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The Naive sweetie


Name: Baby
Nicknames: Babes (Jester)
Residence: None, She be lost (Hmu to give her a home ong)
Rank: Scavenger
Age: 2 years
Species: Fox
Baby is open for Rp! Just message me! :>


Baby is a very spunky and crazy common red fox! Baby thinks she is a dog, and she won't accept otherwise. Baby constantly repeats words, just to emphasize how much she means them. Baby is quite the Naive fox, and will go with anything anyone says, no matter how absurd it is. She is very impulsive, meaning she doesn't think before she does something, this can land her in dangerous positions. This Vixen is always up for an adventure! She won't hesitate to jump right into danger.
  • Positive
    • Earnest
    • Approachable
  • Neutral
    • Inquisitive
    • Innocent
    • Inspired
  • Negative
    • Impulsive
    • Naive
    • Clingy


Baby is a small and fluffy fox, she has chocolate brown eyes, that are usually very warm, and happy. She has two long 'socks' that come up on her front legs, being a black color. Baby has a large fluffy tail she uses for comfort and sometimes protection. Baby, can actually laugh( That one cute fox laughing meme), and sometimes barks like a dog, with occasional yips included~!
Height: 15 in.
Weight: 18Lbs
Voiceclaim: Tessa Violet
Theme song: Snails house hot milk.
Accessories: None at the moment! May change


  • Baby really believes she's a Dog.
  • If you even meet Baby she will instantly consider you a friend or best friend.
  • Baby loves to collect unique things.


  • [8/26/20] Baby is created///Joins Lux.
  • Baby meets her new best friend, Mantis.


Momma dog~Mother~100%~Unknown.

"Momma dog! I love love love Momma dog! But where is she..? Why did she send me away? Will I see her again?"

Papa Wolf Arthur~Father figure~90%~Unknown

"I don't understand why he left.....I love love love him still..."

Papa Dog Phoenix~Second Father Figure~90%~Lux

"I love Papa dog Phoenix! Me and him went Elk riding! It was the best best best!"

Jester~Best best best friend~80%~Unknown

"He is my best best best friend....Even if he left...I just hope I get to see him again.."


"Me and him rode on the Elk together! It was so so so much fun! Maybe me and him can ride something else again!"


"Bean bean bean! I think he is nice! Though he taught me bad words! Like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]

Indi~Best friend~60%~Lux

"We played tag! And it was so so so fun!"

Alvaro~Best friend~60%~Lux

"He was funny! We jumped onto the others backs and stuff!"


"He is super duper big! But I rode on his back! And we took a nap and it was so so fun!"

Anaiah~Not a friend/Imposter momma dog.~0%~Lux

"Why? She could have told me she wasn't momma dog..."


"He is cool...His momma dog came to find him..I'm kind of jealous.."

Gallery (Any art of Baby is appreciated!)

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