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Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki Rights Requests
If you'd like to apply for rights here, you're in the right place! Please read the information below for how to apply, what requirements you need to meet, and how promotions take place!
Asking for Rights

Review which rights you would like to receive below, making sure you understand the requirements of the rights and how to perform its duties. You have to be sure that you'll use these rights in your best way possible in supporting the wiki. If you want to apply to staff just for power, to "look cool", for the colored name tag, or any other reason that prioritizes yourself over actually being dedicated to the job and the wiki, don't. Keep in mind that requests for certain rights can be closed or open, so make sure they are open when you apply. Earning rights means you're a member of AGRW staff, so you must act responsibly, of course.

Ask for rights by clicking the Request Rights button in the desired section of the role you want to apply for. This will direct you to a page where you can request and fill out the form for your rights. After you have done so, staff will review your form to check to make sure it meets the requirements, and if it is accepted the community will vote on whether you become a staff or not. If you are not accepted, you will be sent constructive feedback as to why.

By applying please keep in mind you are opening yourself up to criticism from the community. All criticism should be and is required to be constructive, but if you are someone who struggles with any form of critique, you should definitely consider this before applying.

While anyone can apply for rights if they meet the requirements, staff withholds the right to go through your contributions, check to see if you're capable of being a staff member, and may decline or approve your entry form.

Now, please continue to the roles section and read our requirements carefully, making sure you meet them if you wish to apply. If you are curious on how promotion or demotion works as well, you can read the sections below!

The Promotion Process
What happens when spots in staff open up and the current staff decides they need new members in those positions? Well, promotions on the wiki are a simple three step process. Click here to read more!

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1. Application Review
First, all applications are reviewed by the current AGRW staff to make sure the candidates meet the requirements. Then, staff confirms the candidate is already active and attempting to contribute (Ex: stubbing pages if applying for content mod, reporting old threads if applying for discussions mod). Candidates who are removed from the running are then notified of why and constructive feedback is offered, and those who are leftover then move onto the next step: community Rights Revamps!

2. Community Rights Revamps
The most important step in promotion is the community's Rights Revamps. During "revamps", users can vote to Support.png-(support) or .png-(oppose) users running for rights gaining them. Oppositions must contain valid reasoning, and any support or opposition that is found to be bias (Ex: This user should totally be staff! They are a great clan leader and friend!) will not be counted. Revamps usually last a few days, and once they are over, the number of supports and opposes are counted. A user's total score is their number of valid opposes subtracted from their total number of valid supports. In the event that there are more candidates who have more supports than opposes than spots available in staff for a position, the users with the highest scores are the winners. If a user passes revamps, they then enter the next stage: the staff trials.

3. Trials
At this point, users are already promoted and have their rights. However, as one last precaution, all new staff members are put on trial. It's a lot more intimidating than it sounds, however. Trials last a set period of time (usually two weeks to a month), and are meant to make sure the promoted candidates are truly fit for their new jobs. They serve to make sure that the new user knows what they're doing (within reasonable extent, they are new after all!), is capable of contributing in staff, is not problematic within the staff environment/meetings or in the community, etc. After the trial, the rest of staff will consult and discuss whether the user should stay in staff or not.

How Can Staff Members Get Demoted?

There are three main methods of how staff members are demoted. Click here to read more!

1. Self-Demotion
After informing the rest of staff, staff members can choose to remove their rights and "self-demote" because they no longer wish for the staff position.

2. Through Community Rights Revamps
Much like how the community holds revamps to promote new users, every three months revamps are held regarding whether current staff members should keep their rights or not. The process is the same as listed above in the "Promotion Process" section. Bias or unreasonable opposition is not counted. All opposition must have evidence, must be related to the wiki, and must tie into the staff member's behavior within staff and/or actions on the wiki. If a staff member receives more oppositions than supports, they will be demoted/must self-demote if they are a Bureaucrat.

3. Staff Decision
Below are two different yet common cases that get staff members demoted. After reading both situations, the protocol that follows them up is how these actions are taken into a vote and later finalized by a "Staff Decision".

  1. Sometimes people in staff become busy and have to take a break from the wiki: this usually isn't a problem so long as the staff member maintains regular activity before and after their break, and their break doesn't take up a prodigious amount of time. Sometimes, though, a staff member may begin to abuse the right of taking a break to the point where they become more inactive than they are active, and their lack of contributions to the wiki are noticeably abundant and spotted by several different users, including staff.
  2. Just like anybody else, a staff member's attitude can change over time. If a staff member is noticeably becoming more aggressive towards other users, lacks efficient work ethic in handling their reports, or overall vastly underachieves the appropriate/mandatory skills that make up an essential staff member, then their case will be taken into account by the rest of staff and further discussed.

