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from disney's brother bear
Founder .lizard7
Founded november 2023
Species domestic feline
Orientation light
Status open [40/45]
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BearClan is a traditional, light-oriented clan inhabiting the snow-capped pine mountains of North America. Drawing inspiration from Wild West media and the creator's appreciation for the Rocky Mountain region of the country, BearClan offers thought-out, researched territory + plots, an immersive yet playful environment, and an opportunity to integrate yourself into a helpful and dedicated group with a familial atmosphere. If you are looking for a clan that puts the average member first, makes decisions as a team, and exists for enjoyable roleplay rather than timeframes, requirements and restrictions, then BearClan is likely the kind of place for you. Visitors are welcome to join the server with access and inclusion in all elements of BC besides roleplay, and stay as long as they'd like.
More Info Available In-Server
  1. darylizard ★ L
  2. kateronie ★ kat
  3. floatinglights ★ kae
  4. goopiesd ★ damian
  5. rockystratocaster ★ rue
  6. mosselks ★ oli
  7. wesserton ★ field
  8. powrup ★ august
  9. homesvck ★ julie
  10. hollyysv ★ holly
  11. xo.mar ★ mars
  12. lepidopotera ★ moth
  13. starsarepretty ★ chloe
  14. _kimsk ★ kim
  15. thalassophile ★ shiloh
  16. deathofbeauty ★ kaos
  17. cannedcoffee. ★ bucky
  18. pinkpoodlez ★ monarch
  19. stumbledonsublime ★ marley
  20. pandekageee ★ arthic
  21. favesgrave ★ el
  22. darkconvergence ★ autumn
  23. saarbeaar ★ sarah
  24. catwithapencil ★ cat
  25. shrikewire ★ alex
  26. https.lxtus ★ lxtus
  27. 01.12 ★ vinny
  28. random_nerd745 ★ lauren
  29. rozezaj ★ em
  30. vampcora ★ neo
  31. sirenflame ★ sillyspyder
  32. psych3.png ★ salem
  33. pvmpkin.pie ★ autumn
  34. idiophilic ★ kaz
  35. deli.belly ★ digi
  36. bluerasbunny ★ sheep
  37. marsborg ★ mars
  38. hannibal1sm ★ jax
  39. fleshgardenn ★ berdie
  40. qtip.smuggler ★ zephyr
  1. mr.orangepeel ★ rowan
  2. giraffebug. ★ amaya
  3. imsorrywillia4600 ★ william
  4. wulf9 ★ reggie
  5. tinker.exe ★ tinker
  6. donutwonut ★ donut
  7. palmtreepwr ★ leyla
  8. blacksmiths ★ jay
  9. ★ foster
  10. jj.st2r ★ dom
  11. mustard_man ★ relyat
  12. pinpricked ★ spencer
  13. pix_e_dust ★ salem
  14. stinkyl0u ★ lou
  15. jandlion ★ jan
  16. sabokoshka ★ koshka
  17. fawncore ★ wil
  18. cosmicfawnis ★ fawn
  19. vamp.recon ★ gretchen
  20. microscopicxame ★ eliza
  21. katzenfisch. ★ charon
  1. darylizard ★ L
  2. floatinglights ★ kae
  3. wesserton ★ field
  4. kateronie ★ kat
  5. mosselks ★ oli
  6. homesvck ★ julie
  7. hollyysv ★ holly
  8. pinkpoodlez ★ monarch
  9. goopiesd ★ damian
  10. powrup ★ august
𖠰 Leader 𖠰
Name Desc.
calfstar [darylizard] a large, shaggy brown tom with blue eyes and a white bandana
𖠰 Deputy 𖠰
Name Desc.
maggotplum [homesvck] a black, orange, and white tom with amber and yellow eyes and pink lilies
𖠰 Medicine Cat 𖠰
Name Desc.
salviaquip [mosselks] an elegant, wispy tom of lilac and warm grey with violet eyes and waistbeads
pecanfrost [floatinglights] a brown and white tricolored she-cat with frosty blue eyes
𖠰 Medicine Cat App. 𖠰
Name Desc.
placeholder [username] coming soon!
