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basinclan is a neutral-based clan that is located along the coastlines of greece. currently, the active members of the clan are considered to be the second generation of basinclan as a whole which can lead to new adventures and possible problems to overcome together. the first leader, floodstar, claimed that "the river" was the most beneficial aspect of life, and that cats should learn to praise it rather than disregard it as a common survival necessity. fleeing from his home along with a handful of other rebellious cats, floodstar traveled to the other side of the island they reside on to make a home for themselves: a clan to grow old in and feel safe. floodstar introduced the concept of believing that "the river" was the new starclan and had the same values and prosperities. ancestors that pass would be flushed away by the current to paradise with endless prey and vegetation. against "the river" is "the drought", a dry land with no survival necessities. ancestors who were believed to have broken the warrior code are cast down a harsher current and dropped off in an empty grotto with only the skeleton remains of whales to admire. commonly, when a medicine cat is greeted with a member of "the drought" who wishes to share a message they are found in a frail, scrawny state to prove their dehydration from betraying the clan.
now, the clan is under larkstar's gaze. a noble leader who was the direct offspring of floodstar's previous deputy, ospreyglide. larkstar had promised the clan to continue leading them toward success and to finish the building of their clan home. will larkstar fulfill their destiny?

founded. founders. alignment. status. platform.
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naming. religion. season. roleplay. alliances.
clan + rogue the river/the drought greenleaf literate closed atm
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name: marley
wiki: døgteeth
prns: any/all
name: taiga
wiki: frogsir
prns: any/all
name: lex
wiki: edenskies
prns: she/her
name: lucy
wiki: licindac
prns: she/her
name: eddie
wiki: wolfitingz
prns: any/all
name: foster
wiki: duskyhuskyy
prns: he/she
name: berd
wiki: screechingkid1109
prns: he/they/it
name: ymir
wiki: qtheroine
prns: any/all
name: shrub
wiki: mcfloortile
prns: any/all
name: kurtis
wiki: artichokeme
prns: he/they
name: jax
wiki: 審美的に
prns: she/they
name: miso
wiki: mïsø
prns: she/her
name: holly
wiki: vermillionvices
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name: mars
wiki: saintwren
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name: liam
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name: lane
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name: sullivan
wiki: rosesofvelvet
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name: sage
wiki: guilløtine
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name: hannah
wiki: sugarride
prns: she/her
name: dew
wiki: ichorcandleflame
prns: he/they
name: roy
wiki: roygbivv
prns: they/them
name: kaz
wiki: kazuuichi
prns: he/they
  • rue : she/her : indefinite
  • t : she/her : indefinite
  • louise : any/all : indefinite
  • vinny : he/they : indefinite
  • grayson : he/him : indefinite
  • ari : she/they : indefinite
  • kade : they/them : indefinite
  • astrics : he/they : indefinite
  • julie : she/they : indefinite
  • james : he/they/it : indefinite
  • iridescent : she/he/they : indefinite
roleplay rules. server rules.
  • roleplay length. as mentioned in our main information blurb, our group is a literate roleplay. this means all roleplaying members must have at least 10 sentences per post! considering that this server is for those 15+ our target audience is more than capable of creating such a post.
  • character accessories. many accessories are accepted and encouraged, but there are also others that staff may disagree with. please check in with staff if you are considering a character with an accessory!
  • character limitations. each character is only allowed a maximum of two limitations, both mental and physical.
  • character slots. each individual is given four default character slots, which means you are only allowed to create three characters. more slots may be earned in the shop, giveaways, or perks.
  • cooldown period. in order to prevent mass production of original characters, we have implemented a two-week cooldown period between character creation per person.
  • retirement. the minimum age requirement to retire to the elders' den is 80 moons or over- although it is not required for them to. cats will often go into their 100s before retiring. leaders will typically retire much later at a minimum age of 145-150 moons old. if you would like to retire your character at a younger age ask staff and we will get back to you.
  • extra rank info. to be promoted to elite you must first have had at least one apprentice and be over 30 moons of age.
    to be promoted to deputy you must have had at least one apprentice and be over 40 moons of age.
    to be promoted to leader you must be at least 45 moons of age.
  • regarding litters. the maximum litters each person can post is two per character. if you would like to purchase an additional slot see ⁠the currency channel in our server.