If any of these happen and spans over two weeks or more, staff will address the growing problem and if agreed on by a majority, a first warning will be issued by an admin to the said staff member. Upon receiving the warning, if the staff member continues showing no signs of progression for another two weeks or lacks effort in correcting their flaw as they are insisted to do, they will be issued a final warning by an admin. This warning gives the staff member an extra 7 days to correct the issue, and if they fail to do so, the rest of staff will conclude a demotion that does not involve revamps. The staff member will lose their title and user rights, and will not be able to handle reports or act as a staff member anymore. If they ever want to obtain their status again, they will have to apply for their position once it opens up to the public.

Only highly trusted and experienced staff members receive bureaucrat rights. It is rare for someone to be granted these rights due to the amount of experience necessary.

Bureaucrats are one step higher than administrator, they can do everything an administrator can, but also have the ability to give or revoke rights from other users. They cannot be demoted by others, meaning they can only self-demote. Because of this, only very trustworthy and experienced users receive this position, having to have lots of past staff experience. This position is usually only given to users who have consistently demonstrated dedication to the wiki and common sense when dealing with day to day matters of their staff position. A bureaucrat must self-demote if voted for demotion on a Rights Revamp.

  • Has discord & good communication skills.
  • One year of total wiki experience.
  • Must currently hold the administrator position in staff.
How to Prepare for These Rights

The only way to work towards bureaucrat rights is to start by aiming for a moderator position and working hard there. When they have enough experience and a spot is open, users can apply for the administrator position, and eventually, the bureaucrat position. This takes a lot of time and patience, and isn't a role one can expect to gain without hard work and devotion to their role as a staff member of the AGRW.

This position is currently:  CLOSED!

Like Bureaucrats, it is difficult to earn Administrator rights. This role is generally received by first earning a moderator role, and applying for these rights after experience as a staff member.

Administrators have the most abilities out of staff besides Bureaucrats. They are capable of doing everything Content Moderators AND Discussions Moderators can, along with being able to block users from the wiki for a desired amount of time and promote some lower ranks. Administrators are also able to access Theme Designer and MediaWiki pages, meaning they can manage the design aspect of the wiki if necessary. They are also capable of deleting blogposts, something Content Moderators cannot.

  • Has discord & good communication skills.
  • Six or more months of wiki experience
  • Must currently be a moderator in staff.
How to Prepare for These Rights

The only way to work towards administrator rights is to start by aiming for a moderator position and working hard there. When they have enough experience and a spot is open, users can apply for the administrator position. So essentially, time and hard work is the only path to this role.

This position is currently:  CLOSED!

Content & Discussions Moderator
Content Moderators are responsible for managing pages on the wiki, and Discussions Moderators are responsible for managing chatting on the wiki, two very different, but important, roles.

Content Moderators keep the wiki's pages organized and clean. They are capable of deleting pages in the mainspace that violate the policy or are spam/inactive, and are also fitted to effectively deal with vandalism. Although they cannot block users, they are capable of protecting pages from unregistered users, or even from everyone except Content Moderators and Administrators. They also have access to the rollback tool, a tool which can remove all edits in succession from a user in one click. Not only this, but they can restore previously deleted pages as well.They are responsible for correcting pages with incorrect categories or names, restoring deleted pages, undoing vandalism, deleting pages, and removing content from pages that violates the policy. They can also delete comments.

A Discussions Moderator's job is to look after threads, Discussions, and the chat on the wiki. Their job consists of dealing with inactive forum threads, closing or removing threads that violate the policy, removing or modifying comments to comply with policy, and highlighting threads.

  • Has discord & good communication skills.
  • Five or more months of wiki experience
  • Is active within the mainspace (For Content Moderator)
  • Is active within Discussions (For Discussions Moderator)
How to Prepare for These Rights

Content Moderator
Every user can help out with some of the Content Moderator's tasks! Start by becoming familiar with the Editing Guidelines if you haven't already. Next, mark some pages using templates. Mark pages that shouldn't be on the wiki according to the Editing Guidelines for deletion and STUB incomplete pages lacking content! You could also try correcting categories on pages too! Once you're familiar with the list of categories and their uses here, go around the wiki looking for incorrectly categorized pages, check the category list, or see which pages don't have categories yet here!

Discussions Moderator
Although it's not as easy to prepare for Discussions Moderator as it is Content, there are still great ways to do so! Get active in Discussions, and become familiar with the Forum policy! Get active and participate in the Discussions, but also, search for inactive threads that haven't been actively posted on in 15 days or have reached the 500 post limit or other threads that violate the policy and report them to an existing discussions moderator.

The Content Moderator position is currently:  CLOSED!
The Discussions Moderator position is currently:  CLOSED!

For more general information on User Rights, see here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the existing staff!