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Ad Astra
"To the Stars"
✦founder➣ Multiple
✦Status➣ Open
✦Platform➣ Discord
✦Oc Limit➣ 6
✦Alignment➣ Neutral
✦Species➣ Domestic Feline
✦Roleplay➣ Traditional
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✦None <3..............

✦Rules ✦Information

Respect others, admin, and yourself! In general be kind to everyone. Being rude and hateful will cause you to be kicked from the server.


That goes without saying bullying anyone here is a big no-no. We do not tolerate harassment of members. If you are harassing someone outside of the server, in their dms, you can still be banned from the server.


Please do not spam the channels with images, word blocks, caps. (Using some caps is fine.) It's very annoying, but can also cause headaches for others.


Please do not claim artwork that is NOT yours in the galleries. Using References is completely fine, and using someone else's oc (With credit) is acceptable as well.

✦Discord Community Guidelines

Please follow Discord's rules and regulations. They can be found here:

✦Roleplay Types

We allow all sorts of roleplay types here. The bare minimum for roleplaying here is grammar and a few sentences.

✦Player Control

Do not control other people's characters. It can be frustrating and can ruin the fun for others.


Please do not have mary-sue characters. Meaning please stray away from making your character 'the most powerful' or 'the most pretty.' Remember the best characters have flaws!

✦Character Knowledge

If your character has no why of knowing something please do not give them that knowledge. It's very annoying to everyone if a character just happens to know everything..


Please refrain from roleplaying nsfw topics here. We do allow gore and death. If a moment calls for it put a spoiler and a trigger warning.

Topics such as Rape, Sex, SA, and things of the like are not allowed here.

✦Character Limits

The Oc limit here is 4 characters! Though you can more oc slots with the points bot. To earn points you just have to be active.

✦Character Creation Requirement All new members must create a character within five days of joining or they will be removed for inactivity.

✦Weekly Roleplay Requirement: You must roleplay at least once a week to maintain your status in Ad Astra. If you are a high rank, we expect you to roleplay at least twice a week.

✦Character creation cooldown: We as that you only submit one character once per day, and make sure to flesh your characters out nicely with a thought-out form instead of wanting to figure it out further down the road.

✦Have Fun

The last of the rules here! Have fun and make friends!
Gᴏᴅs ᴀɴᴅ Sᴘɪʀɪᴛs꧂

✦Itos - Mother Goddess

Itos is known as the goddess who first planted leylines and gave magic to the world. Often depicted with two sides being, nurturing and kind then malevolent and cruel. She is seen as the true neutral god. She gave birth to wild magic and breathed life onto the earth.

✦Ordis - Father of Runes

Ordis brought runes to the felines so they can tame magic. Once magic was considered too dangerous until he forged the runes.

✦Rusesus- The Fallen

Once a mighty and benevolent god.. now fallen..

​​​​​Lᴇʏʟɪɴᴇs ᴀɴᴅ Rᴜɴᴇs꧂


Leylines are the pools of energy that allows magic to flow through the world. Each clan is centered around these leylines to charge their magic. In the past leylines used to be considered very dangerous and were sealed to contain the magic within.. Some leylines are now yet to be rediscovered.

✦Runes Runes are tools to wield magic. They are symbols that can be placed on objects to give them power. Most felines are attuned to certain runes. Meaning they are most drawn to a certain type of magic. When felines are old enough they will be marked with runes so they can practice magic without the help of objects.


✦Magic Attunement Ceremony

At a young age felines will find out which magic they are most drawn to. This doesn't mean they drawn to only one type of magic. Most times it is two types of magic. In which a ceremony where all clans gather, bringing kits old enough to walk to find out their attunements. Kit will be placed in the center of a circle surrounded by objects that represent certain types of magic. Which ever they are most drawn to they will walk to and pick up. From there kits are taught to use that type of magic.

✦Teaching the Young

From an early age kits are taught about their world and told stories. Teach day kits who are able to walk on their own are taught by a member of the clan. Clan members take turns teaching and caring for these young felines.


No one apprentice has a single mentor, instead the whole clan takes it upon themselves to teach apprentice serval skills. This is to give them the best range of skills so they may choose an occupation that best suits them.

✦Story Telling

Felines of Ad Astra are fond of sharing their stories and poems. They tell these tales to teach lessons and keep them rooted to their history. It is common to see retired or caregivers telling stories to the younger generations.

The Clans
✦Sola Fide✦

Population: 18

The Clan associated with the sun, song, and spring.


Sola Fide was once a clan with Magnum Cor until they split off due to differences. Magnum Cor is now considered their sister clan.


Sola Fide come together during spring to hold a grand festival. They celebrate the new life that will come and the lives that have passed during winter. They welcome to sun and it's warmth. During the spring festival they make treats with the flowers that have bloomed. They also make wooden masks that are painted. During the night they light lanterns and have a large bonfire which they sing and dance around.