    there is a four kitten maximum for each litter, but a maximum of six kits per character (e.g. you can post a litter of four and then a litter of two, or however you decide to break it up). if you purchase an extra litter slot you gain an extra three (so nine total). there is a one-week cooldown for posting litters after one another, and there is a three-month cooldown for litters by the same people (e.g. if eden and tai made a litter together both of them would have to wait three months to post another with someone else).
  • age restrictions. basinclan does not allow people below the age of fifteen to be apart of our server. this is because some future plots involve harsher subjects with cruel punishments and acts as a way for us to keep a literate roleplaying environment.
  • respect. please be respectful to all of your peers, no matter the scenario. we understand not everyone will get along with one another, but being kind and respectful is all we ask. if you believe that someone is purposefully picking on you or making you angry, please report to staff asap.
  • spamming. do not spam- this is pretty simple and easy to follow! just don't spam our channels, meaning sending rapid messages that will blow up chat within seconds. if spam is persistent, a cooldown timer will be implemented in chat.
  • nicknames. please make sure once you enter the server, you change your nickname to have your preferred name. this allows other people to know what you would like to be called! make sure your name is pingable as well, or user is!
  • censor sensitive content. no inappropriate graphics or conversations will be tolerated in chat. if you believe something might be slightly triggering to someone in the server, please use spoilers. because of the fear of triggering a possible member we will not have a vent channel in our server.
questions + answers.
  • where are the discord tags on your page? since discord has announced a swapping of usernames to traditional ones compared to name#0000 we decided to revert back to the olden days and use roleplayer's preferred names when addressing which characters belong to who, and to keep track of people regardless of nitro tags or not.
  • what is basinclan's religion? contrary to the traditional starclan/dark forest aspects we have implemented our own spin-offs of them! basinclan worships the river as they believe their ancestors are casted away via currents to the afterlife, and those who are believed to be sinners will be left in a drought of endless torture.
  • how can i become a staff member? basinclan will periodically hold applications through our server when we are looking for staff members. these will typically be ran through a google form, and you will be asked to fill out a series of questions and respond to different made-up scenarios.
  • do i need a mentor as an apprentice? yes! before applying as an apprentice, please make sure that you have found someone who is willing to mentor you. if you can't find someone, please notify our staff and we will ask around as well.
  • do i need a queen/caretaker as a kit? yep! same rule applies as apprentices- before applying, please ask around and find someone who is willing to be your character's caretaker.
  • does basinclan accept alliances? not at the moment. however, once basinclan becomes more established, alliances may be accepted in the future.
the leader is the highest-ranking member of the clan and is in charge of guiding its members. the leader is highly respected, and their word is to be obeyed at all cost. this guiding feline organizes hunts and patrols, hosts clan events, promotes and demotes clan members, and puts their best foot forward when making important decisions regarding their clan.
name age gender mate player
x ⁰/⁹ x x x x

the deputy is a feline appointed by the leader; their primary task is to assist the leader in daily tasks, as well as giving their input for important matters. when the leader retires or passes away, the deputy will step forward to take on the role and duties as a leader and guide basinclan to success. however, this rank is in fact challengeable, which means another clan member may take this role if proven worthy.
name age gender mate player
larkfall 47 male x lex

medicine cats
medicine cats are the healers of the clan. they work with herbs and different materials to help treat the sick or wounded in the clan; however these felines are forbidden to work with any poisons as it is viewed as dangerous. any violations of this rule will lead to severe punishment and even possibly demotion. a medicine cat will only learn poisons from the head medicine cat when they are expecting to retire. medics are expected to teach their apprentices on herbs and treatments. medicine cats in basinclan are allowed to have mates.
name age gender mate player
lavenderfinch 41 female x ymir

elites warriors
known to be the strongest and most skilled warriors among the clan. these cats are promoted through hard work and time within the clan. elite warriors are known to aid the deputy in leading patrols as well as commencing training sessions for the warriors of the clan. these cats are often first pick for the front lines of any battle or meeting, but still aid in common warrior chores.
name age gender mate player
reedweaver 49 male x marley
rowanwatcher 36 male x lucy
thrushperch 43 bigender x taiga

