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W A N D E R E R S   O F   T H E   M O U N T A I N S


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A plague that seemed to have been sent from StarClan washed over the lands of the four clans. Prey became unedible, cats fell sick and havoc integrated into clan life. Until a prophecy that spoke of a better life left the other clans with little hesitance as they fled to the mountains where the prophecy spoke. Except ThunderClan. Did their ancestors turn their backs on them? It was only until two cats, one from a different clan, crossed paths, did hope seem to glow in the festering darkness of ThunderClan.

A path only destiny could have created: Otterstorm, a warrior from ThunderClan and Astershore from RiverClan. Two cats, who had been living with a paw in each clan, as their affair had been exposed to the scrutiny of ThunderClan’s judgement and resulted in Otterstorm’s untimely exile. However, desire nor impudence, crafted his path, to choose Astershore over his clan, the prophecy that neglected to reach his clan did.

As the two found new territory, abundant in prey, much blood was spilt. Darkening the woods that once harboured a family of badgers. Many lives were lost, as the two with the help of RiverClan, repaying a debt to Astershore, managed to chase out the large animals.

And from their blood came the leader that was promised.

Important Information Regarding the Clan


Animal Jam Classic, Discord, and Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition (it is not required to roleplay on all platforms).

Session Days

Currently, AJ (No set days), Discord (any day), and WCUE (Wed/Thurs)

AJ Clan Den


WCUE Server


Current Plot

Plot 1: Otterstar's Promise - The Mountain Shadow

(Associates of BadgerClan/Discord Username)


  2. silveryhaze

  3. eggvolk

  4. looneyorca

  5. fincce

  6. .marmasaurusrex

  7. murphyyt

  8. doodlebug_kat

  9. grace_73989

  10. monstrousskilla

  11. kingcrims

  12. alpacaburito

  13. inho1057

  14. clarity4220

  15. https.lxtus

  16. triptripped

  17. salty_snoopy

  18. eveninggale_

  19. lilbloome

  20. dande_1ion

  21. _toad2302_


  23. greenka

  24. villainducttape

  25. kashi666

  26. random_nerd745

  27. rozezaj

  28. antlersvest

  29. fawniie

  30. rithegreat

  31. ray.taki

  32. Finny_Is_Tired

  33. Elvantress

C U R R E N T   P L O T

OTTERSTAR'S PROMISE: The Mountain Shadow

Cats begin to experience ethereal visions of a similar figure. Through the dreamscape, the spirit reveals past visions and glimpses into possible futures. An ancient guardian spirit, awakened by the clans arrival in the mountains, tasks Otterstar with proving the worthiness of his leadership. The clan faces trials that test the prosperity of the clan. A group of cats are entrusted to discover the mountain’s secrets, to find the source of these visions, as the fate of the clan hangs in the balance.

Prophecy: Otterstar faces trial, The yearning for fate beneath the mountain shadows, Where spirits stir, With allies by their side, united task, Trials unfold in the mountain’s grasp, Whispers of stone secrets exposed, Verified merit or clan’s demise, Destiny waits within the mountains heart, As a forgotten clan reigns.

S I G N I F I C A N T   G U I D E L I N E S

REGARDING CHARACTERS: Covering inquiries of multiple characters.

The associates inhabiting the clan are permitted to own only three active characters at a time. This means no extra characters unless they are being used for plot purposes or if a leader grants permission. If you are found changing your character too frequently, you will be kindly asked to refrain from doing so.

BadgerClans' higher hierarchy are not allowed to have a high ranking secondary character.

Caught in act breaking this rule, one will be given a warning without hesitation. If obtained two warnings and up, they will be temporarily banned from roleplay for a certain amount of time.

FULFILLING ACTIVITY: The meaning to becoming an active associate.

Activity in BadgerClan is important due to this being such a big factor in keeping the clan alive and running. Is is required that you try and roleplay with the clan at least once every two weeks, though, if you are unable to roleplay with us for a prolonged amount of time, we ask that you leave a notice in the comments so our higher hierarchy may excuse you properly from upcoming roleplay sessions. If you fail to notify us about an upcoming absence, a page editor will promptly remove you from the clan if your inactivity exceeds a month.

Obviously, life comes before roleplaying. If one is unable to provide the clan with an inactivity notice of some sort of a sudden event; you'll be welcomed back with no hesitation.

CLAN COURTESY: Proving responsibility whilst showing utmost respect.

When joining our interactive clan, you are expected to respect those around you and treat them as you would treat a fellow companion. The lack of courtesy towards your peers or similar behavior is not tolerated here in BadgerClan. If one is caught conducting themself in a mischievous way towards any member, they will be punished accordingly. This goes for every member of the clan, even those of higher rankings.

Please note that BadgerClan is a 17+ age group. If you do not meet this age requirement, you are not permitted to join.

W E E K L Y    S C H E D U L E    A N D    N E W S P A P E R

This week's schedule: Plots, Roleplay sessions, Gatherings, etc.


WCUE Session






Discord Session




Discord Session



(Monthly Announcements)

April 10th: Regular patrols were sent out in the afternoon. Gloomy skies and harsh winds become more evident throughout the entirety of the roleplay session; a storm is brewing.

H I E R A R C H Y   A N D  A S S O C I A T E S

LEADER: Influential individual enforcing rules.

