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After the death of Scourge, many figures attempted to seize power and control over twolegplace, and all failed. After the forest clans abandoned their territories due to the twoleg destruction and new dwellings were put in their place, one cat saw this as a great opportunity. Snipe, previously a member of Scourge's inner circle, assembled a new BloodClan in ShadowClan's former territory among the newly built buildings that now stood in its place. His leadership was short-lived as an uprising brought a new generation of BloodClan that is now at it's most powerful. After a fire prompted the clan to relocate and their war with the Crimson Legion had finally drawn to an end, BloodClan now resides in the twolegplace Scourge once ruled; still the most domineering and influential force among the feline population—proving that those who defy BloodClan are doomed to be destroyed.



THE INFECTION ARISES - Feburary 24, 2018

As a former kittypet, Bewick entered the clan as an aspiring Brawler. Snipe, the new BloodClan leader, displayed prejudice towards his background (as so it seemed), and assigned him to train as a Raider rookie instead. A clan meeting prompted Bewick to fight a mangy, diseased cat named Kobe as ordered by Snipe. The young rookie was bitten by him, yet remained steadfast. Another rookie named Icarus volunteered to kill him as an effort to prevent further disease in the clan and almost succeeded before Snipe proposed Bewick be left to die. Miraculously, he survived. Slowly, but surely Blight began to recover. He showed no signs of illness, but was rather frail and scrawny. Anubis, taking a liking to him began to not only nurse him back to health, but revealed BloodClan's plans and secrets, ultimately plotting for a repossession of power and reform.

Although thought to have been dead for some time, the murders of several, mangled cats were blamed on Blight's and prompted an entire manhunt for the tom. An articulate plan commenced which resulted in The Divide and a renegade group led by Anubis and Blight known as The Outcasts.

Bewick is betrayed by Spider and is traded in exchange for his sister's life. He is put on trial for the death of Birdie and is almost killed before a rabid fox tears apart Snipe, leaving him to die. Bewick then declares himself as the new leader of BloodClan.

STARCROSSED - September 22, 2018

Bewick witnesses the Moonstone shatter. He perceives this as a bad omen.

In establishing a leadership position within BloodClan after Snipe's death, Bewick is also dealt with the responsibilities of fatherhood. He displays a protective nature over Anubis and his kits, well aware of the enemies prowling amid the alleys.

His concern becomes reality when met with a new face daring to intrude upon a fighting rally. The stranger challenges him, and Bewick, reluctant to waver his authority, accepts. As the two spar, the BloodClan leader appears to have the upper-hand, pinning his opponent down and given the opportunity to end the challenge with a single swipe. However, in a moment of hesitation, a dog is let loose, attacking Bewick and allowing the stranger to escape from his grasp. The outsider introduces himself as Ashstar, warning the clan of their predestined curse before fleeing the scene.

With a desire to avenge his father and prove himself worthy before his clanmates, Bewick's son, Gideon, sets out to rid of Ashstar. Failing to stop him, the venture results in the young tom's death.

As the newly established ThunderClan begins to terrorize the clan, a pregnant Ridge, Bewick's eldest daughter, is kidnapped and held hostage in their territory along the river. Bewick offers himself in exchange for her release, and plummets from Highstones in what appears to be his death.

In the final battle between BloodClan and ThunderClan, Bewick makes a miraculous appearance. An astonished Ashstar questions him, but is met with a throat of boiling blood as Bewick commits a killing bite. As a result of his victory and new mindset, Bewick changes his name to Blight.

THE REAPER’S BREATH - July 10, 2019

A viral illness has spread throughout BloodClan territory, but that's not the worst part. Deadly, bloodthirsty rats have invaded the alleyways, jeopardizing the safety of the clan. Despite these dire circumstances, Crane, the BloodClan doctor at the time, was successful with treating the illness and locating its source—contaminated water. Blight then enforced strict rules regarding the clan’s hygiene, instructing his inner circle to ensure that cats were drinking solely from the river and taking on a higher level of cleanliness. But even with extra precautions, the violent activity of the rats still commenced, growing more severe by the day. Even the twolegs appeared to become increasingly erratic; tossing their rubbish in the streets and causing loud commotions at night.

This behavior escalated as BloodClan was driven from their home. In the dead of night, three twolegs entered the alleys and began tormenting the felines, going as far as to grab Comet, a BloodClan rookie, and burn him with the end of a cigarette. This only came to an end when a hoard of rats flooded into the alley and scared the twolegs away, but also forced the cats to flee.