Sola Fide's territory is mostly made up of large fields, forests, and some beaches. During the spring rabbits, mice, and sometimes snakes are often caught for food. The Weather during Spring and Summer is warm with cool winds that come from the mountains. During Fall, the land will become cool with the forests turning hues of yellow, orange, and red. During winter, the land is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Which they turn to the seas for fish and even trade for food with their sister clan

✦Ab Aeterno✦

Population: 22 ㅤ

The Clan of the moon, fog, music, and fall.


Not much is known about Ab Aeterno, as most members live in secrecy, though they have alliance with Magnum Cor.


Most of Ab Aeterno can be found celebrating grand festivals in the fall and spring, celebrating the death of deceased members, whilst celebrating the birth of anew. With the death of a member, Ab Aeterno members are required to gather under moonlight and allow the soul to depart to the afterlife, and most believe if nobody allows your departure, or you die on a new moon where the moon does not shine, your soul shall be lost and you will not be reborn. During the spring, Ab Aeterno celebrates rebirth as flowers bloom and kits are born, celebrating by decorating their clan in various flowers of deep blue, red, white and orange colors, similar to their territory colors and signified "banner." Ab Aeterno has been known to hold gatherings on very rare occasions to celebrate rebirth and the start of a new year.


Ab Aeterno's territory is half-divided by a once before human city that they have claimed as their own, dotted with collapsed homes and tall buildings. Most of the territory that they use to hunt rabbits, mice, birds and the like are the plains that stretch for miles, with a few forests, lakes and mountains around the territory, however Ab Aeterno's camp is held between a mountain, lake and a large forest, protected and out of view. Known prey consist from frogs, rabbits, poultry and the like, along with natural predators such as badgers, wolves, coyotes, stray canines, and some large fish that have been known to attack Ab Aeterno members whilst swimming or hunting.

✦Magnum Cor✦

Population: 21 ㅤ

The clan of water, rain, ballads, and winter.


Once a united clan with Sola Fide, now sister clans instead. Magnum Cor' s history is but anew, sharing most history with Sola Fide. They have a quiet alliance with the mystery clan, Ab Aeterno.


Magnum Cor is the most lively clan out of the three. They celebrate events throughout the year but their biggest events start and end in winter. On the coldest weeks of winter, when ice begins to engulf their lakes and snow is laid thick onto the land, a grand festival is held in Magnum Cor territory, on this day, they dye the snow wild colors and serve only the best frozen or hot delicacies, some cats even choose to freeze honey in the snow. The music is loud and you will always hear the sound of laughter during the festival. You can ice-skate, go to the relaxing hot springs, buy exquisite and rare items, and during the night, the cats of Magnum Cor will perform and entertain.


Magnum Cor' is on a secluded island, separated from all except for when the tide lowers and a bridge is revealed. Their territory is mostly made up of water, this includes, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, hot springs, streams, and the sea. It rains almost constantly and so it floods often, that is why Magnum Cors' camp is high and you may retreat to the trees as such. At a time of year the floods will get too high and that is when the divine mother, Itos will bless Magnum Cor. A bubble is placed around the island to keep it and the residents safe during this time. Prey consists of fish, mice, birds, and small amphibians.


Magnum Cor cats paint and dye their fur constantly, their main colors being coral red, blue, green, and jade. Their jewelry is mostly gold or gems that are the same colors as the dyes. Magnum Cor cats are extremely strong swimmers and are taught from an early stage on how to swim. Magnum Cor is the most relaxed of all three clans, their island protects them so they need not worry as much. They have the most rich and vibrant dye, their flowers get imported from their sister clan. Most felines will wear the pelt of other animals for warmth.



Guides the clan and makes important decisions. The clans look to the leaders for advice and to take care of important matters.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Apollo EtherealMosshere DemiFemale 33M Sola Fide
Caspian kiriyoya Male 36M Magnum Cor
Thetis silas_so404 Female 36M Ab Atereno

The next in line to guide the clan. Right hand to the leader.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Fia Tress13 Female 35M Magnum Cor
Talia deathofbeauty Trans Female 34M Sola Fide
Fierté cedar_sketches Male 36M Ab Aeterno

Those who can speak to the gods and spirits. Often able to read omens as well.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
- - - - -
Basil UndetermindedEli Female 38M Magnum Cor
- - - - -

Those who specialize in herbs and healing. These are the medics of the clans.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Lightblossom cedar_sketches Female 26M Magnum Cor
Amanita communitygarden Demi Girl 31M Sola Fide
Asclepius randomkrabpart5 Cis Male 33M Sola Fide
Orcus etherealmosshere Cis Male ??M Ab Aeterno
0/6 (Bought)

Advisors help leader is making decisions. They have great wisdom and should be respected. Think of them like counsel members. They offer a new prospective through their wisdom and intelligence.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
- - - - -
- - - - -
3/6 (Bought)

Generals are felines who help leaders through war strategies and are directly above Commanders. They are HIGHLY intelligent and are considered experts amongst the battlefield.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Mimir silas_so404 Male 25M Sola Fide
Cherie Kiriyoya - 28M Ab Aeterno
Anwir etherealmosshere Male 26M Ab Aeterno
1/6 (Bought)

Commanders are directly under generals. They are captains of a team of five warriors and lead their team out on the battlefield. (More slots to open in the future if there's more warriors!)

