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Founding Date 05.09.2017
  1. Ryan
  2. Ronnie
  3. Merideth
  4. Nesty
  5. Layton
  6. KK
  7. Chance
  8. Kiwi
  9. Consti
  10. Cherry
  11. Rio
  12. Soot
  13. Mercutio
  14. Hoat
  15. Lu
  16. Nin
  17. Mons
  18. Dae
  19. Tommy
  20. Liaz
  21. Jay
  22. Valentine
  23. Detective
  24. Sparrow
  25. Fenny
Alignment Neutral Good
Platform Discord
Visitors Theme song Circus - Britany Spears

Visitors will be removed from the server at midnight of their last day.

Status Open, Accepting
Species Traditional Feline
Location The Everglades, Florida
Style Traditional Descriptive Exiled
Leader Ryan: Berrystar
  1. Rue (celerybat#4448) | Breaking rules 3, 7, and 8, general misconduct and/or disrespect
  2. Robin (robin?#8327) | underage according to Discord's ToS, may attempt to rejoin once old enough
Shaman Ronnie: Driftwood
Roster 25/40

Many moons ago, a group of street cats led by Scorpionstar ran in fear from the dangerous two-leg nests, crashing ill-gracefully into a beautiful glade. Sitting before them was an abandoned two-leg settlement, so deep within the evergreen trees and swamp water that no two-leg dared venture in fear of destroying the precious nature. For the longest time, the cats of BeetleClan lived and thrived within the damp air- but tragedy struck when a dangerous disease swept through the camp- wiping out the population in days. The great civilization of cats fell like glass, shattering the great spiritual group.

But as all hope seemed lost, a pair of sibling lynxes escape from their captives, rushing into the glades to hide. When discovering the broken remains of the camp of the great clan, a spirit descends from the trees to inform them that they are the chosen ones- the ones brought by fate to revive the ancient clan. So join them, or don't....

It's your choice.

BeetleClan, after being destroyed by a viral illness, was left to nature to rot and die. When two lynxes, Berry and Pumpkin, escape from an illegal pet trade- they run into the Everglades to hide. Deep within the swampy lands, the siblings discover the rotted remains of the buildings that once houses the great clan. Scorpionstar, the spirit of the first leader, descends from StarClan to inform the pair that they have been chosen to lead the once lost clan back to it's former glory. The Heron, the bird which Scorpionstar used as a vessel for his spirit, is seen as sacred.
The clan is located in the Everglades National Park at the very end of the Floridian Peninsula. Deep inside the wetland is an abandoned human civilization with a few remaining buildings. These buildings house the clan. BeetleClan is known for its non-traditional view on being a dedicated warrior. Instead of separated solely by rank, the buildings house each sex- male and female. The Male's Quarters is on the left side from the entrance- the entrance being an arch of wood and intwined vines. The Male's Quarters is a former fishing hut, complete with barrels that the cats use for storing prey, which mainly consists of frogs and fish. There are three windows on each wall, and the door has been sealed shut with bee's honey, leaving a small carved entryway- perfectly sized for felines. The interior is lined with soft materials such as rummaged human materials and heron feathers- seen as sacred by the clan. The Female's Quarters is very similar, but the door was unable to be carved due to it's metal material. Instead, a sturdy log has been propped up by a broken window as a ramp for cats to enter. The Community Den is in the center of the buildings and is a former saloon. Through the swinging doors, cats can be found lounging on old chairs and chatting at tables- maybe even trying to break open an ancient bottle of alcohol for a devious sip! The Community Den is where the meetings take place, where cats gather around the grand piano to hear announcements. Up the stairs is the Leader's Dwelling, an old bedroom belonging to the former saloon owner. Complete with a bed, vanity, and plenty of space- the leader is sure to enjoy the lavish living. Back downstairs, the liquor storage room is now the home of the Deputy's Dwelling. The door is typically closed. Back downstairs and back outside is a forth building, a very small hut with a thatch roof, sitting directly beside the entrance. This is the Medical Hut. Inside are the medicine cats, working tirelessly to help the clan thrive. The inside smells strongly of herbs, which makes it hard to enter for the average cat. To combat this problem, the Ward was created. The Ward is a stone basement area underground beneath the Hut; which is lined with pillows and blankets stolen from humans so that patients can recover without the pungent smell of stored herbs.
  1. Reporting a Problem. If you find that a member or visitor is breaking these rules or making you uncomfortable in any way, please let a staff member know. We will handle your situation anonymously (if so requested) and figure it out! We want this to be the safest environment possible.
  2. Swearing. Swearing is permitted in BeetleClan, but not excessively. We want this to be a safe space for anyone interested, which means providing a moderately lighthearted and clean atmosphere.
  3. Drama. Unnecessary drama is prohibited in BeetleClan as we are meant to be a welcoming and warm environment. Drama between ocs must stay within roleplay; do not let it effect your personal relationships with others!
  4. Activity.We understand schedules fill up quickly, breaks are needed, etc., but we must have consistent activity in order to thrive as a group! If you will be away for 4 or more days, consider filling out a hiatus form. Additionally, try and participate in plots and clan-wide events. If you can not participate in these events, feel free to let staff know.
  5. Character Limits. Beetleclan has a limit of 3 OC slots. A 4th slot may be obtained by filling out the additional character slot form found in our server.
  6. Limitations.Your first OC may not have a limitation upon joining. After that, you may request that a current or future OC be granted a limitation by filling out the limitation form found within our server.
  7. Conduct. Both in and out of roleplay, BE RESPECTFUL. BeetleClan will NOT tolerate any forms of racism, homophobia, or general harassment/discrimination toward anyone of any identity. If you are found to break this rule or generally disrespect anyone in any way, consequences may result.
  8. Graphic Content. Although based on gruesome stories, BeetleClan will not contain strictly sensitive topics. It is possible for them to be included in plots, but nothing severe. However, NSFW is NOT permitted under any circumstances. NSFW consists of, but is not limited to, excessive gore, sensuality, etc.
  9. Powerplay. God-modding and powerplay are forbidden. Self-explanatory.
  10. Inclusion. While it is totally normal and fine to have private one-on-one roleplay plots with other members, please remember to be accepting and allow other people to join in if and when possible.
  11. Disabilities. If your character has any sort of disability, remember to accurately portray the disability in question. Be sure to properly research in advance so you may fully understand what it is you're roleplaying.
  12. Naming. OC naming in BeetleClan is both traditional clan and rogue. There is no limit as to the number of rogue names. Uniqueness -within reason- is promoted here, so choose whatever naming suits your character!
  13. Editing. Please leave the page alone if you have NOT been given permission to edit it by a staff member! In the "Extras" portion of your form, answer with what your favorite flower is.
The leader is the overseer of the clan. They take care of the clan and its cats, making important decisions to benefit life. They are in charge of all major decisions, though they do seek input from the clan on the final say. The leader is marked by ♠.

