Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki

Welcome to my detailed guide to vocabulary!

I hope this accurate vocabulary boosts your knowledge.

Red Cerise
Orange Amber/Coral
Yellow Golden
Green Emerald
Blue Azure
Purple Violet
Pink Rose
Brown Sepia / Tawny / Russet / LOTS MORE
White Alabaster
Black Atramentous
Grey Achromatic
Obese Stout
Slim Tenuous
Handsome Pulchritudinous
Beautiful Exquisite
Small Diminutive
Large Voluminous
Strong Stalwart
Smooth Satin
Fluffy/Fuzzy Floccose
Soft Fur Velutinous
Fur Pelage
Qualities of a tom Masculine
Qualities of a she-cat Feminine
Feline Bodyparts & Qualities


Solar Plexus
Backbone Vertebral Column
Claws Unguis
Tail Caudal Appendage
Windpipe Larynx/Pharynx
Upper Jaw Maxilla
Lower Jaw Mandible
Teeth Denticulation
Nose Rhinarium
Blindness Amaurosis
To speak with a rasp To speak huskily
Terrible/ Awful Appalling
Deafness Anacusis
Kindness Benign
Happy Ecstatic
Gentle Sympathetic
Loud Boisterous
Scared petrified
Sad Dismal
Creepy Eerie
Evil Malevolent
Harsh Astringent
Angry Splenetic
Aggressive Belligerent
Lack of Courage Cowardice
Intimidating Daunting
Pain Agony
Release Claws Unsheathe
Retract Claws Sheathe/Withdraw
Scratches Scarification
Wound Laceration
Opponent Adversary
Paralyze incapacitate
Torn Lacerated
Dislocate Disarticulate
Hiss Sibilate
Wrap Around Entwine
Study Examine
Soothe Appease
Leap Ascend
Growl Bellow