Regrouping at the junkyard, a clan-wide discussion began regarding BloodClan’s next steps. As Blight proposed to head towards Hightstones and seek refuge in the caves, Kestrel, head of the clan's cutthroats, rose and accused him of being afraid to fight for their home. A heated debate ensued, and ultimately with Crane backing up Kestrel’s uprising, the clan was torn in two with Blight and his followers retreating to Highstones while Kestrel and the rest of BloodClan stayed in the marketplace.

For a while Blight’s BloodClan thrived at Highstones. There were plenty of fresh mice to go around and the cats were free of rats and twoleg disturbances. But that all changed when cats began to get sick, displaying similar symptoms to illness back in the alleys. It was believed that someone within the group had brought the sickness to Highstones, but after Comet witnessed Crane planting decaying prey corpses throughout the crevices of the caves, undoubtedly to attract the bloodthirsty rats, did Blight and the other BloodClan cats realize the illness had been a setup from the start.

A battle ensued between Blight’s BloodClan and Kestrel’s rebel group, but was put to an end as a raging fire began to spread from the marketplace to their battlegrounds. The cats fled as twolegs began to rise from the flames and shoot at them with pellet guns. One hit Blight, and the tom collapsed. Meanwhile, Crane watched the chaos with amusement. He had planned this entire matter meticulously, and the fire was the cherry on top. As Kestrel realized the doctor had jeopardized the life of her kits, she killed him on the spot and watched as the fire began to enclose around her. As her body was never recovered, she was presumed to be dead; lost to the flames of a battle she waged.

INTO THE INFERNO - September 10, 2020

Since the fall of BloodClan in the aftermath of Scourge’s death, twolegplace had erupted into a pith of disorder. While many felines attempted to replicate the tom’s success, only through Snipe’s rise in power was he able to retain an essence of structure, however, the chaos could not be contained. As a result, he made the decision to relocate the clan in the former ShadowClan territory and increase the clan’s possibilities of success, therefore eliminating all competition.

This proved to be a wise move, considering in the aftermath of Snipe’s death, BloodClan continued to thrive. The clan regained its infamy and power over the cats of Chelford, striking fear into the hearts of many, just as Scourge had once done in his prime. But in the wake of BloodClan’s civil war, their residence succumbed to the flames of a raging inferno, leaving nothing but a vale of ashes.

Under a new leader, BloodClan expected to return to twolegplace with open arms, but as it turns out, a daunting force was waiting for them—The Crimson Legion.

These cats had brought order to twolegplace through a tryannical seize of power. At the head was Necro, an intimidating and ruthless feline who ruled over the city with an iron fist, utilizing her highly skilled soldiers to execute her demands. She wore a cat skull as a mask, no doubt to shroud her identity in mystery and shoot fear into the hearts of the weak.

Over a span of six moons, BloodClan fought a bloody war with the Crimson Legion. Cats on both sides suffered horrific deaths, but one incident proved to be the final straw. Discovering the bloody collar of his kittypet friend, Panda, with the scent of Necro looming in the air, Gideon unleashed a powerful attack on the Legion, and as a result, took the commander's life.

BloodClan was surprised to discovere that beneath the mask was none other than Kestrel, the force that had began the clan's civil war. After the fire, she was assumed to have been taken by the flames, but it became evident that she had sought revenge—and failed.

With the Crimson Legion defeated, BloodClan assumed complete control of twolegplace once more.




The leader of BloodClan, cunning and merciless. Holds complete control over every cat among their ranks with eyes and ears in every corner. They are fed intel of all members, ranging from daily routines, to their family lineage. No piece of information is left unknown to a BloodClan leader.


Members of the Inner Circle serve as advisers to the clan leader. They are gravely loyal and are willing to die for their cause. Each cat also receives a code-name as to form secrecy among their ranks.

RIGHT-CLAW: In public appearances, the right-claw is always positioned to the right of the leader. This feline is what warrior clan cats may refer to as a "deputy" in that they are at utmost command below their leader and may inherit the clan in the result of their death.

LEFT-CLAW: An overseer to the guard, stands left of the leader in public appearances, and third in command. In the event of a right-claw's passing, they will assume their position.

GUARD: A fit, highly skilled, ruthless cat appointed by a BloodClan leader. These cats work alongside their leaders, enforcing rules and customs, and regulating commoners.

CUTTHROAT: A lithe, stealthy cat who performs murderous acts under the leader's command. They are given tasks either to assassinate or spy on a potential traitor, attentive to spot suspicious activity throughout BloodClan territory. Commoners are usually kept in the dark about who these felines actually are as they are often disguised as members of The Guard.

MESSENGER: A lean, swift cat who carries messages across BloodClan territory.


Cats with authority above commoners, yet cannot surpass control of the Inner Circle.