𖠰 Seekers 𖠰
Name Desc.
lupinefang [wesserton] a grizzled black tom with a lanky build and a long coat
koiloom [mosselks] a well-built, black and red calico tom with deep teal eyes and various plants tucked in his fur
erminewolf [pandakageee] a tall, cream-furred tom with honey-golden eyes
sunnycloud [deathofbeauty] a muscular speckled grey tom with bright amber eyes and a few small scars
cloudswallow [hollyysv] a lithe, off-white tom with darker points and icy blue eyes
ambereater [psych3.png] a lanky, muted ginger she-cat with darker splotches, a light underbelly and amber eyes
scorpionsting [sillyspyder] a slender short-furred oriental shorthair she-cat with pale green eyes
lightningchirp [random_nerd745] a slender feline with a swirling orange-and-white striped pelt and blue eyes
𖠰 Keepers 𖠰
Name Desc.
elkstagger [xo.mar] a stocky, brown and white tabby tom flecked with warm tones of almond
clumsycalf [homesvck] a tall, wild tom-cat with black spots and blue and yellow eyes
sorrelshade [psych3.png] a fluffy, primarily grey she-cat with a black face, heterochromia and white spots
kestrelstorm [starsarepretty] a russet and grey calico tabby she-cat with piercing yellow eyes
haysqueak [deathofbeauty] a pretty, multi-toned grey she-cat with blue and green eyes and a small, dwarven frame
beebreeze [pvmpkin.pie] a brown, ginger and off-white calico she-cat with long floppy ears, thick curly fur and blue-green eyes
 [goopiesd] a fluffy black-and-white tom-cat with green eyes
 [sillyspyder] a lanky mostly white tom with faded greenish gray tabby markings and dull grey eyes
𖠰 Warriors 𖠰
Name Desc.
pumpkinspring [_kimsk] a lithe, cream and orange tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes
boughsong [lepidopotera] a brown, black, and white tortoiseshell she-cat with curly fur
bittersnow [powrup] a tall, lanky brown and white tom with brown eyes and a short tail
hyenagrin [kateronie] a large, sandy brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
sunflowerdaze [thalassophile] a willowy, flowy-furred she-cat with cream, gold, and silver fur and gentle amber eyes
roaringclouds [starsarepretty] a large, fluffy white tom-cat with pale green eyes and black marble tabby markings
tupelotail [cannedcoffee.] a patchy-furred silver tom with sparse stripes, a raccoon mask, and yellow eyes
ryehymn [stumbledonsublime] a hauntingly beautiful moggy she-cat with hues of burnt orange and browns with sweet amber eyes
sagebird [pandekageee] a well-mannered, beautiful brown-furred cat with pleasant hazel eyes
glacierdrift [favesgrave] a large, fluffy silver tabby tom with icy blue eyes
snowdrophymn [kateronie] a pretty, flamepoint she-cat with stunning blue eyes
oakfrost [starsarepretty] a fluffy dark brown tabby she-cat with white splotches and green eyes
rookfeather [starsarepretty] a long-haired, half blind brown-and-white she-cat with black markings and various scars
coyotegrin [darylizard] a lean, scruffy tom with grey-brown torbie fur and emerald eyes
honeyhop [pandekageee] a fair, brown-furred she-cat with a glittery coat and honey eyes
naiadflood [pandekageee] a beautiful cream and blue cat with shimmering green eyes
macadamiatrick [homesvck] a sharp she-cat with cream and cinnamon tabby fur and green eyes
ratscurry [catwithapencil] a scraggly grey-and-white tom with a hairless tail, snaggletooth, and dark hazel eyes
fennelfurze [01.12] a slim black, grey, and white tom with long silky fur and yellow and blue eyes
daisydrowse [homesvck] a tall, tawny and brown-black cat with yellow eyes
bunnyjinx [darylizard] a tiny albino she-cat with icy blue eyes and a stub tail
longbramble [shrikewire] a long-tailed, light brown tabby tom with a pale muzzle, dark toes, and amber eyes
moosetrapper [rockystratocaster] a monumental, bulky-framed chocolate lynx-point tom with dark sage eyes
 [powrup] a diluted calico she-cat with a lengthy coat and striking, two-tone indigo eyes; she has flowers wrapped around an ear
 [rockystratocaster] a slender and ragged black tom with a flamboyant ruff and a scarred face
 [darylizard] a scrawny grey-brown tom with faint colorpoint patterning and orange eyes
 [hollyysv] a small, fluffy siamese she-cat with bright blue eyes
