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Yet another naming guide

but this one is different

K so here we go

THIS WAS CREATED BY MANYGREETS a very lazy manygreets who doesn't feel like coding NO PHOTOS OR ART BELONG TO ME

Traditional Names[]

so uh the names are all about the locations

yeah so you're not gonna go to like MountainClan and find a dude named Tropticalfish there like bro. no. so take the image above from the Environmental Nature Center.

What do you see? big blue eyes and a fuzzy little tail

See, this is why my mom should let me get on here more. We're basically doing TDA but its Picture Dependent Analysis.

Anyway, there is...

  • a path implying humans have been there recently (examples of names: Loudfoot, Dogsnarl, Stomp-)
  • logs that can have insects and snakes under them (examples: Vipertail, Copperheadbelly, Moccasianscale, Widowleap)
  • a bridge behind the trees suggesting a river (examples: Rushingwater, Otterdrop, Algaelife)
  • trees (literally any tree works for mee)
  • Shaded area suggesting a certain time of day (Dawnpelt, Nightclaws, Any time of day peeps)

k so don't listen to anyone else when they say wahh Rose is so overused grr Storm has been used by like everyone -  oh mah gawd if i see another Shadow i'm gonna like vomit because it is YOUR OC and not anyone else's'!!

This Weird Concept I Was Going To Do Names[]

mmk so like another idea i had was this link here (i can't upload onto AJCW anymore. my computer hates me now rip)

so just type your first and another name (middle or first) into the thingy ( and uh yea get your free namez boi

Musical Based Names[]

so yea i see many musical fans out there (love y'all) and yea 

so some ideas for musical based names are....

not here. jk jk 

find the cringiest fanfiction out there and go back to couple name generator and make ur names

An example from when I was in 6th grade and wrote an EnjolrasxOC fic[]

clementine & enjolras
clas, cles, cras, clems, clras, clemas, clemes, cleras, colras, cjolras, clelras, clemens, clemras, clolras, clemenas, clements, clemeras, clemlras, cljolras, cnjolras, cenjolras, clejolras, clemelras, clemenras, clementas, clementis, clemolras, clemenlras, clementins, clementras, clemjolras, clenjolras, clemejolras, clemenolras, clementinas, clementines, clementiras, clemnjolras, clemenjolras, clementilras, clementinras, clementolras, clemennjolras, clementineras, clementinlras, clementjolras, clemenenjolras, clementijolras, clementinelras, clementinolras, clementenjolras, clementinjolras, clementinejolras, clementinnjolras
enjolras & clementine
enje, enne, enine, enjne, etine, enjine, enjole, enjone, entine, enjolne, enjolre, enjtine, enntine, ementine, enentine, enjoline, enjolrne, enjotine, enjentine, enjolrane, enjolrase, enjolrine, enjoltine, enjontine, enmentine, elementine, enementine, enjmentine, enjolntine, enjolrasne, enjolrtine, eclementine, enjementine, enjolentine, enjolrasine, enjolratine, enjomentine, enlementine, enclementine, enjlementine, enjolmentine, enjolrantine, enjolrastine, enjolrentine, enjolementine, enjolrasntine, enjolrmentine, enjoclementine, enjollementine, enjolramentine, enjolrasentine, enjolrementine, enjolclementine, enjolrasmentine, enjolrlementine, enjolralementine, enjolrasementine, enjolraclementine, enjolraslementine

quirky yet usable names[]

so i hope everyone here lives in a place

yea sorry

so yea uh go around your place and write down things you see. here's an example list just from my desk:

  • gum
  • lamp
  • table
  • printer
  • spaghetti noodles
  • cheese

yea so I always find it funny when people name their pets really random names like Skateboard

  "Cute cat! What breed is she?" laughed Lettuce, petting the small cat curled in her lap.

"Hah, oh yeah Cushion is a Scottish Fold," smiled Puttanesca, watching her crush and Lettuce snuggle

"I'm sorry, what is her name?" 

"Cushion," deadpanned Puttanesca.

"Oh, Pushkin, like the old book?" Lettuce tried to put the pieces together, but she knew it was no use.

"...? No. Like couch cushion. Cushion."


so yeah i'd find it funny if i found an oc named Cushion on here.

us names[]

yea so on top of random names like Lamp and stuff, i like finding people naming their cats boomer names

Vinegar was eating ice-cream with her friend, Milk.  Milk's cat, who was very fat, came waddling up.

"What's your cat's name?" snickered Vinegar.


_no offense_

dictionary names[]

so like i had just (almost i did but i still go on blogs :)) quit ajcw when i woke up in a cold sweat like a week ago




yeehaw we done bois[]

u got some names guys

your homework is not to use ctrl f and find out how many so, and yeah were used in this guide

fill this form out and let me know your opinions!

1. Your name for Traditional Names

2. Your name for my concept

3. Fandom Based Names (Musical Names)

4. Your name for Quirky Names

5. Your Us names

6. Your opinion on this guide

7. Your favorite book (please i must read more)