The leader is the superior initiate of the clan, constructing regulations and a series of devious stratagems. Ethical of being granted nine lives by their ancestors, the leader commands everyone taking part within the clan itself. If they happen to be shown a lack of respect or courtesy by any of their peers, it will lead to severe punishments. Overall, with the help of their appointed deputy, they keep the clan running and active for all.





Otterstar Male Astershore

DEPUTY: Trusted individual assisting the leader.

As the second in command, the deputy is the only rank eligible for becoming the upcoming leader of the clan. They assist the leader by enforcing impactful commitments, along with taking the leaders position when they are absent in time. He who obtains this ranking has authority over everyone, besides the leader themselves. They contribute to the clan by organizing patrols, advising the leader, and overall keeping the clan in check.





Sharkjaw silveryhaze Male Yewstep

MEDICINE CATS: Spiritual individuals healing the clan.

Medicine cats take pride in being the healers and manage the welfare of the clan. Whether a cat is sick or wounded, they are required to nurture them back to health. On another note, these specified individuals are the ones that hold the closest connection to their ancestors, which causes them to be the most spiritual cats within the clan. These cats tend to receive messages and prophecies from our ancestors to furthermore interpret.





Foamcreek looneyorca Male Brightpaw
Sugarfall fincce Male None
Weepingbluebell https.lxtus Male None

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICES: Chosen adolescents showing knowledge in herbs.

Medicine cat apprentices are adolescent individuals constantly training to prepare themselves for the opportunity in becoming the clans' official medicine cat. These individuals will step up to the rank of an official medical associate once one has died or retired, or even when their mentor thinks they are eligible enough for the rank.





- - - -

SENIOR WARRIORS: A select amount of notable warriors.

The most trusted and honorable warriors are rewarded with the title of Senior Warrior, a recognition that stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment and dedication to the clan. In the event that both the leader and deputy are not present, they step forward to guide the group with authority and decisiveness. You must show an unwavering display of loyalty and devotion to earn this rank.





Wispfoot eggvolk Male None

WARRIORS: The foundation of the clan.

By significantly contributing to the clan through hunting and safeguarding the collective, these individuals can greatly enhance its strength. Demonstrating exceptional loyalty and dedication opens up the possibility of being selected for the esteemed role of a Senior Warrior.





Ashfoot grace_73989 Female None
Cinderskip alpacaburito Female None
Crowflint murphyyt Female None
Fathomfall doodlebug_kat Male Ghostfang
Ghostfang monstrousskilla Female Fathomfall
Gorseleap kingcrims Female None
Maggotbelly Finny_Is_Tired Female None
Magnoliacharm random_nerd745 Male None
Magpiecry antlersvelvet Male None
Minnowfur fawniie Female None
Mothtooth triptripped Female None
Newtsting rithegreat Female None
Pebbleskip ray.taki Female None
Silkweaver villainducttape Male None
Skunkstep greenka Female None
Splinteredtongue kashi666 Female None
Sunspark .marmasaurusrex Male None
(2) Bramblemane https.lxtus Male None
(2) Cricketsong random_nerd745 Female None
(2) Heatherdust clarrity4220 Female None
(2) Kestrelmist salty_snoopy Female None
(2) Raintuft scotthope Male None
(2) Shadowstrike lilbloome Male Direclaw
(2) Wishsong doodlebug_kat Female Coldnight
(2) Yewstep fincce Male Sharkjaw
(3) Bluebird Female None
(3) Breezesong fincce Female None
(3) Coldnight looneyorca Male Wishsong
(3) Duneleap doodlebug_kat Male None
(3) Eclipsefrost eggvolk Male None
(3) Hawkspring salty_snoopy Male None
(3) Mistyhaze grace_73989 Female None

APPRENTICES: Adolescents training hard to become warriors.

Apprentices are undergoing serious training aside with their designated mentor. Once their mentor feels that the apprentice is ready to become a warrior, the leader will hold a ceremony in honor of the hardworking new warrior.





Callingpaw inho1057 Male Yewstep
Dragonpaw eveninggale_ Female Undecided
Elmpaw salty_snoopy Female Wishsong
Foxpaw Elvantress Female Undecided
Ivypaw scotthope Female Crowflint
Sootpaw _toad2302_ Male Undecided
(2) Violetpaw Female Sunspark
(2) Weaselpaw grace_73989 Male Cinderskip
(3) Sablepaw silveryhaze Male Ashfoot

KITS: The future of the clan.

The young members of the group are tenderly nurtured by their mothers until they reach the milestone of six moons, marking the transition where they are bestowed with their apprentice name and are assigned a mentor to guide them through their journey of growth and learning.





Emberkit lilbloome Female Willowpool
Figkit clarity4220 Male Willowpool
(2) Owlkit eggvolk Female Astershore
(2) Silverkit looneyorca Female Astershore
(2) Spiderkit murphyyt Female Astershore

QUEENS: Those nurturing the youth.

In their role as caretakers of the young, they diligently nurture the kits until they reach the age of six moons. Furthermore, permanent queens are afforded the opportunity to extend their maternal care by adopting and fostering young if they are not presently attending to their own progeny.





Direclaw dande_1ion Female Shadowstrike
(2) Astershore silveryhaze Female Otterstar
Dewrubble rozezaj Female -

ELDERS: The esteemed and retired seniors.

The elders symbolize the esteemed retired members amongst the group, residing peacefully in their designated den as a well-deserved respite after they have dedicated countless years to the service of their clan.





(2) Blizzardrunner Alpacaburito Male None
(3) Mottledmouth clarity4220 Female None

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