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"Earth does break the things we make."

  • Roleplayer: Kody
  • Status: Active
  • Residence: LarkClan
  • Platform: Discord
  • Current Rank: Leader
  • Previous Rank(s): Elite Warrior, Warrior

  • Name Breakdown:
    • Arcane: understood by few; mysterious or secret. (Given for his personality and looks at birth.)
    • Snare: a trap for catching birds or animals, typically one having a noose of wire or cord. (Given for his harsh demeanor and trapping looks.)
  • Date of Birth: July 27th, 2020
    • Zodiac: Leo
    • Age: 4 years
  • Place of Birth: France
  • Gender: Demi-boy
    • Preferred Pronouns: He/They
  • Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    • Percentage: 100% males


Starting off, Arcanesnare is a long and tall feline. His fur is a delicate cream white with under-shades of light cream-beige and a bit of gray. His right shoulder is a long sleeve of "tattooed" black the breaches his neck and overs his curled bangs and half his face. His back left paw is gently dipped in dark ink, while his right leg has a sleeve that doesn't touch his paw, instead, beige covers his toes. His left forearm is half black half white, black corrupting his arm as the years pass. His fur is fluffy and soft to the touch, curled at almost every angle causing him to constantly groom himself to make sure no mats intrude him perfect build. His eyes are a beautiful hazel with glints of amber, soft and deceiving at the finest. Build wise, the tom owns a slim and feminine build, though also carries himself as a deceptive tom-cat. He has a large scar on his neck, a few thorn marks on his right wrist, and a large dog claw mark on his left thigh. This displeases him, as he was grown to never have scars, though also enlightens him. He has scars to prove he's not just some cross-dressing tom that wants someone to hold him like a baby.

  • Voice likeness: Maaya Sakamoto (Ciel Phantomhive)
    • Accent: French
    • Speech habits/impediments: When angered, he becomes very loud and almost childish.

Arcanesnare is a timid young male at first glance, though looking past that curly fur and fluffy personality you'll find he is not all he seems. Arcane is a mysterious and secretive male, getting close to felines he finds particularly easy and then snatching their secrets. He plays a small feminine act to get his way, often seen as a whore or a hooker due to his ability to slide into ones pants easily. Arcane however does enjoy a friend, someone that'll put up with his antics and enjoy him for who he really is. Arcanesnare is a highly intelligent male, though his intelligence is oft not used. Arcanesnare suffers from hypersensitivity to light, noise, and touch. He will become extremely uncomfortable at the slightest graze to his shoulder, and gets serious migraines from light. He is not seen in social places or being loud as it hurts him more then others. Newer Personality Arcanesnare is, much unlike his personality a year before, a sneaky and brash individual. He uses manipulation to get his way, while all the same playing the same nice and kind tom-cat he used to be. An overly affectionate cat, Arcanesnare lives up to his name by capturing those he can easily prey on with manipulation and guilt-tripping with affection and gifts, while also still holding his mystery and confusion. Under lots and lots of this, though, lies his old royal and regal beauty. Breaking through layers and layers of his built-up new personalities can lead you to find a hopeless and scarred Arcanesnare, one that's shy and scared. He wants to get better, get back to his old ways in another clan, but it's hard for him. He's actually very intelligent and soft-spoken when you get to know and understand him. Going back into his current persona, Arcanesnare is indeed a sly fox in ways. He likes to squeeze his way into other cats lives, getting close to them, letting them confide in him, and then snatching everything they have if he needs too. He is a "dark messenger" of sorts, he has dirt on everyone in the land, but only uses it against them if there's something in it for him. He plays a hooker act, often able to easily win over any she-cat or tom he wants. It's like his game of chess, and he is the mastermind. Though, again, he wants to push this away, and go back to the shy and quiet Arcanesnare he once was. He does enjoy a friend or two.

  • Positive Traits:
    • Intelligent, Observant, Cooperative
  • Neutral Traits:
    • Sarcastic, Adaptable, Treacherous
  • Negative Traits:
    • Cynical, Callous, Fickle


Carnageskull | #9123 | Blood-brother

  • "You were good to me until you thought about stalking me, and now I live in fear, you hellish bastard."

Jaggedbolt | #5111 | Friend

  • "It's been a year, and I don't remember his voice. It's worrisome.. and... maybe I shouldn't have left."


  • Honey
  • Rain
  • Herbs


  • Bees
  • Sunlight
  • Humans


  • Looking/Not looking: Looking
  • Physical Attraction:
    • Larger, more vibrant and neutral colors. Patterns.
  • Mental Attraction:
    • Arrogant and selfish males with little to no care over him, though can be soft and tender in private.


  • Offense: 9/10
  • Defense: 9/10
  • Hunting: 3/10
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Agility: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 10/10
  • Stealth: 10/10
  • Strategy: 9/10
  • Social Skills: 5/10
  • Leadership: 7/10

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