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"The Weak will not thrive and the Strong will not fall. Be your own rock and do not Fail the clan"


Founded: 3.3.20

Founder: FlasterDarse

Status: Active & Recruiting

Orientation: Dark

Species: Felis Catus

Roleplay Style: Descriptive Traditional

Season: Leafbare

OC Limit:None

Platform: Discord





1. Follow Wiki rules

2.  Same rules as the sister clan MoonlightClan

3. Be brutal



Cats Of BloodClan



Deputy [1/2]

The Leader's duty is to lead the clan and make sure everyone gets stronger and weed out the weak, turning away those who can't make it or prove themselves.

The Deputy's job is to help lead the group, is the second in command. They lead hunts and patrols, and distribute the prey every meal.

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate Age Rank
BoneStar BloodyArtisticAlpys #1400 Male N/A 40 Moons Leader
ThornClaw Ech0 #0771 Female N/A 48 Moons Deputy
SageWeep PumpkinPeter#2626 Female 32 Moons Deputy N/A

☆Elite Warrior [0/2]

Warrior [5/*]

The Elite Warrior's duty is to keep everyone on track and make sure no one slacks off

The warriors are the main fighters and the leader's Pawns in any battle. They are loyal and strong fighters and will go down for the clan.

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate Age Rank
DriftSpeck KCatLover#1968 Female N/A 57 Moons Warrior
WaterLeaf BloodyArtisticAlphys#1400 DemiBoy N/A 17 Moons Warrior
MapleStrike ghostyboi#8761 Female N/A 16 Moons Warrior
ShadeStep ghostyboi#8761 Non-Binary N/A 13 Moons Warrior
OakLeap PumpkinPeter#2626 Female N/A 30 Moons Warrior

☆Elite Medic [0/1]

Medic [1/2]

The Elite Medic's are the ones dealing with all the warriors and leader's messy arguments about safety and take care of the worst wounds and save warriors from death.

The Medic's duty is to heal the clan and listen to the Elite Medic.

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate Age Rank
N/A N/A# N/A N/A N/A N/A

☆Medic Apprentice [0/2]

Warrior Apprentice [0/*]

The Medic Apprentice follows the Medic and Elite Medic's commands and instructions and go out to retrieve herbs

The Warrior's Apprentice helps around the clan and earns how to defend the territory. While they are young they are not given super easy asignments, but they won't be sent to their deaths. Not intentionally anyway.

Name Discord Tag Gender Mentor Age Rank
N/A N/A# N/A N/A N/A N/A

☆Queen/King [0/10]

Kits [1/20]

The Queens and Kings all have one job, to care and keep the kits safe. Especially from the ruthless leader's gaze.

The kits don't really have a formal job, just to play and enjoy their youth. They often get in trouble for doing things they're not supposed to...

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate (Only for Queens/Kings) Age Kit/Guardian
StrawberryKit PrinceyRoman#6372 Female 6 Moons BoneStar

☆Elders [0/10]

Prisoners [1/5]

The Elder's only duty, is to rest and relax. Not that anyone likes only resting in BloodClan. They may share their knowledge with the young ones, and are usually telling stories or mocking the current leader, BoneStar, for his past failures when no others are around.

The Prisoners are usually cats that have been captured from other clans or traitors that haven't been gotten rid of yet. They're not treated nicely and their food is barely still good, usually on the last few days before it's crow food.

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate Age Rank
N/A N/A# N/A N/A N/A N/A

☆Rouges [1/10]

Spirits [0/5]

The Rouges are tolerated though often get weird looks from the Clan when they're not being ignored. Though not everyone wades away from Rouges and some members of the clan like them for one reason or another, and others try to get them to join or be a spy of sorts. Unless they pose a threat, generally none of the clan care that the Rouges are there.

The spirits are not typically believed in or said to be a bad omen, depending on who you ask. Either way, there are many stories about them and most are threats or old queen's tales to scare kits and apprentices. Though some elders know some eerily real sounding tales about these non-believed-in beings

Name Discord Tag Gender Mate Age Rank
☆Alix ghostyboi#9761 Non-Binary N/A 13 Moons Rouge
☆Sakura Ech0#0771 Female N/A 28 Moons Rouge



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The Sister Clan MoonlightClan

This is in the same Discord server as the sister clan, it is a shared server and plots

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