrior techniques.

Emeraldeye pimp_daddysam Male Arrowsight Hazelpaw, Ticpaw Nurse
- - - N/A N/A Nurse
- - - N/A N/A Nurse
- - - N/A N/A Nurse
Hazelpaw crystalizedsky Female X Emeraldeye Nurse Apprentice
Ticpaw anchor_party Female X Emeraldeye Nurse Apprentice


Senior Warriors Warriors

This rank is [Earned]

The Senior Warriors are a squad of advanced warriors that have proven their worthiness and loyalty to the clan. These few warriors have been hand-selected by the Leaders and the Deputy and are to be the best-of-the-best saying that they are unlike normal warriors and are special. These cats are most likely the first pick for Deputy if something were to happen.


This rank is [Open]

Warriors are the cats that hunt and fight for the clan. They will remain loyal and must respect the higher ranks, no matter what. If something happens to an Elite Warrior, the most trusted and worthy warrior will be chosen to be the next Senior Warrior. A warrior may be chosen to be a Deputy at some point, but that is very rare.
Moonstorm ttatertott Female Mistclaw N/A Senior Warrior (Queen)
Secretsong legend0091 Female N/A N/A Senior Warrior
Mistclaw pimp_daddysam Male Moonstorm N/A Senior Warrior
☄️ ☄️ ☄️ ☄️ ☄️ ☄️
Nightfall barsoap303#6679 Male Snowygaze N/A Warrior
Duckstep legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Fallencry insane0966 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Steadystep insane0966 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Violetdawn barsoap303#6679 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Stoneclaw barsoap303#6679 Male Speckledgaze N/A Warrior
Wildshadow legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Fawncloud ttatertott Female N/A N/A Warrior
Doesight crystalizedsky Female N/A N/A Warrior
Tatteredmind legend0091 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Willowleaf barsoap303#6679 Female Rockcloud N/A Warrior
Dovecall saltybaker Female N/A N/A Warrior
Arrowsight insane0966 Female Emeraldeye N/A Warrior
Masksoul saltybaker Male N/A N/A Warrior
Leoparddusk pimp_daddysam Female N/A N/A Warrior
Monarchwing legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Onyxchaser crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Clearpool legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Lakewave ttatertott Male N/A N/A Warrior
Emberwish legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Velvetspeckle ttatertott Male N/A N/A Warrior
Larkcall crystalizedsky Male Koipond N/A Warrior
Sparkblaze barsoap303#6679 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Coconutheart pimp_daddysam Female N/A N/A Warrior
Pebbleshard legend0091 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Tumbleleaf ttatertott Male N/A N/A Warrior
Roxanne saltybaker Female N/A N/A Warrior
Raincrow saltybaker Female N/A N/A Warrior
Snakestrike crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Ferntooth saltybaker Male N/A N/A Warrior
Shatteredwing crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Leappuddle crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Molewhisker legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Roaringvoice pimp_daddysam Male N/A N/A Warrior
Macabre legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Dreamstone anchor_party Male Clover N/A Warrior
Dewwing ttatortott Female N/A N/A Warrior
Shrimpcloud anchor_party Female N/A N/A Warrior
Bushgrove legend0091 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Midnightwrath crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Finchwing ttatertott Female N/A N/A Warrior
Riothound legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Piercinggaze insane0966 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Mothcry legend0091 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Cidersplash crystalizedsky Male N/A N/A Warrior
Tinseldrop ttaertott Female N/A N/A Warrior
Firecrackle anchor_party Male N/A N/A Warrior
Beaverweb Ferngully#0565 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Fangstorm TBD Male N/A N/A Warrior
Mistyrain legend0091 Female N/A N/A Warrior
Cometfall ttatertott Female N/A N/A Warrior
Saffronsage Quen of salts#9819 Male N/A N/A Warrior
Dapplefeather winter_underfell Female N/A N/A Warrior
Sightfuleye dollscry Female N/A N/A Warrior
- - - N/A N/A Warrior


Queens Elders

This rank is [Closed]

The Queens are the she-cats who have kits. They will move to the Nursery as soon as they have their kits and will remain there until their kits are apprentices. Sometimes there will be Permanent Queens who care for kits who don't have a mother. The Permanent Queens can be toms as well as she-cats. Permanent Queens: 1/5


This rank is [Open]

The Elders are the cats that have gotten too old to hunt and fight for the clan. They stay an Elder until their death. Sometimes, if a cat has a major disability that doesn't allow them to hunt and fight, they may become an Elder if they don't wish to be a Medicine Cat.