Deputies are some of the most important members of feline society. They act as second in command as well as the leaders in battle. The deputy is marked with a ♤.

This role is earned.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Berryv3 ♠Berrystar coldbrewchaos Male Bugpaw, Poisonpaw Lavendermist 51
Mosswhiskerrrr ♤Mosswhisker e5peon Unlabeled N/A N/A 31

The shaman is the religious leader of the group. They are the co-director of the group alongside the overseer. The shaman is the advisor with all things religion-related, as they have a direct connection with the other realms. This could be in the form of visions, dreams, or in sensory experiences such as hearing sounds, seeing otherworldly beings, etc. The shaman is marked with a ♣.

A shaman may take on trainees who have been found to possess the necessary abilities and supernatural communication. The shaman is generally succeeded by their trainee, however, the current overseer has the final say in who the replacement is. The Understudy is marked with a ♧.

This role is earned.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee/Guide Mate Moons
Driftfinal ♣Driftwood meowtskis Male Gingkopaw N/A 51
Gingkopawbeetle ♧Gingkopaw gaybuttmuncher6969 Female Driftwood N/A 10

The practitioners serve as doctors for the clan. Their job is study herbs and learn to heal, treat, and assist in the overall recovery of all clan members. They are to be treated with respect, as they outrank enforcers, providers, councilmembers, etc. The practitioner is marked with a ♥.

Practitioner understudies are selected when they become a trainee. A practitioner trainee graduates to an actual practitioner when their mentor determines it so, meaning they will likely remain a trainee longer than traditional trainees. A practitioner trainee is marked with a ♡.

This role can not be your first oc, and requires an additional form found in the server.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee/Guide Mate Moons
PLumfoot ♥Plumfoot chaoticlobotomy Female Pantherpaw N/A 37
Moonheartpx ♥Moonheart hoatzins_honor Male N/A N/A 33
♥Twilightradiance coldbrewchaos Female N/A N/A 29
Milkbelly ♥Milkbelly chaoticlobotomy Female N/A N/A 16
Pantherpawpix ♡Pantherpaw chaotickiwi_23 Female Plumfoot N/A 7

Scavengers are some of the most important members of the clan. These brave cats venture out of the Everglades to scavenge and ransack two-leg territory for goods: such as blankets, pillows, herbs, among man other things. If a Scavenger returns with an item on the Bounty Board, they can earn beetles. Scavengers are marked with a ✢.

Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Luckwind ✢Luckwind #8987 Female N/A N/A 42
Pigspots ✢Pigspots coldbrewchaos Male N/A N/A 42
Dartingloon ✢Dartingloon lost2477 Male N/A N/A 39
Magnoliapix ✢Magnolia chaoticlobotomy Female N/A N/A 31
Ferrethunter ✢Ferrethunter detectlve Male N/A N/A 24
Chickenwire ✢Chickenwire sootems Female N/A N/A 14
Grimpelt ✢Grimpelt #8987 Male N/A N/A 14
Twigspur ✢Twigspur #1568 Female N/A N/A 14
Hawkpawpx ✢Hawkbreeze e5peon Female N/A N/A 12

Warriors and apprentices are the bulk of the clan.

Warriors are the border patrol, who walk the territory of the clan daily and make sure scent markers are taken care of. They are known to be the better fighter of the two roles. Warriors are marked with a ✶.

Apprentices are the youth of the clan. They are under training by their respective mentor. Apprentices are marked with a ♦.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee/Guide Mate Moons
LonghairBear ✶Beartooth youvehawedyourlastyee Male N/A N/A 79
Brindlerock ✶Brindlerock sir_mercutio Male Gatorpaw N/A 50
Rapidnettle ✶Rapidnettle sir_mercutio Male N/A N/A 48
Kylepixel ✶Kyle #8987 Male N/A N/A 47
Lavendermistpix ✶Lavendermist #6703 Female N/A Berrystar 46
Royalheart! ✶Royalheart constellationnation Male N/A N/A 46
Spidershade!!! ✶Spidershade #7779 Male N/A N/A 46
Jolenebeetle ✶Jolene meowtskis Female N/A N/A 43
Lightpixel ✶Light constellationnation Female N/A N/A 41
Shotopixel ✶Shoto #6301 Male N/A N/A 40
Hauntedscarsbeetle ✶Hauntedscars #3832 Male N/A N/A 38
Clunkycoal ✶Clunkycoal chaoticlobotomy Male N/A N/A 36
✶Dreamsand coldbrewchaos Male N/A N/A 32
Aspenfernbeetle ✶Aspenfern ghost_xvii Female N/A N/A 33
Evangelinepix ✶Evangeline sootems Female Thunderpaw N/A 30
✶Kelpieleaf fenrir_shadow Male N/A N/A 29
Bravespring ✶Bravespring coldbrewchaos Male N/A N/A 27
Solitarynoxiousbeetle ✶Solitarynoxious saintlysadistc Nonbinary N/A N/A 26
✶Salmonrun ghost_xvii Male N/A N/A 24
✶Mudleap .peanut_butterr Male N/A N/A 20
GGreatwolf ✶Greatwolf chaotickiwi_23 Male N/A N/A 19
Stormflightpix ✶Stormflight chaotickiwi_23 Male N/A N/A 19
Sabrinaa ✶Sabrina #7441 Female N/A N/A 11
ICEPAW ♦Icepaw sir_mercutio Female N/A N/A 10
♦Mudpaw dand3lionn Nonbinary x N/A 10
Poisonshear ♦Poisonpaw #3832 Female Berrystar N/A 8
Thunderpawpix ♦Thunderpaw #8987 Male Evangeline N/A 8
Thrushpawbeetle ♦Thrushpaw #6301 Female N/A N/A 8
Bugpaw ♦Bugpaw constellationnation Male Berrystar N/A 7
Gatorpawpix ♦Gatorpaw #8987 Female Brindlerock N/A 7
♦Lovepaw bumblingidiotbot Female N/A N/A 7

Wetpaws are the skilled swimmers and fishers of the clan- and the main bringers of food. The Wetpaws are known to have webbed paws and slick fur to better slide through deep water, and wade faster through shallow water.