DOCTOR: A cat who treats diseases and injuries. Warriors and cats alike may only seek treatment for moderate to severe wounds. As the clan bears its great deal of brawls, every cat is taught fundamentals of treating an injury (such as using cobwebs, etc.) The doctor may also take on an apprentice to teach advanced methods of treatments and further the future line of healers.

COMBAT MAVEN: A skilled cat specializing in combat, teaching advanced fighting moves and techniques. This cat is responsible for the upbringing of all brawler rookies, setting them on a path to becoming full fledged warriors of the clan. This maven hosts group training sessions and monitors the progress of all brawler rookies.

PREDATOR MAVEN: A skilled cat specializing in the art of stealth, teaching advanced hunting and stalking techniques. This cat is responsible for the upbringing of all raider rookies, setting them on a path to becoming full fledged warriors of the clan. This maven hosts group training sessions and monitors the progress of all raider rookies.


Cats affiliated with BloodClan, referred to as a commoners, lives independently or in small groups spread throughout the territory. Follows orders, and can become a member of The Guard through initiation, separated into other ranks:

WARRIOR: A trained cat loyal to the Inner Circle and clan leader. Typically eleven moons and older, they are the only rank qualified to join The Guard, and are appointed by a guard member or a BloodClan leader. Their purpose is to pursue the customs that Scourge established and assert the clan's dominance over the twolegplace. Below are the sub-ranks that BloodClan warriors are divided by:

BRAWLER: Typically a larger, brawny cat, these felines specialize in combat, usually with a more cruel and confrontal approach. Their task is to keep kittypets and rogues off BloodClan territory using any means necessary to accomplish their goal. These cats often tease and goade raiders, as they believe their reticent ways are no comparison to their brute strength.

RAIDER: A lean and agile cat who specializes in stealth and covert means of attack. These felines are often sent to raid kittypet gardens and scour the territory and beyond in search of resources. As keen hunters, these cats prey on small forest animals in the thin stretches of wilderness bordering the city. Raiders have no trouble finding food; unlike brawlers who may resort to searching through dumpsters to find old scraps.


ROOKIE: A cat in training to become a brawler or raider, often a younger feline five moons or older, but can begin their training earlier depending on the circumstances.Similar to their older counterparts, rookies are separated by sub-ranks, and are given the liberty to chose to train as a brawler or raider. A prime duty rookies are tasked with is to supply the Inner Circle with food on a daily basis without any assistance. Their training is strict and they must abide by any rules grounded by their ranking maven. They are eligible to become warriors on their eleventh moon and receive their full titles by a BloodClan leader.

GUARDIAN: A feline who cares for the upbringing of kits within the clan, living separate from their fellow commoners to tend to this duty. They are tasked with teaching their young basic hunting skills and clan customs. In the event of a clan meeting, duel, or execution, a guardian must have their kits to accompany them as fellow spectators.

KIT: Young cats who depend solely on a guardian. They are taught clan customs and basic hunting skills. Kits must always remain with their guardian and behave in a respectful manner in the presence of the Inner Circle, or face severe punishment. They are eligible to become rookies on their fifth moon.

PRISONER: A captured feline associated with an opposing clan or force. These cats are fed mere scraps in a small effort to keep them living to endure punishment and are kept under strict surveillance. Currently, the bulk of these numbers are cats who were affiliated with the Crimson Legion.


Cats outside of BloodClan who live in the outskirts of the city or reside in or around twoleg dwellings:

ROGUES: Hostile and aggressive stray felines not affiliated with BloodClan or the forest clans. These cats can be found lurking and loitering around BloodClan's borders. Virtually harmless in small pairs and groups, these cats are only a cause of concern when larger packs are formed. It is imperative that BloodClan's drives all rogue trespassers out by any ruthless means.

LONERS: Passive stray felines who live solitary lives apart from formal groups and clans. These cats can typically be found lurking on the edge BloodClan's territory and mostly keep to themselves.

KITTYPETS: Felines who reside with and are cared for by twolegs. These cats are pampered, tend to be soft-muscled, and are rarely able to fend for themselves. They are found in the residential areas of the city, often leisurely guarding their gardens.

See LIFE IN BLOODCLAN for more detailed rank descriptions.



BloodClan cats abide by two simple rules:

I. Every battle is a battle to the death. Showing an opponent mercy is seen as a sign of weakness.

II. All Commoners must always adhere to the clan hierarchy, even if that is giving up their own meal to a higher ranking member or going against a fellow comrade.

