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Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki was founded in June of 2014. Formerly known as Animal Jam Clans Wiki, AGRW was previously a fandom for exclusively Animal Jam groups and characters before the introduction of other platforms such as Discord and Wiki forums. After a community vote, the wiki decided to change its name to better suit their audience, and as of November of 2019, it has been known as Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki and operates on Animal Jam, Discord, and Wiki Threads.

AGRW differs from other FANDOMs in the sense that it is more community-driven and relies on original concepts, ideas, and pages. We partake in community votes and decisions and strive to have an interactive Fandom. The main focus of AGRW is the joining and creation of groups; to start, you can head over to our Groups category to check out the different platforms and types of groups we have; before contributing, make sure to read over our policies to become acquainted with how AGRW functions rule-wise!

Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki (formerly Animal Jam Clans Wiki) is an informative and interactive database that is based off feral online roleplaying on several platforms, primarily those shown below:
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The wiki is intended to serve the open community surrounding groups within these platforms and encourage interaction between roleplayers, allowing for the customized creation of pages about your groups, characters, or helpful guides for others. Everyone is free to edit, create a page, and chat with the many users on this wiki. However, before making an account please remember that wikia complies with the COPPA and that you must be thirteen to have an account. New to the community? See more on how our wiki operates here! We are always welcoming to new users, and you may contact or message any of our staff members anytime! Enjoy your stay and happy editing.
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Tau's cat crator Rainswept

Larceny is a plot-driven...(Read More)

Larceny is a plot-driven, thread-based group of felines, created and led by Le1LeOnlyFerret. The cats of Larceny have no specific home, instead traveling from place to place living in temporary camps; they are currently located in Amsterdam. This group will raid a human, animal or another group, stealing their valuable items.

Rainsweptbutterfly is a large...(Read More)

Rainsweptbutterfly is a large, sleek black she-cat with ice blue eyes, created and roleplayed by Fadingskies. She is very enthusiastic but can become jealous when someone she is close to is making more progress than her, causing her to become self-critical. She is a warrior in LagoonClan, a clan in Isla of Borealis.


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