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until The End of the world.
In the distant past, the stars guided us. Our ancestors, by clear skies, shone a light so that we may follow, into our intended future. A land of craters, which the heavens carved into the land, just for us to inherit.

Then the sky went dark. The stars, blotted out, a storm which has yet to waver thundering above. The skies shrouded themselves away. We were alone, left to find our own way, in the night and the world.

We called out, why? What are we to do? Who will guide us? Why are you hiding from us? We looked into the clouds for answers, and found no stars. We only found one, overwhelming light, immense in the darkness. And it looked back.

The Moon, the form of our demise, is all-knowing, and warned she would obliterate us all. She kept time, and by her and her alone, so did we, come to learn precisely when Doomsday would come.

Without comfort in the stars, we live by fear of the Moon, and we are counting down the cycles until the End.

FOUNDERS: whog, eeveelover22, gut, burpf | STATUS: OPEN | MEMBERS: 19/∞ | REALM: Neutral, dark lean | FOUNDED: 5/16/2024
  1. whog
  2. eeveelover22
  3. Burpf
  4. Gut
  5. Saltfly
  6. Lonelyxflowers
  7. Casuistry
  8. dfgthj
  9. Duraritas
  10. wackytaffy2007
  11. mitskiapologist
  12. archiepelago
  13. Flam800
  14. Conquerr
  15. Splatartist
  16. scornleawesome
  17. Hævenly
  18. meatsmall
  19. Awesomesauce2509
  20. xxstitchx
  21. Willowseed
  22. splode
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  • 5.16.2024 | after lots of discussion and brainstorming, discord server + wiki page are made! looking forward to the future of asterclan! -avery
  • 5.17.2024 | discord and wiki are finished for now! lore, customs, traditions etc. established! server now open, but clan hasn't officially launched yet -avery
  • 5.23.2024 | putting a temporary cap on apprentices! if you're thinking about joining or making a new character please choose another rank :) -avery
  • 5.26.2024 | official launch tonight! mintthroat returns after visiting the greater impact, the final visit before the end. -avery
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update
  • 20.20.20 | Update

✯ Be respectful. Simply, we ask you show kindness, compassion and respect to your clanmates. Be cool, be nice, and respect boundaries. We ask that disagreements are settled privately if possible. We are warrior cats clan on animal jam. It's never that serious.

Except when it is that serious. We have absolutely no tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, or hatred of any kind. Also no tolerance for proshippery and other such freak hobbies. Get out!

✯ We ask that you're mindful of your surroundings, as well. Don't talk about sensitive topics or vent in the main channels. Don't start fights, don't overshare. Please! If there's ever any one or any thing that causes you discomfort, communicate it to a member of staff and we'll help you to the best of our ability.

✯ Generally, we very strongly recommend that you do not join AsterClan if you are under 16. Most of us are old and we hate you little twerps. That being said, Animal Jam is a kids game, and there is a non-zero chance of little babies mousing in here.

✯ We have an absolutely no NSFW policy. Keep it to yourself. This is not the place. We don't care if you cuss, do it as much as you like. But leave the raunchy stuff at the door. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT!!

✯ OBEY THE STAFF!! For anything this graciously short rulebook doesn't cover, the staff has universal jurisdiction to act swiftly on anything which calls for it. We've made the assumption that we'll be mature and cool cats around here, but should that not be the case, the staff has the authority and word to kick you fools like beach balls.

Overall, while we want to be as casual and friendly as possible, at the end of the day, staff has the final authority.

Essentially, just be responsible. We have decided to take a laidback approach to character creation and roleplay; meaning, no strict dress code, arduous oc limitations, etc. We trust you all to read the room and make your own judgements. Be creative, but also be fair! And only dress like a clown if you think you can pull it off.

We'll work case by case for possible issues that arises. We all wanna have a good time. If you have a problem, tell us!

We may end up with a schedule, maybe not, but we won't be hunting you down and spanking you if you don't show up for sacred RP time.

Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires, or is exiled.

After the death, retirement, promotion (to a leader status), or exile of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.

An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall.

From the Warriors Wiki

Closed [1/1] Closed [1/1]
★ Rushingstar burpf He/him N/A N/A
Wolfbane eeveelover22 She/her Coyotepaw N/A
Closed [1/1] Closed [1/2]
★ Mintthroat whog He/him
Lochpaw eeveelover22 They/he/she
Galenapaw Lonelyxflowers She/her
Open (actually don't know if we're doing this) [0/∞] Open [11/∞]
★ Saltsneer Gut He/him N/A N/A
★ Hareskip Saltfly He/him Slugpaw N/A
Orblily dfgthj She/her Berrypaw N/A
Weavertongue Conquerr He/him N/A N/A
Deadrot Duraritas He/him Puddlepaw N/A
Kindlewalker wackytaffy2007 He/him N/A N/A
Rulsen Flam800 He/him N/A N/A
Acheflame Lonelyxflowers She/her N/A N/A
Marlinsneer Casuistry He/they Lilypaw N/A
Thistleface meatsmall He/him N/A N/A
Fernlock Awesomesauce2509 She/her N/A N/A
Selkiewhisper Casuistry She/her N/A N/A
Oakfall splode He/him N/A N/A
Rollingthunder scornleawesome He/him N/A N/A
Goldenknight Duraritas She/her N/A N/A
Myrtlesong Willowseed He/him N/A N/A
Brackenfire xxstitchx He/him N/A N/A
Open [5/∞]
Coyotepaw Casuistry She/her TBA Wolfbane
Slugpaw archiepelago Any pronouns TBA Hareskip
Berrypaw Splatartist She/her TBA Orblily
Puddlepaw scornleawesome She/her TBA Deadrot
Lilypaw Hævenly She/her TBA Marlinsneer
Open [0/∞] Open [0/∞]
★ - - - -
- - - -
Open [2/∞]
Windrush Saltfly He/him x 189 moons
Finchdance mitskiapologist She/her x x

AsterClan is characterized by its uniquely eccentric beliefs. It's essentially a doomsday cult. While an acknowledgment of the warrior code and belief in StarClan is still held, many decades of isolation has lead to a very strange culture, defined by esoteric rituals, superstition, paranoia, and anticipation of the Apocalypse.