Unlike their forest counterparts, BloodClan cats do not believe in a higher power. Their ranks are formed through a harrowing need for survival in an environment uncharitable to their kind. These cats rely on a hierarchy to keep order, and depend on the fittest and brutal of them all to teach them how to thrive as the domineering force throughout twolegplace. While many cats join BloodClan to appease their bloodlust and craving for power, others pledge their allegiance solely for survival.

Here is the life of BloodClan cat depending on their rank:


Not only advisors to the clan leaders, these cats serve as their primary protectors, especially in public appearances. As these felines were hand-picked by the leaders themselves, it is only natural for them to serve as their last defense, particularly in the event of betrayal from their other guard members. But of course, these cats aren’t always attached to the hip of their masters. They play a large role in everyday clan management.

As overseers to the rest of the inner circle, these cats organize guard patrols, assign missions to cutthroats, and pass on daily news for the messengers to relay through the clan. Their judgement and intentions are highly trusted.

These cats typically choose to reside in the near vicinity of their clan leaders.


Responsible for keeping the clan’s hierarchy in order, guard members are stationed across various points throughout the city, ensuring that the lower ranks are in check at all times. Besides enforcing clan customs and regulating commoners, they are also fiercely devoted to protecting their leaders’ lives. Before a cat can even get near the higher-ups, they must get through the guard.

A guard member holds the right to take food and resources from any lower ranking cat. Even if the decision calls for a mother and her kits to go hungry, there’s absolutely nothing stopping these cats from asserting their authority.

Guard members tend to stick around one another and either reside in the near vicinity of their clan leaders, or in any place of their choosing.


Despite holding similar duties to the guard, cutthroats execute similar tasks, but through much more stealthy means. These cats are masters of stealth and will often spend their days and nights lurking in the shadows, spying on their fellow clanmates. Their work ensures that the threat of an uprising will cease to exist as they simply eliminate the problem from the source. A cutthroat is always watching and always listening. They receive orders right from the top, and will execute any cat on the spot if commanded. These cats have killer instincts, a raging blood drive, and keep their emotions guarded to complete their work.

Cutthroats typically keep to themselves and live solitary lives within the clan.


As the swiftest cats in the clan, messengers are always busy and always hustling. They scale the entire territory many times a day, bringing important, daily news to every cat in the clan. Messengers are vital additions to clan life, and it is a crime to disturb their work. Similar to other inner circle members, these cats also hold a right to steal another cat’s meal, but this assertion is mostly to appease their appetite as they race from street to street. They must always be healthy and fit.

In their downtime, messengers reside in the vicinity of their clan leaders as to always be available if necessary.


Similar to forest clan medicine cats, doctors spend their days sorting and foraging herbs, looking after the wounded and ill felines in the clan, and sending out raider patrols for resources. As BloodClan has had several encounters with fast-spreading illnesses, doctors are especially attentive to the general health of their clan members, and analyze trends and occurrences to ensure that a potential epidemic is stopped at its source. But unlike their medicine cat counterparts, doctors aren’t afraid to use their knowledge and skills for darker means. They cultivate poisons, if necessary and commanded, to eliminate threats from outside the clan (and also within). Similar to messengers, it is a misdeed to disturb a doctor from executing their duties. With BloodClan’s track record, the clan needs active doctors at all times.

Doctors reside and work in their dens.


These cats also play an important role within the clan: training and educating BloodClan’s youth. Mavens are responsible for hosting training sessions, group and individual, to ensure the clan’s rookies possess the proper skills to transition into a warrior when of age. These cats are brutal and efficient teachers, and will do anything in their power to ensure the cats under their wing are up to par with the hardships of clan life. While their days are packed with training sessions, mavens receive their peace and quiet downtime when the sun goes down. Their rookies provide a sensible meal for them at the end of the day, and they get to chow down and relax for all their hard work.

Mavens either live alone or in small groups with other warriors within the clan’s territory.


The most important duties of a BloodClan warrior involve patrolling and monitoring the clan’s borders. They serve to ward off rogues, loners, and kittypets, using any means necessary to assert their dominance in twolegplace. Brawlers are the bulk of this task due to their strength, build, and attitude. Raiders, on the other hand, rely on their agility and predator instincts to execute similar goals. In an effort to intimidate outsiders, they’ll frequently perform raids on kittypets at their twoleg homes, and trample through rogue and loner camps. Raiders hunt in the thin strips of wilderness around the city and forage for herbs and resources in twoleg gardens. What unites these two types of warriors is their loyalty to BloodClan. They make up the bulk of the clan’s numbers and are the force that protects and defends BloodClan’s legacy.