 [powrup] a poised, diluted calico with separate-hued indigo eyes and a decorated pelt
 [random_nerd745] an orange tabby tom-cat with yellow eyes
 [goopiesd] a determined, driven, deep gray feline with soft white curls and green eyes
 [vampcora] a tall, sinewy tom with wintry blue eyes and grizzled black and umber fur
 [saarbeaar] a large, fluffy gray-and-white tuxedo tom-cat with sunshine-golden eyes, big paws and scars littering his pelt
 [xo.mars] a fluffy, warm-toned golden-brown tom-cat with rosette spotting and soft amber eyes
 [goopiesd] a short-haired tom-cat with beige markings and cloudy eyes
draftwinds [pinkpoodlez] a magnificent blue-gray colored she-cat with a velvety coat
pondfreckle [_kimsk] a darker gray, almost blue she-cat with light brown-and-cream freckles covering her fur
agatepeak [pvmpkin.pie] a chocolate brown and wheat colored color-point long-furred she-cat with a curled tail
 [sirenflame] a thick-furred blue-gray tabby tom-cat with darker markings, elongated fangs and blue eyes
 [random_nerd745] a large, fluffy, tuxedo tom-cat with a shredded ear and mangled left side of his face
avianchest [pinkpoodlez] a muscular black-furred regal she-cat with a long tail and piercing yellow eyes
 [deathofbeauty] a tall, deaf, white-and-golden feline with tall ears, green eyes and straps holding full baskets
 [idiophilic] a giant, thick-furred, chocolate lynxpoint tom-cat with stunning blue eyes, significant scarring and various pieces of jewelry
 [deli.belly] a short, muscular, gray tom-cat with markings heavily resembling a raccoon, yellow eyes, a scarred face and missing hind leg
dunesweep [favesgrave] a brown, medium-furred tom-cat with a black stripe running down his back and lighter flecks
 [darylizard] a lanky, long-furred ginger-and-white tabby tom-cat with amber eyes
 [hollyysv] a tall she-cat with silky silver fur and light green eyes
 [bluerasbunny] a sleek, lanky tom-cat with a moderately thin pelt and frosty gray eyes
 [sirenflame] a long-furred white she-cat with gray dappled markings and amber eyes
 [goopiesd] a large, cream colored tom-cat with a dark face and legs
 [darkconvergence] a blue-gray, lean and muscular tom-cat with lion-like features and a striking azure gaze
 [random_nerd745] a slender and angled tom, his coat is silver and covered with grey spots and striped with gold eyes
 [marsborg] a lanky she-cat with a cream-colored pelt and brown spots
urchinnose [pinkpoodlez] a slim blueish-gray tom-cat with ruffled fur and dark brown eyes
nectarsnap [_kimsk] a light orange tabby with lighter tabby markings along with brown and white markings and pale blue eyes
corvinelurk [https.lxtus] an ethereal tom of black and white flowing fur and sharp red eyes
velvetdoe [random_nerd745] a curly coated lanky calico cat with yellow green eyes
jackalbell [floatinglights] a tan she-cat with ghostly blue eyes and shaggy fur
batmeadow [homesvck] an eerily tall cat with olive-black fur and muted green eyes
solsticehymn [deli.belly] a large, thick furred, dark dusty brown and light cream tom with pale orange eyes
dahliadoe [hannibal1sm] a tall brown and cream molly with mismatched hazel-brown eyes
squirrelclamber [deathofbeauty] a lanky, red tabby tom with bright blue eyes and a scar on his right thigh
lambdaze [pandekageee] a tall, fluffy she-cat with fur crossed between chocolate and vanilla
oysterhaze [sillyspyder] a slender greenish-grey spotted tabby with brown markings and brown eyes
azaleapetal [deathofbeauty] a beautiful, calico molly with bright green eyes and a few chips taken out of her ears
ravenwatcher [marsborg] a lean she-cat with black fur and large blue eyes
cliffcanter [pvmpkin.pie] a tall thick short furred blue-grey molly with ginger patches, a white underbelly, and striking green eyes
conchcove [saarbeaar] a curly-furred blue and tan leopard-spotted tomcat with a wispy tail, long, curled ears and ocean-like eyes
sparkshine [qtip.smuggler] a small, fluffy golden and cream feline with big teal-colored eyes
temperancescorn [deli.belly] a short-furred brown and cream she-cat with gray eyes
pearlescentpurr [pinkpoodlez] a thick-furred peach-colored queen with bright green eyes
𖠰 Apprentices 𖠰
Name Desc.