Wetpaws are marked with a ★.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Covebreath ★Covebreath chaoticlobotomy Male N/A N/A 37
Larkfrost ★Larkfrost coldbrewchaos Female N/A N/A 35
Tedbeetle ★Ted sootems Male N/A N/A 33
Snowfang ★Snowfang #8987 Female N/A N/A 29
Echobreezebeetle ★Echobreeze ghost_xvii Female N/A N/A 26
Sharkbeetle ★Sharkdrop constellationnation Male N/A N/A 28
Littlewingpix ★Littlewing chaotickiwi_23 Male N/A N/A 12
Evergrovepx ★Evergrove meowtskis Female N/A N/A 11

The governess are the females of the clan who provide for and take care of the youth. These are generally females who have recently had their own litter of kits. Governesses are marked with a ✿.

Some are designated as permanent governess, who dedicate their entire adulthood taking care of kits that are not necessarily their own. They care for orphaned youth or help to mentor other governess in all things motherhood. Permanent governess are marked with a ❀.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Youth Mate Moons
Ravenfurpix ✿Ravenfur chaotickiwi_23 Female Heronkit, Ibiskit, Rosekit N/A 25
❀Otterpop sootems Female Hopekit N/A 38
Goldenshardpx ❀Goldenshard meowtskis Female Whitekit N/A 27

The youth are the youngest members of the clan ages newborn to 6 moons. They spend their time building strength tousling with siblings or nursing from governess. Youth are required to stay within the walls of the cabin, usually within the room designated for governess and youths. During this time, a youth may be selected to be a shaman. As they are developing individual personalities, practitioners and the overseer may interact with the kits and select one who will become their trainee.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Governess Littermates Moons
Carminekit ▶Carminekit chaoticlobotomy Male Lavendermist N/A 5
Hopekitpixel ▶Hopekit chaoticlobotomy Female Otterpop N/A 8
Whitekitbeetle ▶Whitekit ciwcotlmiararrwrrmmc Male Goldenshard N/A 5
Ibiskitpix ▶Ibiskit #8987 Intersex Ravenfur Heronkit, Rosekit 1
Rosekitpx ▶Rosekit #7779 Intersex Ravenfur Heronkit, Ibiskit 1

Retirees are the oldest members of the clan. They are considered to have spent their life dedicated to the group, and have now earned a life of luxury for the rest of their days. Retirees are considered wise and are to be treated with respect. Frequently trainees are assigned to look after retirees and their basic needs, such as bringing them food and keeping them company.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee Mate Moons
Whalecrown ☽Whalecrown coldbrewchaos Male N/A N/A 191
Silentbreezepixel ☽Silentbreeze chaotickiwi_23 Female N/A N/A 111
Stormfuzz ☽Stormfuzz ciwcotlmiararrwrrmmc Male N/A N/A 109

Kittypets are domesticated felines who have chosen the life of a housepet. They typically live within their own fences with their own owners and do not wander far from their homes. A kittypet is marked with a ☁.

Loners/Rogues are cats that do not live as a housepet but also choose not to live the life as a Clan cat. They think for themselves, rely on themselves, and often keep to themselves, avoiding the Clan as a whole. A Loner/Rogue is marked with a ☀.

This role is open for application.
Pixel Name User Sex Trainee/Guide Mate Moons
Tobypixel ☁Toby #8987 Male N/A N/A 97
Tigerbellow ☀Tiger chaotickiwi_23 Male N/A N/A 25

albino (1/1)

hairless (0/1)

dwarf (0/2)

heterochromia (2/2)

declawed (0/1)

missing appendage (0/2)

polydactyl (1/2)

mute (0/1)

partly deaf (0/1)

fully deaf (0/1)

partly blind (1/1)

fully blind (0/1)

congenital anosmia (1/1)

conjoined twins (1/1)


anxiety (1/2)

depression (0/2)

adhd (1/2)

eating disorder (0/2)

bipolar (0/2)

dissociative identity disorder (0/1)

ptsd (0/2)
  1. Hazelwood: Heterochromia
  2. Evangeline: Heterochromia & Albino
  3. Brindlerock: Congenital Anosmia
  4. Moonheart: Conjoined Twins
  5. Stripewood: Polydactyl
  6. Magnolia: Anxiety
  7. Thunderpaw: ADHD

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  • 6/8/2023: Ravenfur has forbidden kits with Theodore; the clan has mixed feelings...
  • 6/9/2023: Berrystar and Lavendermist become mates!
  • 6/11/2023: Everpaw, Hawkpaw, and Littlepaw are promoted to Evergrove (Wetpaws), Hawkbreeze (Scavenger), and Littlewing (Wetpaws)!
  • 6/13/2023: Gingkopaw is chosen to become the Shaman understudy. The Clan celebrates!