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This policy refers only to the discussions on the wiki. This does not apply to posts, pages, or anywhere else on the wiki. To see our general policies, click here. For additional information on the forums, click the FAQ button in the top right on the discussions board.

Discussions Policies

  • Use the Discussions or a Blog Post for announcements, fanfictions, signups and pages for ideas/etc.
  • Use spelling to the best of your ability.
  • Posts that haven't been actively posted on in 15 days or more will be removed.
    • Posts in the Advertising section are exempt from the 15-day rule, and can stay up for as long as the group is active and has a page.
    • This rule does not apply to relevant staff announcements and revamp posts.
  • Always give your post a title.
  • Please do not create unnecessary posts. Lean towards creating posts that will explode with discussion. Too many unnecessary posts can spam the discussions.
  • Due to posts often becoming inactive or spamming the Recent Activity feed, you may only create 3 active roleplay posts. If you wish to remove one of them, please ask a Staff member.
  • Although this should just be common sense, no mature, offensive or otherwise sensitive themes in roleplay posts. NSFW and highly disturbing or illegal content or subject matter is strictly prohibited.
  • Creating a post and leaving 'wip' or 'roleplay' as its only content is considered spam and the post will be removed.
  • Don't create multiple posts for different locations in your roleplay, keep it all in one post. Example: Main post: Highschool, New post: History, New post: Math, etc. If you really need more locations, one solution would be to make the alternate locations on a message wall and then link those to the main discussions post.
  • When your post reaches the reply limit, remove it, please.
  • No spam posts or comments.
  • Owners of posts in the advertising section (or members of the group it's advertising for) can bump the post once every 3 days, or if it gets into the second page or further back.
  • You are only allowed to advertise article, blog and thread groups on the advertisement section, but you may not advertise Discord-only groups that do not have a page.

Other Policies