INNER CIRCLE INITIATION In order for a warrior to become a part of the inner circle, they must gain recognition for their skills and loyalty to the clan, particularly from high-ranking members themselves. Once a cat receives said acknowledgement, they undergo an initiation process typically consisting in some sort of duel or test. In some cases, this test may even consist of eliminating a dog. All in all, this process is determined by a case-to-case basis.

Warriors tend to reside alone or in small groups throughout BloodClan’s territory.


From ages ranging from five to eleven moons, these young, inexperienced members of the clan undergo daily brutal and arduous training. Additionally, they are tasked daily with feeding their clan leaders, inner circle members, doctors, and mavens. This duty is usually coordinated by the eldest clan rookies and it is common for them to task their younger rank-mates with getting grub for their least favorite clan members out of the list. Of course, due to BloodClan’s limited food sources, these cats aren’t expected to bring back plump and juicy pieces of prey. As long as they’re not feeding their senior’s small, pathetic scraps, anything would be sufficient.

WARRIOR ASSESSMENT Once a rookie reaches their eleventh moon, they are eligible to take their warrior assessment. This assessment involves a duel with another equally-leveled rookie or a young warrior, and the two cats must fight until the other surrenders or is killed. In the event that the match lasts for a prolonged amount of time, the test ends in a draw and both cats will receive their warrior positions. The assessment is usually viewed solely by the clan leaders, mavens, and other rookies, however these matches commonly draw in an audience of other clan members. In other words, it is very public, so wannabe warriors must display the fullest extent of their skills.

Rookies typically reside together to keep up with their strict training schedule. They function with their own mini hierarchy, with the eldest and most experience of them leading the pack. Of course, there’s always some lone wolves out there, and a pawful of rookies might choose to live solitary lives within the clan, but they must always show up for their training sessions.


Kits and their guardians reside throughout BloodClan’s territory, and as the clan’s customs fail to call for the protection of these kits, it is a guardian’s responsibility to provide for, protect, and defend their kits. They are tasked with educating their young of BloodClan’s history, purpose, and customs, and teach essential hunting and fighting skills. Kits themselves are expected to adhere to clan hierarchy and respect the ranks that topple them. They spend their days tailing after their guardians and learning the crucial skills to survive in BloodClan.

Despite living completely different lives apart from other ranking clan members, these cats are the most supervised population of BloodClan, but not for the reasons you might think. Unwilling to risk losing future clan warriors, guard members ensure that if a guardian brings kits to BloodClan, that they will always stay in BloodClan. Additionally, this supervision is also to ensure that familial ties will not affect clan loyalty. The status of all guardians and their kits is relayed directly to the clan leaders.



BloodᏟlan cats endure a harsh lifestyle in comparison to their forest counterparts. This contributes to their strength, cunning, and fortitude. Merciless, these felines show no charity and neither cater to the weak, as only the strongest thrive.


Though BloodClan cats generally stay in the rogue/loner tradition of simple, single-word names, they are free to call themselves whatever they see fit. Guards, when they complete their initiation, can be given a new name, usually something more sinister than their original name (unless already appropriate) to distance them from their previous life and any family members they may have that remain non-Guards. Note that clan names are frowned upon, as BloodClan holds a deep hatred for the forest clans.


As BloodClan is renowned for its diversity, every cat is unique, however they usually carry a similar physical trait such as battle scars. Many of these felines may appear mangy, or foul looking in that their commonplace fighting results in an unkempt appearance. All domestic cat breeds can be found here as many BloodClan hold kittypet roots.


As very territorial felines, BloodClan cats possess a very challenging temper. Those who linger near borders are often dealt with harsh aggression in which a skirmish may arise that often ends with dead towards the opsosing side. Though difficult to believe, not all cats share this malicious disposition. Many only swear their loyalty in hope of protection as not to be considered an enemy. Only those who impart on the clan customs with commitment represent those hostile confrontations in which the clan is known for.


The studded collar is a staple image of BloodClan. Jewelled with dog teeth, bones, and bird skulls, each addition to a collar is a symbol of experience and ferocity. While clan members with kittypet roots might join with a collar already intact, other BloodClan warriors often seek out unsuspecting house cats to rob and potentially even slaughter to include new additions to their newly-acquired collar, essentially killing two birds with one stone.

The only cats in the clan who do not wear collars are rookies, guardians, and kits (unless of kittypet origin).


  • Skulls, teeth, and bones from prey animals such as birds, rats, squirrels, etc.
  • Rope scraps
  • Flowers
  • Feathers


  • Cat teeth and bones
  • Teeth and bones from predators such as dogs, foxes, badgers, etc.

Reserved for clan leaders and the inner circle.

  • Quartz crystals from Moonstone.


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