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Twenty cedar_sketches Masc Non-Binary 30M Magnum Cor
Elite Warrior
0/6 (Bought)

Elite Warriors are greatly respected warriors who earned their rank through hard work and deserve recognition.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
- - - - -
- - - - -
0/15 (Bought)

It's in the name! They spy on other clans and the cult if asked. They are trained to keep their lips sealed.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
- - - - -
- - - - -
0/15 (Bought)

Lawyers are usually a warrior, but they are lawyers when it comes to trials.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
- - - - -
- - - - -

Felines who teach, write, and archive information.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Carna deathofbeauty Demigirl 31M Magnum Cor
Yule sandhippies Demi-boy 44M Magnum Cor
Lenux strabrypop Male 28M Ab Aeterno

These felines leave camp to search for scrap metal, and trinkets for the clan to turn into objects such as armor. (Sometimes even search for rare plants)

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Crimson Sandhippies Male(Afab) 37M Sola Fide
Macaw Communitygarden Male 35M Sola Fide
Ctimene randomkrabpart5 MTF Female 31M Magnum Cor
Midas cedar_sketches Male 30M Ab Aterno

These are the felines who are smiths, jewelers, and even create art for the clan. Often seen tinkering away.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Eos randomkrabpart5 Cis female 24M Sola Fide
Azaleos deathofbeauty Female 22m Magnum Cor
Cain deathofbeauty Cisgender Male 32M Sola Fide
Serza cedar_sketches Female - Sola Fide

The felines who are often seen taking care of young kits. They are handmaidens in the sense they often help mothers.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Narcia splintered_collective Demigirl 44M Sola Fide
Aquilon strabrypop Male 40M Magnum Cor

The protectors of the clans. They guard their home with pride and fend off enemies. Often seen with others while they're out of camp.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Cyril splintered_collective Male 17M Sola Fide
Orestes randomkrabpart5 FTM Male 17M Magnum Cor
Hector randomkrabpart5 Male 33M Sola Fide
Icarus silas_so404 Male 22M Ab Aeterno
Prometheus rachitish Male 32M Ab Aeterno

Felines who cook delicious meals for the clan! Experts with making their clan's traditional foods.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Akaz splintered_collective NonBinary 30M Ab Aeterno
Poitin deathofbeauty Male 32M Ab Aeterno

Felines who grow herbs and other plants for the clans to use. Often seen working in the fields surrounding the camps.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Fabian tress13 Male 25M Sola Fide
- - - - -
- - - - -

Felines who map out the surrounding areas. Either writing maps or exploring the world.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Avila tress13 Female 36M Ab Aeterno
Haliae strabrypop Male 31M Ab Aeterno
Xochi boy.mp13 trans. male 27M Ab Aeterno

The next to begin learning about magic and occupational skills.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Ouranos cedar_sketches - 12M Ab Aeterno
Hypnos tress13 Male 8M Ab Aeterno
Astraea cedar_sketches Female 12M Sola Fide
Solaris UndetermindedEli Male 8M Ab Aeterno
Cassidy deathofbeauty Female 9M Magnum Cor
Caelus strabrypop Male 9M Sola Fide
Solomon cedar_sketches Male 10M Sola Fide
Draco deathofbeauty Male 6M Sola Fide
10/10 CLOSED/∞

The young of the clan. Often seen playing with their day's teacher.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Nerio cedar_sketches Male 2M Magnum Cor/Ab Aeterno
Haukea Silas_so404 Female 2M Magnum Cor/Ab Aeterno
Nemu tress13 Female 2M Magnum Cor/Ab Aeterno
Mako splintered_collective Female 2M Magnum Cor/Ab Aeterno
Pandora etherealmosshere Gender Fluid 3M Magnum Cor
Tacita randomkrabpart5 Non-Binary 0M Magnum Cor
Jörmund splintered_collective Male 0M Magnum Cor
Eyra UndetermindedEli Nonbinary 0M Sola Fide
Viridan kiriyoya Male 2M Mc/AA
Manx deathofbeauty Male 0M Sola Fide

Those who have worked hard and now are taking their well-deserved rest.

Name Username Gender Age Clan
Achilles Silas_So404 Demimale 32M Magnum Cor
- - - - -

Ones who have no clan and no interest in joining one, often found exploring.

Name Username Gender Age
Lobo Etherealmosshere Male 38M
Jester Etherealmosshere Genderfluid 24M
Daisy Silas_so404 Male ??M
The Witch kiriyoya Female ??M
Silver splintered_collective Male 75M


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⋆Two Runes (Basically one or two words that describe their magic Example: Fire, Celestial Water)

New Oc

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⋆Two Runes


✧Visiting Form✧


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⋆Do you plan to join?

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✧Leaving form✧

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