warriors are the backbone of the clan. they hunt, protect, and serve the clan to help keep it running smoothly. warriors are expected to stick to the code and train their apprentices appropriately so they become ready to become warriors themselves. warriors are to be treated with respect by apprentices and kits but do not have any say over each other and the ranks above them.
name age gender mate player
egretplume 33 female x miso
eveningrain 72 female x shrub
eyriedusk 23 female x sullivan
ibisflight 47 male x berd
koigaze 26 male x miso
muddymarsh 50 male x x
newtsting 40 male x kurtis
pheasantspark 42 female x lane
reclusefang 42 female x foster
sharkfern 21 genderfawn x dew
snowtrail 30 female x holly
sweetscallop 27 genderfluid x dew
sycamoreroost 43 female x mars
trouthaze 13 genderfaun x roy
violabane 51 female laurelweb ymir

key: ᨒ = medicine cat apprentices — apprentices are warriors, or medicine cats, in training, and they are expected to earn their keep in the clan by doing duties as well as training with their mentors. apprentices must be at least 12 moons, have at least 3-4 training sessions, and pass their assessment given by a higher-up to become a warrior.
name age gender mentor player
houndpaw 8 male sycamoreroost lucy
kingfisherpaw 9 male sharkfern marley
minkpaw 7 male reclusefang jax
ᨒ parulapaw 9 nonconforming lavenderfinch berd
ᨒ quartzpaw 28 male lavenderfinch liam
seapaw 7 female rowanwatcher shrub

key: ⚘ = perm. nurturers — nurturers are cats who have either temporarily or permanently stepped down from their previous role to either birth or adopt kits. these cats spend their days tending to their young and are not required to perform any tasks apart from keeping their young within the camp walls. if a nurturer does not wish to go back to their previous duties, they may contact the leader and request permission to become a permanent nurturer. a cat may also become a permanent nurturer if they believe they do not meet the criteria for other roles in the clan.
name age gender mate player
laurelweb 49 female violabane taiga
⚘ mackerelfern 49 female x marley

otherwise known as advisors, elders are the oldest cats of the clan, and arguably the wisest. these cats once served basinclan with every beat of their heart, but have now stepped down and retired due to either old age or permanent limitations. while these cats appear to be old and groggy, they are incredibly intelligent. these cats are trusted with the secrets and history of the clan and are turned to by the high ranks for advice as well as medicine cats.
name age gender mate player
x x x x x

kits are the youngest members of the clan. these cats typically range between 0-6 moons of age, and usually spend majority of their days in the nursery with their littermates and nurturers. these small felines are the future of basinclan, and to be protected at all times; with this being said, kits are not allowed to go beyond the camp's walls, and will be punished if caught doing so.
name age gender nurturer player
nectarkit 5 male laurelweb sage
shrimpkit 6 genderqueer mackerelfern kaz

limitations. prefixes.

— limitations in basinclan are limitless unless stated otherwise. however, physical limitations must be purchased with shells in our server. mental limitations don't need to be bought, but ensure you check in with staff before you use one.
— if a limitation you want isn't listed here, contact a staff member.

  • albinism
  • asthmatic
  • blind
  • partially blind
  • deaf
  • partially deaf
  • declawed
  • missing limb
  • disabled limb ibisflight
  • partial paralysis
  • hairless
  • purebreed (requires outsider background)
  • rogue name (requires outsider background)
  • outsider background ⁰/⁵

— all prefixes can only be used once! be sure to check here before submitting your oc.
— all reserved prefixes are labeled (r) and cannot be taken.