frostpaw [favesgrave] a gray and white, black-striped she-cat with mismatched yellow and blue eyes
charcoalpaw [wesserton] a dark tabby tom with amber eyes
froggypaw [saarbeaar] a small, grey-and-white tuxedo tom-cat with some gray stripes along his legs and pale blue-yellow eyes
bugpaw [mosselks] an adventure-worn youngster with bright chartreuse eyes, scruffy brown fur and a snaggletooth
nettlepaw [darylizard] a lean, russet tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
orchidpaw [sirenflame] a thick-furred off-white she-cat with pale gray markings and icy blue eyes
pipitpaw [thalassophile] a tiny, brown and cream moggie with folded ears and bright, curious blue eyes
parulapaw [fleshgardenn] a cream and blue-grey feline of average height
roanpaw [hannibal1sm] a beige and brown tabby tom with blue eyes
marblepaw [random_nerd745] a stone-faced marble patterned molly with violet eyes
heatherpaw [deli.belly] a pale mousy gray-brown she-cat with a cream underbelly, chest and back legs and hazel eyes
𖠰 Queens 𖠰
Name Desc.
clydesdalecoat [powrup] a white and brown she-cat with long fur around the paws and bronze eyes
moondrag [goopiesd] a tall, lanky norwegian forest cat with long black and white fur
pumpkincurl [hollyysv] a bright calico she-cat with hazel-green eyes
wolfrose [homesvck] a fluffy blue, black, and grey she-cat with red eyes and roses
hauntingweep [deli.belly] a rather tall and graceful albino she-cat with beautiful wispy fur and a large scar on her belly
chrysantabell [saarbeaar] a pretty, multi-colored burmese she-cat with light curls, a big bushy tail and ocean-like eyes
𖠰 Kits 𖠰
Name Desc.
echokit [rozezaj] a scrawny chocolate point tom with pretty, striking eyes
emberizakit [saarbeaar] a small, fluffy dappling gray-and-cream siberian tabico she-kit with big paws and honeycomb eyes
shrewkit [sillyspyder] a short, slim taupe color-point tom-kit with yellow eyes
sorrelkit [shrikewire] a long-haired gray-brown tabby tom-kit with bright green eyes and a white muzzle
kingbirdkit [idiophillic] a short, thin androgynous feline with deadset brown eyes and a kingbird-like pelt
lilykit [floatinglights] a brown she-kit with white parkings that look much like snow and colorful flowers buried in her pelt
applekit [random_nerd745] a she-kit with extremely short legs and a dusty brown-and-tan coat
mudkit [starsarepretty] a light brown tom with bright amber eyes, a lighter underbelly, and dark brown splotches
wormkit [deli.belly] a dilute calico with pale blue eyes and bobtail
berrykit [deathofbeauty] a broadest, tricolored feline with wide blue and green eyes
𖠰 Elders 𖠰
Name Desc.
snowwatcher [favesgraves] a pure white tom with torn ears and pale blue eyes
cowstalker [lepidopotera] a large, chubby brown tom with torn ears and long fur
juncotuft [kateronie] a grey she-cat with blue-grey eyes and tufted ears

𖠰 〕OORP name:
𖠰 〕Preferred pronouns:
𖠰 〕Discord tag:
𖠰 〕Desired rank:
𖠰 〕Character name:
𖠰 〕Character gender:
𖠰 〕Character age:
𖠰 〕One-line physical description: (<20 words)
𖠰 〕Full physical description:
𖠰 〕Personality description:
𖠰 〕Extra:

𖠰 〕OORP Name:
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𖠰 〕Character name:
𖠰 〕Character gender:
𖠰 〕Character age:
𖠰 〕One-line physical description: (<20 words)
𖠰 〕Full physical description:
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𖠰 〕OORP name:
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𖠰 〕Reason for departure:
𖠰 〕Extra:

Header from Disney's Brother Bear.
Coding done by waywardghost (agrw)/wesserton (discord) and managed by .lizard7 (agrw)/darylizard (discord), homesvck (agrw/discord), and sprenkeln (agrw)/ruevolution (discord).
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