Doomsday is at the centre of life and death in AsterClan. It's believed in AsterClan that the end of the world is fast approaching, when the Moon will obliterate all life. By watching the cycles of the Moon, generations of AsterClan's medicine cats believe they have pinpointed the precise date of Doomsday, which is now very, very close. Preparation for this event guides all other thoughts and actions, especially as we near the end.

The Moon hangs over AsterClan, threatening to destroy everything. In AsterClan, the Moon is recognized as the body which will obliterate everything, and therefore, is respected, feared, and avoided, all at once. While there are many traditions involving the Moon, the most widely followed is the taboo of ever looking at it, lest it ever hatch.

The Medicine Cat plays an outsized role in AsterClan compared to other clans. Whereas traditionally, the medicine cat's role is that of healer, and liaison to StarClan, AsterClan's medicine cat often overshadows the leader themselves in influence. It is the sole job of the medicine cat to forecast Doomsday, blindly watching the sky and delivering edicts to the clan on preparation, ritual, and practice, which custom demands all cats follow.

The rite of passage to become medicine cat is particularly rigorous, in a painful ritual blinding via a giant hogweed. The medicine cat is blinded, so that they may look into the sky without glimpsing the Moon.

Rituals are the practices which prepare AsterClan for the end, and defend from the things which drag them towards it.

A notable ritual is the Lunar Mask procession, practiced on the full moon, where all cats sans the medicine cat don handmade masks, and shielded from the Moon, face it, marking the passage of time towards the end, grace for what left they have of life, and reverential fear of what will destroy them.

A rare ritual is the practice of Spiritual Sacrifice, when someone who does not wish to face Doomsday with their Clan may volunteer themselves to be spiritually sacrificed, a process a bit like an exorcism performed by the medicine cat which culminates in the subject being "spiritually dead," and regarded as deceased by their clanmates, despite being alive.

The Leader typically serve the role of watchman, and are purposefully deprived sleep in order to guard the waking world at all times.

Sometimes, a report or forecast of a terrible omen will prompt an evacuation order, where the Clan has established a few isolated retreats around the territory.

Superstition is commonplace and part of daily life for AsterClan. This is a clan where any superstition or eccentric belief is not only normalized but elevated, and so many individuals have their own strange defenses against omens. An individual cat's personal superstitions and fears, no matter how neurotic they may seem, are almost always acknowledged as truth by other clanmates, even if not shared.

For example, many are known to hang milkweed above their dens, to ward off bad omens. Aster, for which the clan gets its name, are also believed to be good luck, where lupines are seen as signs of kit mortality. Fireflies are maligned as liars who sing temptations.

Mushrooms are very important in AsterClan, though there's very little cultural consensus on which ones are good omens, and which ones are bad. The worst omen of all is that of a salamander, catching one means the medicine cat or the leader has allowed something to sneak inside, and that a great disaster is on the horizon.

AsterClan also holds belief in many cryptids and monsters which prowl in the dark. The most well-known one is that of the Boneset Whooper, an ethereal creature which resembles a massive bird, which hollers in the night, and should take away the soul any who wander too far from safety.

AsterClan is situated in a lush lowland region. Overhead, thunderstorms brew on almost every day of the year, enshrouding the skies and making a lot of noise. Night and day rarely look any different in AsterClan, as the storm clouds are so thick, they obscure the daylight. Within our territory, there are two large depressions in the earth, theorized to be craters.

The Greater Impact is the larger of the two depressions, so deep and so vast that it has formed into a shallow lake. It is here where the storms tend to be most severe and active, as lightning can strike here dozens of times in one night. It is here, on the shores, where the best view of the sky can be seen on the rare clear nights. That is not a good thing.

The Lesser Impact is the smaller of the two depressions, and here, a mangrove-like environment has formed, allowing for the right conditions to set up camp. This is where the Clan will often take refuge, though not always. The thicker tree cover here also provides protection from the horrors up above.

The Lead Gulch is a ravine located on the northeast edge of AsterClan's traditional territory, known for its unusually sharp flora, filled with brambles, thorns, and burdocks.

The Lying Gardens is a region in the southwest reaches of AsterClan's traditional territory, and it is the only place strictly prohibited for ANYONE to visit. It's a beautiful field of wildflowers and tall grass, in particular its vibrant population of lupines, as well as the unique presence of fireflies. What would be a pristine hunting ground is ruined by the belief that the whole place is deceit, that the lupines embody something sinister, and that the fireflies are impersonating the stars themselves. The soul of any who are allured by this place would be lost forever, and therefore it is forbidden.

Closed [3/?]
Avery noctamaz/eeveelover22 Active
Hopper Lonelyxflowers Active
Zok zoknic2/whog Active
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