Moonstorm ttatertott Female Mistclaw Darkkit, Tundrakit Senior Warrior (Queen)
Koipond ttatertott Female Larkcall Minnowkit, Betakit, Bowfinkit Queen
Winterberry crystalizedsky Female N/A Kestrelkit, Crescentkit, Otterkit Queen
Clover pimp_daddysam Female Dreamstone Splinterkit, Shamrockkit, Coyotekit, Blizzardkit Queen
Echosong Echo#2887 Female N/A X Elder
Snowygaze crystalizedsky Female Nightfall X Elder


Apprentices Kits

This rank is [Open]

The Apprentices are the cats that are 6-12 moons old. They are trained by the Warriors and Senior Warriors of the clan. They are sometimes trained by the Deputy and Leaders. It is very rare for a Leader to get an Apprentice, so it is an honor to have one of the Leaders as a mentor.


This rank is [Closed]

Kits are the youngest cats in the clan that are 6 moons or younger. As soon as they are 6 moons, they will become an Apprentice. If a kit doesn't have a mother, one of the Permanent Queens will take care of them.

- - - TBA N/A Apprentice
Darkkit crystalizedsky Female X Moonstorm, Mistclaw Kit
Tundrakit anchor_party Male X Moonstorm, Mistclaw Kit
Minnowkit ttatertott Female X Koipond, Larkcall Kit
Betakit crystalizedsky Female X Koipond, Larkcall Kit
Bowfinkit anchor_party Male X Koipond, Larkcall Kit
Kestrelkit TBD Male X Winterberry Kit
Crescentkit pimp_daddysam Female X Winterberry Kit
Otterkit anchor_party Male X Winterberry Kit
Splinterkit joltbreon Male X Clover, Dreamstone Kit
Shamrockkit crystalizedsky Female X Clover, Dreamstone Kit
Coyotekit TBD Female X Clover, Dreamstone Kit
Witheredkit anchor_party Female X Clover, Dreamstone Kit
- - - X - Kit


Outsiders/Unofficial Members Prisoners

This rank is [Earned]

Outsiders are cats that live outside Boundclan territory. Sometimes they visit Boundclan, and may become unofficial members of Boundclan. They may switch between living in Boundclan and their actual home. They are considered allies or friends. These cats are sometimes allowed to be taken as mates by Boundclan members. Sometimes outsiders are just enemies and looking for trouble.


This rank is [Earned]

Prisoners are those living in the Prisoner's Den and punishments are decided by the high ranks.

- - - - Unofficial Member
Tarantulaeater anchor_party Male N/A Outsider
Bane pimp_daddysam Male X Prisoner


Visitors Trial

This rank is [Open]

Visitors are the cats that are unsure of whether or not they should join the clan. They act as warriors, but aren't officially apart of the clan yet. Sometimes, Visitors are only visiting to be with their friends, and not to see if they want to join or not. Sometimes it is both.


This rank is [Open]

Those joining Boundclan. They are new to Boundclan, and proving they will abide by our rules and roleplay. They must attend at least 2 roleplays before being fully accepted, to prove their activeness. They will also be watched for 1-2 weeks before they can join just so we know that they know our rules. They can be expected to receive the same punishment as a full member of Boundclan would.
- - - Visitor X -
- - - Trial - X

Allies & Enemies

Allies Enemies

This rank is [Open]

Allies are other groups that are willing to help our clan in many ways. They will help supply herbs, help us in battles, and may attend gatherings with us. Our clan will do the same.

This rank is [Open]

Enemies are the other groups that our clan highly dislikes. Our groups get in many battles and do our best to win in them. Sometimes, some cats in our enemy's group will be taken prisoner.

Group FIC(S) Name (AJ User/Discord) SIC(S) NAME (AJ User/Discord) Trust Rate Status
- - - - -



Discord Name & Number:

OC Name (Page linked if there is one):


Desired Rank:

Physical Description:


Roleplay Example (3 or more sentences):

Disorders/Disabilities If Any:

OC Picture:



Discord Name & Number:

OC Name (Page linked if there is one):


How Long?:


Adding An OC

Discord Name & Number:

OC Name (Page linked if there is one):


Desired Rank:

Physical Description:


Disorders/Disabilities If Any:

OC Picture:


Creating A Plot

Plot Name:

Cats Involved:


Time Happening:


Includes The Entire Clan?:



Username(s) Of FIC(s):

Name(s) Of FIC(s):

Username(s) Of SIC(s):

Name(s) Of SIC(s):

Group Name(Linked):



Removing/Killing An OC

Discord Name & Number:

OC Being Removed:



Being Killed Or Just Removed?:

If Killed, How Will They Die?:



Discord Name & Number:



Reason & Improvements:

What Happens To Your OC(s)?":



This was coded by Tiger80097. If you want a page coded like this, please contact her! She also gives her thanks to Rage of Vengeance for the inspiration from the page she coded for Boundclan that was originally going to be the new page. The banner art of Wolfstar, Hostilestar and the Sunheart is by Sundad.

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