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This is the general policy of the entire wiki. To see more detailed rules on discussions, editing, and posting images here, see the other policies in the navigation bar above.

General Policies

  • Harassment, abuse, or bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances.
  • Do not insult other users.
  • Be polite.
  • Be respectful to everyone, regardless of if they are a righted user or non-righted user alike. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.
  • Any excessive drama is not allowed. Please keep any drama off of AGRW; the excessive participation in drama can result in a block.
  • No homophobia or transphobia, please.
  • Be sure to keep your profile picture user friendly/appropriate (No swearing, NSFW, etc.).
  • Trolling is the act of provoking another user and getting an angered reaction from them. This falls under the general category of bullying and is not allowed.
  • Do not go out of your way to provoke another user (ex. messaging them over and over with the intention of a reaction); this could count as harassment or potentially trollish behavior.
  • Do not use articles/pages/comment sections for roleplaying. Roleplaying is reserved strictly for discussions only.
  • Mini-modding, speaking for a staff member, or any other entitled behavior over other users on the wiki (claiming you'll have them banned or blocked, for example) is strictly forbidden. Having the authority to actively enforce the rules is a privilege the staff have earned, please respect this. Disregard of this rule can result in a temporary or permanent ban on your account.
  • A user may only have 5 active mainspace articles in their name. User subpages/blogposts don't count.
  • Do not share your specific location (ex. address, school, etc.)
  • According to the COPPA, users under 13 are not allowed to use the wiki and will be blocked until they are of age.
  • NSFW or inappropriate content is not allowed.
  • Do not impersonate or act as another user.


  • Please avoid using words that could be offensive to other users, i.e slurs.
  • Do not swear on posts/votes, articles, comments, blogs and userpages/profile pictures. This includes censored swearing, but not abbreviated swearing, as well.
    • The allowed swear words are damn, crap, hell, and piss.
  • Abbreviated swearing that's used to harm another user is not permitted.
  • Due to Animal Jam being run by a company based in the U.S, this site uses English as opposed to any other non-English language. Excessive use of a language that's not English is prohibited.

Comments & Advertising

  • Do not use page comments to swear, bully, insult or advertise your own wiki, (in the case of advertising, instead try to see if you are eligible for a partnership).
    • Per the above, do not use pages, votes, posts and comments to advertise signups, M.A.P parts, and so on. This can be done on discussion posts on the "News and Announcements" board or in a blog post.
  • Groups are allowed to link their wikis or advertise them to their members here. However, "AGRW Remakes", aka wikis that have virtually the same idea or purpose as AGRW, are not allowed to be linked. Links to external, unrelated wikis are acceptable, however excessively advertising these sites is not acceptable as this is considered spam.
  • Do not criticize someone's page unless they openly ask for it. The criticism should be constructive. Use this template if you'd like to receive criticism on your page. If you're looking for pages to constructively criticize then check here.
  • Spam commenting, or leaving a comment that has no relation to the page, has an excessive amount of characters, or a span of comments left over a short period of time, is prohibited. These types of comments would be:
    • Commenting song lyrics
    • Nonsense/gibberish
    • Excessive spacing
    • Spamming letters
    • Comment claiming (ex. "first!" or "I'm the __th comment!"
    • Flooding
    • Random memes/images
    • Unrelated comments that don't involve the page content
    • Repeating a comment over and over
    • Rapid commenting in small intervals
  • Do not paste chain mail or anything of that sort on users' message walls or in the comments. This will be considered spam.

Alternate Accounts Policy

  • Alternate accounts are allowed on this Wiki, provided that:
    • They are not used to override bans or blocks.
    • They are not used to disrupt or troll (AKA, with the intention to break any of our policies).
  • If you evade your account's ban by creating another account, your sockpuppeting account(s) will be blocked automatically.
  • Underaged users are allowed to contribute anonymously/as a fandom user.

Other Policies