  • a: azalea (r)
  • b: basil (r)
  • c:
  • d:
  • e: egret , evening, eyrie
  • f: flint (r), flood
  • g:
  • h: hemlock (r), hive (r), hound
  • i: ibis, ivy (r)
  • j:
  • k: kingfisher, koi
  • l: lark, lagoon (r), laurel, lavender
  • m: mackerel, mink, muddy
  • n: nectar, newt
  • o: oleander (r)
  • p: parula, pheasant
  • q: quartz
  • r: recluse, reed, rowan
  • s: sea, shark, shrimp, snow, strike, sweet, sycamore
  • t: thrush, trout
  • u:
  • v: viola
  • w:
  • x:
  • y:
  • z:
traditions. plots.
  • casting off. — when being promoted (whether to apprentice, warrior, elite, deputy, or leader) or when a cat retires to the elder’s den cats will send flower petals down the river as a blessing. cats will also do the same when a clanmate passes away to wish them safe travels to the afterlife.
  • blue day. — the first official day of the year for swimming! this is when queens take the kits out to dip their feet in the river & begin to teach them how to swim. there is a huge picnic at the height of the day where the cats eat their catches of the day & fires are made to grill fish, which are a clan delicacy. following the picnic there r lots of games & competitions like tree climbing, races upriver and a huge scavenger hunt. all cats participate, excluding kits!
  • firelight festival. — a three-night festival leading up to halloween ( oct. 31st ) with lanterns, costumes, treasure hunts & more! there's a costume contest where cats of all ages dress up or even team up to win prizes. there's a huge feast at the moon's highest with catches that have been collected over the past three days, and lots of interactives, especially for the kids!
  • night of irises. — a big party with an even bigger feast! the night is full of gift-giving as well as food and festivities; something gets set up in the center of camp for decorating. cats hang olive branches everywhere and its taboo not to kiss the other cat when you're under it. flowers are a huge thing on this night, especially irises; to be gifted an iris ( or multiple ) is considered an act of love or devotion. courting begins around this time and it can last until the flower holiday ( below ) to finalize relationships!
  • floral adornment. — a valentines tradition of a few weeks of subtle buzz of celebration of love. it’s the “romance/love month” in prep for spring. it’s seen as a sign of good luck to wish ppl well and shower them with gifts! so they like to do it before spring to give the clan good luck for the year going forward- a week ( march 15th - march 22nd ) of festivities celebrating love and family. this is the time when weddings and litters are most frequent. flowers are honored and symbolized everywhere as a sign of good faith. cats are able to "commune" with and mourn for those in the afterlife. since life is blooming they often visit the river and some have claimed to see ghosts or spirits of those who have passed on. warmer colors in flowers and whatnot symbolize the welcoming of warmer weather!

under development.

personnel. bulletin.
name: taiga
wiki: frogsir
role: admin
discord: taigabug
name: lex
wiki: edenskies
role: admin
discord: edenskies
name: foster
wiki: duskyhuskyy
role: admin
name: lucy
wiki: licindac
role: admin
discord: veramillia
name: eddie
wiki: wolfitingz
role: mod
discord: catboycrazy
name: berd
wiki: screechingkid1109
role: mod
discord: fleshgardenn
name: ymir
wiki: qtheroine
role: mod
discord: thalassophile
name: jax
wiki: 審美的に
role: mod
discord: hey_dorothea
name: roy
wiki: roygbivv
role: mod
discord: roygbivv_
name: marley
wiki: døgteeth
role: head page editor
discord: stumbledonsublime
  • 04/15/24 : we are officially off hiatus! thank you to our members and visitors for your patience while we reopen ♡
  • 3/31/24 : basinclan is going through a revamp! we plan on becoming a two-clan system. more information on this can be found in our discord server.
  • 10/06/23 : basinclan is officially on hiatus. anyone is free to visit or join, just keep in mind we're not very active currently.
  • 07/06/23 : we are happy to announce that quartzpaw has been accepted as basinclan's medicine cat apprentice alongside parulapaw!
  • 06/10/23 : applications: basinclan is happy to announce that in the server we have applications for the medicine cat rank and to join the page editor team! if you are interested in joining check out our announcement in-server! forms will close 07/01!
visiting. leaving.

our joining forms will be found within our discord server as well as how to verify!

  • discord user:
  • wiki username:
  • preferred name:
  • preferred pronouns:
  • duration of visit:
  • are you at least 15 years of age?:
  • do you understand that in order to join you must fill out a form within our server?:

please note that after you officially join our clan you will be allowed to leave/rejoin once. this prevents a constant join/leave situation! key: * = optional

  • discord user:
  • wiki username:
  • preferred name:
  • oc name/s:
  • oc rank/s:
  • what will happen to your character/s?
  • reason for departure*:
  • how can we improve?*:

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